As I remember it, we were sitting on the side of a mountain. Now that the ceremony was complete, we were all lying back with our eyes closed. I felt myself being transported to a galactic craft somewhere above the Earth. It was the most pleasant feeling—like a warm cushion of love surrounding me. This was our "thank you" for a service well-rendered—each to her own craft. I was experiencing the most incredible feeling of love. It was as though the beings surrounding me were my brothers and sisters, that they knew me and cared for me.

At Home in the Cosmos

I was escorted to various parts of the craft, each with fascinating and marvelous things. At one point, I was standing in front of a curved window filled with a view of a velvety, starry sky. In my mind, I understood that they see me each night standing outside my house, looking up at the stars and planets. Suddenly, the scene shifted, and I was literally standing amongst the stars—like Neil deGrasse Tyson on one of those "Cosmos" programs, but I was there—really there. Then I heard, "Welcome home."

Feeling the Oneness of All Life

The sense of Oneness with all life that I felt in that moment will never leave me. I felt so nurtured and supported to live whatever experiences I have chosen to have here on Earth—to live the full journey that I have intended to create here and now. I realized that the whole of Creation honors our right to experience—no matter what we choose. No judgment, only love. Yet we forget, don't we? We forget that we are divine beings of love, having a magnificent experience of our choosing.

Opening a Pathway into the Lemurian Goddess Light

The grand finale of my visit was being escorted to a space where I could feel myself held in the Love of the Goddess Light—a love so deep, nurturing and complete. I shall never forget that feeling. And in my continued service in the Lemurian Goddess weave, that feeling has been a guiding force in my life. It is this Goddess Love that I am passionate about sharing so all might open a pathway to feel it in their lives.

Evolving to a New Level of Love

I tell you this story because the Lemurian Goddess weave is calling to so many now. At this time of the Great Shift many are sensing an awakening within themselves, and they begin searching for what it is. As my experience on the craft reminded me, there is a Love within us and surrounding us that is divine, unconditional and complete. It is the Love of Goddess Light, and its awakening within us and raising the collective frequency of love on this planet so that we might evolve to a new level of consciousness.

Awakening the Lemurian Goddess Wisdom in You!

In my years of service with the Lemurian Goddess weave, I have explored many aspects of the Goddess Light awakening. This month, I have created a new section on my website, offering you some of the tools I use daily to immerse myself in the Lemurian Goddess Light. I pray that you will find this as helpful along your pathway of discovery as it has been on mine. I look forward to being in service with you!

In Love and Lemurian blessings,