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Join Karinna on her monthly live conference call for the month of balance, November 2018. Get your questions ready! Ask your questions live on the call, through Facebook Messenger, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.your questions in advance. If you can't join us live on the call, the audio recording will be available on this web page soon after the call.  Click "read more" for call-in info and previous audio recordings.  

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Teleconference Recordings

October 6, 2018: Are You Consciously Creating Your Great Shift?

(Click link above to listen or right click to download the recording) 

Are you moving with intention and consciously creating your own personal great shift in consciousness? In this conference call with Karinna, explore the Lemurian Numerology, the celestial energies of October and discover how you can use the tools of Lemurian wisdom--including Signature Cell Healing--to consciously create an inspiring "month of Creation"! 


September 1, 2018: Completions and New Beginnings - September Conference Call with Karinna

(Click link above to listen or right click to download the recording) 

How can September, the 9th month of the year, be a month of completions and new beginnings for you? Are you feeling complete with things in your life but challenged to move on? How can you create the space for fresh, new beginnings to occur?  Join Karinna and explore the Lemurian Numerology, celestial energies of September and discover where we are in the Great Shift in Consciousness!. 


August 4, 2018: Traveling Between Realities - August Conference Call with Karinna

(click link above to listen or right click to download the recording) 

Enjoy the August conference call with insights into the energies of the Great Shift this month as we weave between the dimensional realities of the spiritual realms and the human world. We all do it!  How can we become more aware of our focus and bring balance into our lives?  We'll also talk about the Lemurian Numerology for this "8" month of August, the celestrial energies and exiciting upcoming events..


July 7, 2018: Eclipse Season in the Month of Transition: Flow with a Shifting World- July Conference Call with Karinna

(click link above to listen or right click to download the recording)

In the July teleconference you'll hear about the transitional energies of the Great Shift in the seventh month of the year. The number 7 in Lemurian Numerology represents "transition." So, how can we flow with the shifting energies--including the powerful eclipses coming soon--in this month of transition? Find out in this lively and informative call and explore how you can do ceremony for the "window's of opportunity" that these eclipses create!


June 2, 2018: "A Month of Mastery" - June Conference Call with Karinna

(click link above to listen or right click to download the recording)

As we enter the 6th month of the year, I invite you to join me in having a look at the concept of mastery in our lives. The number "6" in Lemurian Numerology represents "mastery." What does mastery mean to you? How can we recognize the masters that we are and work toward new levels of love in each of our own personal journeys? I'll share some steps I've been taking, and I'd love to hear about your journeys of mastery too!  We'll also chat about my soon-to-be-posted :-) channeling from Mother Ulura, the new Signature Cell Healing Level 1 workshop in October 2018 and more!


May 5, 2018: "Lead with Your Goddess Light" - May Conference Call with Karinna

 (click link above to listen or right click to download the recording)

Explore the energies of May 2018 with Karinna in this live monthly conference call recorded on a day of "double love" 5-5! In Lemurian Numerology, the number 5 represents the unconditional Love of the Creator. How can we weave more with the loving energies of this fifth month?  As the world seemingly becomes more polarized, how can we find a balance of love within?  Karinna shares about the cycles coming up, the shifting volcanic energies on Hawaii Island and the May channeled article from Mother Ulura, Lead with Your Goddess Light.


April 7, 2018: "Restructuring Our World in the Great Shift" - April Conference Call with Karinna

Young people, especially in the United States, are leading a movement calling for change. #enough and #marchforourlives have captured the hearts of many--young and old--who are seeking a higher vibration of light on our planet. With such events happening in our world, where does this place us in the Great Shift in Consciousness? How do you feel about the wave of change that is being called for on our planet?  Join Karinna in this live conference call recording for a discussion on this, the new channeled article from Mother Ulura, "Our Evolution in the Matriarchal Light", and the energies of the month of April 2018.


March 3, 2018: "A New Vision for Life on Earth" - March Conference Call with Karinna

Young people across the United States and around the world are speaking up about their vision for how life could be in their part of the world. With the #enough and #metoo movements, what are the potentials and possibilities for a new way of life on Earth?  What are your feelings about the wave of change that is being called for on our planet? And how is it about our own healing and evolution? Karinna discusses the changes coming forth at this point in our Great Shift in Consciousness, the planetary and Lemruian Numerology energies of March 2018.


February 3, 2018: "Your Truth beyond the Illusion" - February Conference Call with Karinna

On January 13, 2018, a false ballistic missile alert was sent to cell phones in the Hawaiian Islands. Even if you live elsewhere or didn't receive the alert, what is your feeling about the event?  How can being present in love help us to see our own truth about this situation and our lives in general? What's the key to staying in balance in shifting times such as these? In this month's call, Karinna discusses the article, "Shift Yourself into Balance," a channeling from Mother Ulura and her own experience of that morning. 

Alsoclick here for the song parody of "Stayin' Alive" by Hawaii comedian, Frank DeLima about the ballistic missile alert

Make a donation to Frank's Student Enrichment Program for Hawaii's public school students


January 6, 2018: "Matriarchy Rising" - January Conference Call with Karinna

Join Karinna for the first live conference call of 2018! Enjoy a lively discussion of the energies of January and the new year 2018. What does it mean to have rising matriarchal energies on planet Earth? In this year of balance, 2018 (2+0+1+8=2 in Lemurian Numerology), what if there were an alternative to the yin-yang? Read more about the matriarchal energies in Welcome the Matriarchal Light


December 2, 2017: "The Healing Power of Love" December Conference Call with Karinna
(click link above to listen or right click to download the recording)

Join Karinna for a discussion on the healing power of Love and her recent channeling,The Infinite Power of Love. How can tuning into the love within us help to heal the fears that are causing physical dis-ease? How does love facilitate healing on all four bodies--physical, emotional, mental and spiritual? 


November 4, 2017: "Moving Out of Fear into Love" November Conference Call with Karinna

What does balance mean for you? How do you create balance in your life?  Explore the energies of balance and the tools you can use to create and maintain balance on all four bodies--physical, emotional, mental and physical. Discover the celestial energies and Lemurian Numerology for the month of November in this live conference call with Karinna!




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Karinna Nielsen is a spiritual channel, purveyor of ancient Lemurian wisdom, and the lead facilitator for the new Signature Cell Healing® workshops. She is passionate about guiding others to explore their own unique talents and gifts through the wisdom and practices of the ancient Lemurians. 

Contact Karinna for Signature Cell Healing sessions (local and distance), readings (Lemurian astrology, Goddess and channeled), Lemurian Wisdom Circle Gatherings, Lemurian Awakening Experiences in Hawaii, and Lemurian Wisdom Mentoring at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view





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