Are you feeling the call to a deeper understanding of who you are and why you are here?

Channeled Lemurian Prophecy readings are an opportunity for you to receive guidance and insights into your life journey at this time of the Great Shift in Consciousness.

In a sacred practice of spiritual channeling, Karinna brings through the wisdom of her Lemurian guidance, providing insights for your journey in the now. Through the wisdom of the Lemurian Prophecy Cards and direct spiritual guidance channeled for you, discover what is unfolding for you on all four bodies--physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. 

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60-Minute Lemurian Wisdom Channeled Readings--in person, by phone or via Skype: $196 

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Includes any relevant handouts and an MP3 audio recording of your reading.


Client Shares

I sat down with Karinna for a Channeled Lemurian Reading today and what came through was just unbelievable and literally brought me to tears. It was so moving and so powerful. The undeniable feeling of unconditional love that was coming through was just amazing. I never regret a session that I have with her--every single one is amazing. She's loving; she's nurturing and very talented, and I love the fact that I have Karinna in my "spiritual tool belt!"
~Jodi in Honolulu


I recently had the pleasure of experiencing a Lemurian Reading with Karinna. While at first I considered delaying the reading because of the challenging experiences occurring in my life, I am so glad that I set aside the time to have the reading. Karinna's insights helped me to realize why I was experiencing so many challenges and changes in my life right now. I find that Lemurian readings with Karinna help me to gain a valuable perspective on what's going on in my life.

~Mary Ann in Honolulu, Hawaii


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Karinna Nielsen is a certified Signature Cell Healing Practitioner-Trainer, spiritual channel and purveyor of ancient Lemurian wisdom. She is the lead facilitator for the new Signature Cell Healing® International workshops--a Lemurian healing modality--and a regular contributor to the Sedona Journal of Emergence. She is passionate about guiding others to explore healing through the wisdom and practices of the ancient Lemurians. 

Contact Karinna for Signature Cell Healing sessions, workshops and Lemurian readings (Goddess, channeled and astrology) as well as Lemurian Wisdom Mentoring.

Photo mahalo: Alison Hayashi