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Awaken Your Chromosomes of Youth and Vitality!

Signature Cell Healing® is a Lemurian healing modality that creates a space of unconditional love to release the fears holding you back from attaining your life goals in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of your life.  Most people experience feelings of relaxation, balance, peace of mind, hope and love. You begin to see life in a healthier and more loving way, opening insights to new options and the courage to take the next steps in your life.

Long-Distance Healing Sessions

Long-distance healing sessions are a specialty, and they are available to you wherever you may be in the world. At this time, in-person healing sessions are not availble.

Read below to learn more about Long-Distance Healing Sessions

As soon as in-person session are available again, I will invite you to experience a personal healing session at my center, located in a beautiful, peaceful setting in Kailua, O'ahu, Hawai'i. Healing sessions are 60-75 minutes and include heart-to-heart consultations, life guidance and practical steps for you to reach your healing goals.

What is Signature Cell Healing?

Signature Cell Healing®, an ancient Lemurian healing modality brought back for us in modern times by Master Healer, Kahu Fred Sterling, activates the "Signature Cell" or "God Cell" within the pineal gland, where our life blueprint is located, and activates additional DNA strands for evolutionary growth. Healing is facilitated below the KarinnaHealingveils of the ego at the level of the cellular consciousness, awakening the chromosomes of youth and vitality and promoting healing on all four bodies--physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. The golden particle light of the Creator, which is channeled in healing sessions, awakens the healing light in every cell of the physical body and facilitates balance on all levels.

Healing as a Way of Life

Signature Cell Healing is more than just a healing modality for me; it is my way of life. I first began studying this style of gentle touch healing more than 20 years ago with the founder, Kahu Fred Sterling. Over the years, I became a practitioner, a trainer and a facilitator for Signature Cell Healing workshops. This powerful and loving healing modality has made a profound difference in my life and in the lives of my family, friends and clients. I look forward to sharing Signature Cell Healing with you! 

Long-Distance Healing Sessions with Karinna

Signature Cell Healing Distance Healing sessions are a very effective way to experience healing on all four bodies--physical, emotional, mental and spiritual--wherever you may be in the world. These healing sessions can also offer complimentary care for any traditional medical care you may be receiving

After over 20 years of study and guidance from her mentor, Kahu Fred Sterling, Karinna has honed her long-distance healing abilities to travel etherically to you and to assist you in your healing concerns. Each healing session is unique and especially tailored to your healing focus. A very special part of the healing sessions are Karinna's personal follow-up messages to you with channeled guidance and heartfelt messages to assist you in your healing journey. 


Signature Cell Healing session with Karinna - local or distance: $196

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Series of 3 Signature Cell Healing sessions with 10% discount - local or distance: $529
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Client Shares

Local Signature Cell Healing sessions

When I was in Hawaii, I had Signature Cell Healing sessions with Karinna. Now that I am home again, I’m feeling that I have “shifted gears,” because now, even though my father is still very stern and strict, I feel very relaxed and calm now. Suddenly, I’m not scared anymore, and I feel love for everybody—it’s like it’s inside me. I think that it’s part of the process of healing. Signature Cell Healing is transformational and so powerful; it made my life completely shift. I can feel the love within myself; I’m living in the now and feeling so great about that.
~Sylvia in Brazil


My Signature Cell Healing sessions with Karinna take me to a place far away from the hate and bitterness that I often feel in other parts of my life. A positive side of my life emerges, and it takes away the negative thoughts that I may have had before. I really feel the love passing between us. With so much turmoil and noise in our fast-paced world, there is a quiet strength that I can access during these sessions. I would recommend them for anyone searching for more peace, harmony and balance in their lives.

~ Aileen in Honolulu


Signature Cell Healing® and Lemurian Readings

Facing a difficult situation in my life, I surrounded myself with a support team of Karinna, a psychologist, an acupuncturist and other advisors. Through my Signature Cell healings, Lemurian readings and wisdom shared by Karinna, I have been able to move through the crisis with a lot less fear and a loving heart. With Karinna’s guidance, the outcome was much better than expected. Truly a miracle for which I am so grateful.

~ Ann in Honolulu, Hawaii


Signature Cell Healing Distance Healing Sessions

Aloha dear Karinna!
Thank you for the amazingly soulful, filled with love and light [distance-healing] session! I woke up in a surprisingly gentle, easy and peaceful state. My tears gently and lightly touched my face. It is hard to find the words to describe it. I felt grace. I saw the beauty of Signature Cell Healing, the power of the golden particles of love. I feel a strong desire now to move forward and to free myself from all that does not serve me with positive thoughts, feelings and actions.  Your art is very powerful and deep, and I'm very glad that it happened.

~Olga in Russia




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Karinna Nielsen is a certified Signature Cell Healing Practitioner-Trainer, spiritual channel and purveyor of ancient Lemurian wisdom. She is the lead facilitator for the new Signature Cell Healing® International workshops--a Lemurian healing modality--and a regular contributor to the Sedona Journal of Emergence. She is passionate about guiding others to explore healing through the wisdom and practices of the ancient Lemurians. 

Contact Karinna for Signature Cell Healing sessions, workshops and Lemurian readings (Goddess, channeled and astrology) as well as Lemurian Wisdom Mentoring.

Photo mahalo: Alison Hayashi