10, 17 & 24 September 2020

19.00-22.00 Central Europe / 1pm-4pm U.S. Eastern / 7am-10am Hawaii
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Facilitated by Karinna Nielsen

An expanded 9-hour course LIVE on Zoom with Signature Cell Healing self-healing techniques that we need now!

The First Steps online course is a prerequisite to the Signature Cell Healing Level 1 online workshop on 3, 4 & 5 November 2020.

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Signature Cell Healing® is a Lemurian healing modality that creates a space of unconditional love to release the fears holding you back from attaining your life goals in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of your life.  Most people experience feelings of relaxation, balance, peace of mind, hope and love. You begin to see life in a healthier and more loving way, opening insights to new options and the courage to take the next steps in your life.

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One morning as I was gathering my things to leave for the office, I heard a muffled cry, then a loud thud from the other side of our house. I ran as fast as I could outside to the bottom of a ladder, which had been resting in a wobbly way next to the roof of our house. My husband Daniel, a remodeling contractor, and a young worker friend had been preparing the roof for our second-story project. When I knelt down beside Dani on the ground, he wasn’t moving and the worker was yelling, “Are you okay? Are you okay?” from the roof.

Karinna and Mom

A Story of Love and Signature Cell Healing

by Karinna Nielsen 

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One day, my mom, who had barely been sick a day in her 80-plus years, sat me down to say that the doctors had found a cancerous tumor on the left side of her pelvis. She had recently “survived” the emotional stress and upheaval of moving from a home she had lived in with my dad for 44 years. They had just moved into a smaller house in a retirement community, and now she was telling me that she had cancer.

My Signature Cell Healing® sessions with Karinna take me to a place far away from the hate and bitterness that I often feel in other parts of my life. A positive side of my life emerges, and it takes away the negative thoughts that I may have had before. I really feel the love passing between us. With so much turmoil and noise in our fast-paced world, there is a quiet strength that I can access during these sessions. I would recommend them for anyone searching for more peace, harmony and balance in their lives.

~ Aileen in Honolulu