Is there a way to focus on positive change in a world where things seem to be “going south?”

What kind of a difference can each of us actually make?

The quality of life and the frequency of love on our planet depends on each of us individually and collectively. We are all connected into a weave of consciousness that surrounds our planet.

Each thought that we have has a magnetic, attractive force that affects the frequency of the entire weave. The sentient energy of our planet, also known as Mother Earth, and everyone on the planet feels the energy of loving, positive thoughts as well as any fearful energies that are occurring. How can we focus on positive change and make a difference in the frequency of love on our planet?


InsideDiamondHead In each of us there is a little of all of us.
Georg C. Lichtenberg

Global meditations are an opportunity to collectively create a vision of peace and healing so that Mother Earth and everyone on the planet benefits and feels a positive focus of love.

Each month, three nights prior to the full moon, we come together in a  Global Healing Meditation for Mother Earth from all around the world to imagine our planet and all of her people being held in a loving, golden light—like a weave of light going around Mother Earth.Please join us!

Each of us and all of us can make a difference.

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