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Our view of the world is truly shaped by what we decide to hear.
~ William James~

In the Lemurian Wisdom Gatherings I’m honored to facilitate, what a blessing it is to delve into the wisdom of the ancient Lemurians and to see how relevant their evolutionary journey is to us in the now. One aspect of this great wisdom was their keen ability to listen, for in listening, they could learn, heal and evolve.

Some years ago, I received guidance about the Lemurian Art of Listening. It has helped me through many challenging times, and it is what I’d like to share with you now.

Listening to the Creator

The ancient Lemurians understood the power of listening. Listening was looked upon as an evolutionary art, a way to provide insights into what they needed to learn in order to evolve, individually and collectively. They treasured the opportunity to listen, because no matter who was speaking, it was actually the Creator’s energy itself speaking to them.

You can imagine that when speaking, the Lemurians were also quite concise and careful in choosing their words, knowing that what they said would be carefully and lovingly listened to. They expressed themselves from a space of humble love, each one feeling responsible for the evolutionary journey of self, others and society as a whole.

LemurianArtOfListening2 250Lemurian Listening Now

Most of us in our world today could benefit greatly from better listening skills. What if we listened closely to everyone and everything around us? You might feel that this way of listening takes extra time, yet when we do listen – really listen—our responses are much more powerful and have greater clarity.

How can we practice the Lemurian Art of Listening? The first step is listening with our hearts, not with our ears. That may sound crazy, yet when someone is saying something that you truly need to hear, your heart will know. On the other hand, your heart will also know when you hear something that makes no sense and it’s time to ask questions for clarity.

Listening Completely from the Heart

Next, when listening, allow the other person to speak completely before you speak. Listen from your heart to the fullness of what someone is saying rather than steering his or her speech to say certain things or to agree with you. Oftentimes we are in such a hurry to hear what someone is saying that we talk right over them or fill in the blanks in our own minds.


The Lemurian art of listening from the heart becomes easier as we learn to trust more fully. We find ourselves intent on listening to what is being said rather than needing to say something to prove what we know. The focus becomes honoring the person speaking and discovering what our higher self wants us to hear in order to grow and to evolve. [Photo from]

Wisdom for Our Life Journey

I've always felt that this guidance on listening was a great gift given to me, and I continue to work with it every day. How can I be more present in listening? How can I truly listening from my heart to honor the speaker and to hear what it is I need to know? As we continue to engage the energies of the Great Shift in our world and in our lives personally, I pray that this method I'm sharing will be of service to you on your evolutionary path of healing, love and ascension.

In Love and Lemurian blessings,


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