Guidance for our evolutionary processes in the Now!

Have you ever had one of those days when you felt out of sorts and you didn't know why?  Have you felt a cold coming on, decided to push through it and felt lousy because of it?  Perhaps you were receiving a splinter!

What are spiritual "splinters" and what do they have to do with our evolutionary journey? Find out in this video with Karinna--and discover special info about the Lemurian Goddess Light in this fascinating interview!

Watch this video with Karinna Nielsen, lead facilitator of the Signature Cell Healing courses, and Thea Boven of Lightwave Opleidingen in the Netherlands, and discover more about the "First Steps to Signature Cell Healing: Healing the Self" online series beginning Nov. 5, 2020.  As Signature Cell Healing founder and Master Healer, Kahu Fred Sterling likes to say, "Everything can be healed!"

Signature Cell Healing for Times Like These

Please enjoy this video interview with Signature Cell Healing Lead Facilitator Karinna Nielsen and healing practitioner and teacher, Thea Boven from Lightwave in the Netherlands with thoughts on moving from fear into love at the time of COVID-19. Karinna will be doing a new, 9-hour "First Steps to Signature Cell Healing: Healing the Self" online course with Thea Boven and Thomas Klerks in September 2020.

Explore the Beauty of Signature Cell Healing workshops

Karinna speaks about the beauty of her experience with Signature Cell Healing, the upcoming 2020 workshops in Tacoma and her background as a Signature Cell Healing practitioner, trainer and workshop facilitator in this new video. 

Signature Cell Healing is an ancient Lemurian healing modality brought forth by Karina's mentor, master healer and founder of Signature Cell Healing, Kahu Fred Sterling.

Friday, February 21, 2020 at 5pm Hawaii / 7pm PST / 10pm EST

Please join Signature Cell Healing lead facilitator, Karinna Nielsen, for a Facebook LIVE Interview with broadcaster, intuitive healer and beautiful Goddess Light, Dr. Brie Gibbs tomorrow, Friday Feb 21, 2020!

Join the discussion and ask your questions about Signature Cell Healing, created by Karinna's mentor, Master Healer and founder of Signature Cell Healing, Kahu Fred Sterling. Registration is open now for the Level 1 and Level 2 workshops in Tacoma, Washington in May 2020.

Log-on to the interview live by going to Karinna's Facebook page or Dr. Brie Gibbs' Facebook page.

Get Info on the 2020 Workshops!
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As the new lead facilitator for Signature Cell Healing workshops, Karinna has some exciting news about this very special Lemurian healing modality, which was brought forth for our Great Shift in Consciousness by author, master healer, medium and founder of Signature Cell Healing, Kahu Fred Sterling.

Enjoy this lively interview with Dr. Brie Gibbs, our host for the workshops in Tacoma, Washington and find out where you can join a workshop in 2020. Watch now!

"Alo-ha" in the Hawaiian language is an expression of love and the sharing of the breath. The ancient Lemurians also understood this and brought the power of the breath into their healing sessions as we do today In Signature Cell Healing®, a Lemurian healing modality.

Talking Story with the Other Side
Guidance and Wisdom from the Unseen World

At a very special gathering in Honolulu, Hawaii, four of Hawaii’s most talented intuitives came together to share channeled wisdom and guidance in front of a large gathering of spiritual seekers. As the presenters on the panel spoke and the question and answer session unfolded, a sacred space of healing and love was created that prevailed all afternoon.

Enjoy Karinna's joyful share about seeing an galactic craft over the Ko'olau Mountains on the island of O'ahu in Hawai'i.

Karinna shares about Signature Cell Healing® and how it has transformed her life and the lives of family, friends and clients. In healing sessions at the Lemurian Healing Center in Hawaii, Karinna incorporates this healing modality into her service as a Signature Cell Healing practitioner/trainer.

Do you remember Lemuria?  Would you like to discover more about this ancient land and how her people lived in love, peace and harmony?  What happened to the Lemurians?  Why is it important for us to know now?

Take a journey with Karinna back to the ancient land of Lemuria in this video made with her sisters of the Wahine Wisdom Goddess group on location in beautiful Hawai'i--the mountaintops of ancient Lemuria!

In this interview with Karinna, discover how Lemurian Astrology weaves with Signature Cell Healing® for transformative healing to unfold in our lives. Karinna also shares about how to participate with the powerful energies of the Venus cycle and the Monthly Meditation for Mother Earth.


Here is part 2 of Karinna's interview on The Greeat Shift video webcast with host, Susana Bowman.  Discover more about the Venus cycle and how you can participate with the cycle for your own healing and evolutionary growth.  More about the Cardinal Grand Cross and Pluto-Uranus square as well as Lemurian astrology readings by Karinna.  Enjoy!

What does Lemurian Astrology have to do with healing?  How can it help you to reach your life goals and improve your relationships?  Karinna shares about this unique healing approach to astrology, her service in the Goddess Light and recent shamanic transformational experiences in this video interview.