What do you feel in your heart when you hear the word Lemuria?

Perhaps you are feeling an awakening within you that harkens back to a time long ago. In the area now known as the Pacific Ocean, the continent of Lemuria was once home to a society of loving beings who cherished and celebrated all life around them.

The Lemurians lived their lives in a shamanic journey of collective evolution and transformation in the fullness of the Creator's Love. The islands now known as Hawai'i were the mountaintop locations of the healing temples of Lemuria. You may have walked this ancient land and are feeling the call to awaken to the wisdom of Lemuria within you.

In this section, you will find some of the "tools" and practices of the ancient Lemurians that we can use in our lives today.  This is the Lemurian wisdom that I've been studying with my mentors Kahu Fred Sterling and Master Guide Kirael for more than 20 years, and which I'm honored to share with you. 


Awakening the Lemurian Wisdom Within You

It is said that magic happens when three things come into alignment: (1) our intention is clear, (2) we are using the spiritual tools that help us to get better and to lead more productive lives, and (3) the timing is right. Perhaps it is time for you to bring these tools of Lemurian Wisdom into your life to awaken to the Lemurian wisdom within you!  Find out more in a Signature Cell Healing® or a Lemurian Reading.


Signature Cell Healing®--a Lemurian Healing Modality

You begin to see life in a healthier and more loving way, opening insights to new options and the courage to take the next steps in your lifeExperience a Signature Cell Healing session in Hawaii or distance


Lemurian Numerology

Lemurian numerology is a powerful force of guidance, opening channels for the higher self and the guidance world to communicate with us. Discover how to work with the Lemurian Numerology in your Lemurian Reading.


Prana Breathing

Prana breathing raises our vibration, centers us and allows us to breathe in the photon energy or Christ Light that is surrounding Mother Earth for the Great Shift and the ascension into higher vibrations of Love.


Lemurian Goddess Colors

At times of great shifts in consciousness, the Goddess Light begins to focus into groups or weaves of colors to the focus of evolution—the essence of the Goddess Energy. What is your Goddess color in the weave of the seven transitional colors for our Great Shift? Discover your color in your Lemurian Goddess Reading


The Principles of the Lemurian Goddess Light

Lemurian Goddess Lights have brought these Principles together to guide their journey. Take each into your heart and feel what each one is saying to you. Learn more in your Lemurian Wisdom Mentoring sessions!

Your Lemurian Goddess Light

What is your Lemurian Goddess Light expression for this lifetime?  What is your kuleana (responsibility) and focus for our Great Shift in Consciousness? Find out in your Lemurian Goddess Reading!


Lemurian Astrology

This unique form of astrology harkens back to the ancient land of Lemuria, the mountaintops of which remain to this day as the beautiful and magical Hawaiian Islands. Before they incarnated, the ancient Lemurians put a blueprint together with all they wanted to experience in a lifetime--so did you!


The Gift of Ceremony

Ceremonies at the Gates: Celebrating the Shamanic Cycle of Venus

Discover more about how the Goddess Energy creates through ceremony and how you can follow the shamanic cycle of Venus to ceremonially celebrate your own Goddess Light awakening in your Lemurian Goddess Reading


Creating a Practice of Meditation

Your practice of daily meditation creates a safe space for you to feel your Goddess Light awakening.



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