"The Goddess Energy is the breath of all life; therefore, no life would exist without that breath."  ~Master Guide Kirael, "Oh, My Goddess...She's Back"


The ancient Lemurians, like the Hawaiian people, knew the sacredness of the breath which carries the energy of life. The Hawaiian word for breath is ha, and they were conscious of its mana, or power, for without the breath, life cannot exist. The breath was used to show love, to focus intention, to move energy and much more. In Hawaii today the ha is part of "alo-ha"--the sharing the breath in a Hawaiian honi greeting.

Using the Energy of the Breath in Healing

Using the power of the breath, prana breathing is a simple deep breathing technique that is centering, relaxing and energizing. Use prana breathing to calm your mind and to open your heart to a balanced feeling of love. Prana breathing promotes healing, reduces stress and enhances the connection to your higher self and your life force energy. It is an essential part of Lemurian Shamanic Healing and can also be used to begin ceremonies and prayers to tune into the energies of guidance and healing.

Why Prana Breathing?

Prana breathing raises our vibration, centers us and allows us to breathe in the photon energy or Christ Light that is surrounding the Earth for the Great Shift and the ascension into higher vibrations of Love. A practice of taking at least 50 prana breathes a day is very helpful in a healing on all four bodies and raises the frequency of love you are emitting, attracting to you a higher light vibration.


Practicing Prana Breathing

To use prana breathing, sit in a comfortable space and close your eyes. Imagine a cloud of golden particles above your head, just above your crown chakra. Inhale deeply though your nose and take a "dolphin breath" drawing these golden particles of the Creator's Light through your crown chakra into the pineal gland in the center of your head. (The pineal gland is where the signature cell or the Creator Cell is located, which has your blueprint.

Then breathe out though your mouth and send the particles down through your thymus (at the top of the chest) and into your heart chakra. Breathe in again and feel the particles going throughout your body. Send the breath to places within you needing healing light or out through your heart or third-eye chakra to send this loving light to another person or place on Mother Earth needing this golden healing light.