Mercury: The Transformational Messenger

Three times each year, the planet Mercury seems to go “backward” in the sky from our perspective on Earth in a phenomenon known as Mercury retrograde. Mercury is known as the transformational messenger and moves quickly and freely between the celestial world and the human world. In Lemurian Astrology, Mercury represents our mind, our perception of reality, the way we communicate and how we process information.


An Opportunity to Create Balance

 In Lemurian Astrology, the Mercury retrograde cycle offers an opportunity to balance our thinking processes by moving from a logical, linear, left-brain way into a more intuitive, creative, right-brain way of understanding things. The Lemurians lived in concert with the movement of the stars and the planets, and they used an astrology that was experiential and ceremonial. Imagine how they might have celebrated as they watched Mercury, coming to a “Still Point”, stationing retrograde and then retracing its path in the sky.

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(See below for information and dates on the December 2017 Mercury retrograde cycle.)


Slow Down and Get Clarity

In our modern world, Mercury retrograde is a time to reflect, refresh and review where we have been in order to move forward once the retrograde cycle is complete—including tuning in to messages you might be receiving about backing up your computers or double-checking your communications! Take some deep prana breaths, meditate and slow down to get greater clarity. Ask yourself questions, like “Would there be a more balanced approach to this?” Re-evaluate, re-think and re-invent, as needed!


Where is This Happening for You?

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Part of the fun ;-) of Mercury retrograde is knowing in which hale (house) on your kahaki’i (natal chart) or blueprint Mercury is retrograding for you. This is where you would want to be especially present, tuning into your intuition and the messages from the guidance through your right brain.  Find out where this retrograde cycle occurs on your natal chart. 


The Phases of the Retrograde Cycle

In a recent teleconference event, we spoke about the phases of this particular Mercury retrograde cycle as Mercury enters the retrograde window, stations retrograde, stations direct and then leaves the retrograde window. At each point of the cycle, the energy shifts and there are also other planets and stars near Mercury that affect the flow of energy


New Moon 350Accessing the Still Point

In each retrograde cycle there is an opportunity to access the “still point” of the planet as it stops and then shifts direction in the sky. This timing creates a powerful portal of clarity and inspiration that can be experienced at the retrograde station and again at the direct station

Following are the details for the next Mercury retrograde cycle. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. your comments or questions. I look forward to hearing from you about your Mercury retrograde experiences!

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