Facing a difficult situation in my life, I surrounded myself with a support team of Karinna, a psychologist, an acupuncturist and other advisers. Through my Signature Cell healings, Lemurian readings and other wisdom shared by Karinna, I have been able to move through the crisis with a lot less fear and a loving heart. With Karinna’s guidance, the outcome was much better than expected. Truly a miracle for which I am so grateful. 

~ Ann in Honolulu, Hawaii


I sat down with Karinna for a Channeled Lemurian Reading today and what came through was just unbelievable and literally brought me to tears. It was so moving and so powerful. The undeniable feeling of unconditional love that was coming through was just amazing. I never regret a session that I have with Karinna--every single one is amazing. She's loving; she's nurturing and very talented, and I love the fact that I have Karinna in my "spiritual tool belt!"
~Jodi in Honolulu 


My Lemurian readings with Karinna have enhanced my life journey immensely and have helped me to develop a deeper understanding  of who I am, why I do what I do, and how I can best interact with others in my life. In both personal and business aspects of my life, I set my intentions based on a blueprint that guides me today and into the future. The readings are powerful tools that have given me confidence, focus, and new-found energy to take risks and to live life freely with knowledge and wisdom. I am so grateful to be on this journey with your guidance, Karinna!

~Barbara in Honolulu, Hawaii


My Lemurian Goddess Reading was all that I hoped it would be and more. Karinna is a skillful guide who generously shares her Goddess Light, love, and wisdom. I left the sacred space of the reading being able to weave threads I had been following into a more coherent design and to Trust even more in Deep Heart-Knowing! The Aha moments continue! I'm deeply touched and eternally grateful. Mahalo nui loa, Karinna, for this magical experience.

~ Sarah in Ohio 


All I can say is that I have been transformed, uplifted and expanded. And I am embracing the Goddess Light as it embraces me. Thank you. thank you. thank you!!

~Karen in California


I thoroughly enjoyed the reading, which was extremely valuable and meaningful for me.  I was amazed at how much it reflected my life so far, and I appreciate your providing the all the wonderful materials. I really was impressed with your organization and articulate presentation during the reading, which showed your vast knowledge and understanding of Lemurian wisdom.  You did a great job explaining a complex subject matter to a novice.

~ Mary Ann in Honolulu, Hawaii


So often my heart was touched by the clarity and hear gift of the message spoken by you. Thank you very much, Karinna.

~ Kerry in Sydney, Australia


When I scheduled my Lemurian astrology reading with Karinna, I was thinking of leaving my husband. From the reading, I learned about our previous life lineages, our skill sets from other lifetimes, as well as our intentions for this life time. The reading gave me insights on how we've led our lives so far and where we are going.

After the reading, I realized that my expectations of what my husband should be doing with his life were not in line with what his life purpose was. I had a shift in my thinking and accepted that I needed to let him live his life path.

Now I can see clearly that my husband is actually living according to his life path, and I'm happy that he is doing what he is supposed to do in this lifetime. Knowing this has brought me a lot of peace, and I'm much more supportive of his endeavors now. It has also given me much more patience and compassion. Our relationship has blossomed and we are very happy together now. I can honestly say Karinna has saved our marriage. Thank you, Karinna!

~A client in Hawai'i