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I write this now because I have recently received important guidance which I'd like to share with you.  And you may be feeling—as I did—that at a time when we have the opportunity to shift into the next dimension, many of us may be unwittingly feeding energy into a mastermind of fear and anger that holds us to the third-dimension.

Moving Forward in Love 

In case you are just joining us, yes, the Great Shift is happening, and it is happening in the now on a personal as well as collective level for everyone on the planet. The question is, what part do each of us choose to play and how are feelings such as hurt, sadness, blame and resentment helping the old yin/yang mastermind to remain in place?

Each of us will need to look at our own lives in the now to see where we might be holding ourselves back. For me personally, I found myself in a situation of holding on to old patterns of behavior after my Dad’s transition last year. Though, it’s only been a few months, I felt myself getting busier and busier with third-dimensional “stuff” that needed to be done and not focusing on my spiritual path.

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Sympathetic friends have said to me, “Oh, that’s all right. We all need the space to process the loss of our parents.” And I hear that, yet it’s not just about letting go of loved ones who are moving on in their spiritual journeys; it’s also about releasing life situations that hold us back and which are not in the best interest of our evolution. [Photo: Mahalo, Holly Hill]

So here’s what I am feeling now, and I’ve been guided to reach out to you about it. I’d like to remind you as much as myself how important it is to keep moving forward in love. You may have personal health concerns or may be worried about what is happening around the world in politics, climate change, social issues and such, yet staying positive and remaining in a space of balance will free us to feel the incoming weave of the new dimension.


A Meditation Experience: Lightworkers Holding a Balance of Love

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I had an amazing meditation experience last week—and please let me know if you have been experiencing something like this too. As I began to meditate, I felt the various third-dimensional thoughts that we all have just drop away. Then I heard a low-pitched screech—like the brakes of a train—and afterward felt an overwhelming wave of love descending upon me. I was sensing the incoming light of the fourth dimension very strongly, and I felt this loving vibration in my physical body moving back and forth between my heart and my crown and third-eye chakras.

I wanted to get a higher perspective, so I sent my awareness to the top of Haleakalā—the sacred Lemurian mountain on the island of Maui—and from there I journeyed higher and higher above the Earth plane. In this meditative awareness, I could recognize the energy of spiritualists around the planet, shining their lights and connecting with each other and into this incoming higher-vibrational weave.

At the same time, there was a lower-vibrating mastermind of fear, separation and hate that was doing its best to hold on to the planet. My guidance confirmed that this is especially dense over the United States right now. So this is where we as lightworkers need to “in-lighten” the energy that has taken hold, looking for any space or crack in that weave to pour light into it. Love is the only way. We must not give in to hate or fear; we must hold the light of love strongly in our daily lives as well as in our prayers.

LetLovePrevail 300Let Love Prevail

The guidance I received was to encourage all to be diligent and to not fall prey to negativity. These are the last vestiges of the old dimension trying to hold on to the Earth plane and only in love can we free ourselves and each other from an angry and negative world. If that means turning off your TV, your cell phone or your computer, do it more often now and pray—pray for peace, for harmony and for love to prevail on Earth. Send light to the leaders of the governments around the world that they carry out their duties in the highest light of love.

So this is why I felt that it was important to write to you now. More than ever, it is time for spiritualists, lightworkers as well as Goddess Lights to be in service to all of humanity. Please join me in sending love, light and truth into the third-dimensional energies that are seeking to hold on not just in the United States but also around the world. In meditation, look for gaps in the weave and send in positive thoughts of balance, unity and the oneness of all light. Let us choose to be in love.


Coming Together in Love


 Look for opportunities to connect and network with others—even if it’s just me ;-) —who are also holding a loving, positive light and please know that you are not alone! Here at my healing center in Kailua, there is a prayer bowl that I send light into each night and you are welcome to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. your prayers to be placed in the prayer bowl.

In addition, please join us each month for the Global Healing Meditation for Mother Earth. On the night of the meditation, wherever you may be, send your light to the inside of Diamond Head Crater in Honolulu, Hawaii at 9pm your local time. It is there that we gather our energies in a weave of healing light to hold Mother Earth and everyone upon her in love.

I’m looking forward to your shares about your experiences! This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Lots of love and Lemurian blessings,



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Karinna Nielsen is a spiritual healer, channel, purveyor of ancient Lemurian wisdom and the lead facilitator for the new Signature Cell Healing workshops. She is passionate about guiding others to explore their own unique talents and gifts through the wisdom and practices of the ancient Lemurians.

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