At times of great shifts in consciousness on evolutionary planets such as Earth, the Goddess Light awakens in the hearts of the people. This creates a weave of love to guide the shift from one dimensional awareness to the next. As in the times of Lemuria, the Goddess Light comes forth now in the seven transitional colors of the Lemurian Goddess Weave to assist in our current Great Shift in Consciousness.


The Seven Transitional Colors of the Lemurian Goddess Light

1. Violet  - Keeper of the Codes

2. Blue - Speaker of the Truth

3. Green - Keeper of the Weaves

4. Purple - Holder of the Vision

5. Aqua - Enchantress

6. Rose - Balancer

7. Onyx - Keeper of the Veil 

What is your Lemurian Goddess Color and kuleana (responsibility or expertise) in the weave of Lemurian Goddess Light?

Experience a Personal Lemurian Goddess Reading!

Activate your Lemurian Goddess color and learn how you can work with it on your own or in a spiritual circle group or weave of other Goddess lights. 

Discover how the responsibilities of each of the colors weave together to assist in our Great Shift in Consciousness. 

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