Congratulations to the New Signature Cell Healing Level 1 graduates!

Healing the Self - Aging the Soul

Facilitated by Karinna Nielsen

Heal yourself on all four bodies as you learn how to heal others

SCH Level 1 Honolulu Oct 2018

Discover the miracles of the 5-Breath Self-Healing Meditation and begin the journey of self-healing while aging the soul. Awaken your cellular consciousness of 70 trillion cells, bringing forth a new awareness of what healing means on all four bodies—physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  Explore the healing practices of the ancient Lemurians and discover how these energetic healing techniques can help you in healing yourself, your loved ones and your clients. 

  • How can I break through the mastermind of dis-ease, heal, and maintain a healthy physical body?
  • How can my finances and personal relationships be healed on the emotional body?
  • How can I heal my negative self-talk and create a more positive outlook on life by healing my mental body?
  • How do I heal my spiritual body and why would I need to?

Explore the weave of our 4-body system and the effect each body has on our cellular consciousness, leading to health and vitality or disharmony and dis-ease. Explore the practices and healing wisdom of the ancient Lemurians and feel yourself empowered to heal the self on all four bodies. Begin to heal others through the understanding and practice of hands-on healing techniques.

These are three days that will change your life!

This is the perfect workshop for anyone interested in taking a more active role in maintaining a state of overall health and making it a way of life. As you learn how healing the self opens the path to aging your soul, you’ll discover a love for self on new levels and the true meaning of what healing is all about.

Holding the consciousness that everything can be healed, Kahu Fred Sterling will be in attendance.

Workshop schedule

Fri. 5:00pm  Registration
Fri. 6:00pm – 9:00pm Workshop
Sat. 9:00am – 6:00pm Workshop
Sun. 9:00am – 6:00pm Workshop


.Karinna Nielsen



Signature Cell Healing Founder, Kahu Fred Sterling has chosen long-time colleague and certified Signature Cell Healing practitioner/trainer Karinna Nielsen as the new lead facilitator of the Signature Cell Healing International workshops. For many years, Karinna has embraced Signature Cell Healing as a way of life, and through a willingness to age her soul, Kahu Fred has recognized her consistent soul growth and readiness to take this Lemurian healing modality into its next era of outreach into Common Time.