One morning as I was gathering my things to leave for the office, I heard a muffled cry, then a loud thud from the other side of our house. I ran as fast as I could outside to the bottom of a ladder, which had been resting in a wobbly way next to the roof of our house. My husband Daniel, a remodeling contractor, and a young worker friend had been preparing the roof for our second-story project. When I knelt down beside Dani on the ground, he wasn’t moving and the worker was yelling, “Are you okay? Are you okay?” from the roof.

As Dani took the first two steps coming down the ladder, it gave way and fell to the side. On his way down, he grabbed a canopy and some wiring in desperation to break his fall. Instead, his head struck the corner of a table saw below, and he hit the concrete.

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He wasn’t getting up. He wasn’t even moving. He was saying something, yet all I could see was a deep gash on his forehead and how hazy his eyes looked. At that moment, I drew upon a knowing from somewhere within me that placed my right hand immediately on the crown of his head and started prana breathing the golden particles, sending it through my hand and into his head. There wasn’t even a thought to do anything else but this. As it had been with my mom when she told me she had been diagnosed with cancer, Signature Cell Healing is the way that I know; it is what I know how to do.

Soon his eyes seemed to clear a bit, and somehow, I got him to his feet and into a chair. With my hand on his head again, I poured in the golden light now and called on all the angels and the guides, asking them to please keep sending the light. I began to run the light down through the meridians from his shoulders just like in the Opening Sequence. I tapped trinity points around the gash on his forehead and around all of the scrapes on his arms and legs. I started go deep down into his body to light up the cells in his head and his left shoulder, which he had landed on when he fell. I could feel a loving light all around us and I knew he was going to be okay.

In fact, within an hour he was back on the roof and I found myself up there with him saying a prayer of gratitude and centering the disheveled energies so that Dani and his worker friend could continue their work. Later that day, his customers at other jobs were asking him, “How did you recover so fast?” He told them that he has a “secret weapon”—his wife, a Signatue Cell healer.


This story was published in the book, "Signature Cell Healing: Awakening the Chromosomes of Youth and Vitality" by Kahu Fred Sterling