Words do not necessarily make a ceremony. Feelings are the life blood of ceremony.
~Master Guide Kirael~

It was still dark at 6:00am, yet I knew exactly where I was going and what I would be doing, as I had done this many times before. It was the morning of the Winter Solstice, and I was at a secluded beach in Hawaii with my Goddess Sisters to do an ancient Lemurian water ceremony—some call it baptism.

How much better could it be? Sunrise at 7:06 am and the Winter Solstice exact at 7:11 am. We would begin on the beach with a sacred circle and then enter the water to activate the photon energy and to prepare the water for the ceremony. In that moment, it felt like the most perfect place to be.

Our intention was to honor and release the energies of the old year and to express our intentions to move into the new year in the highest light of love. During the ceremony, as the golden Solstice Sun rose over the blue ocean waters, we magically released our energies so that the soul could journey to a higher vibration in the Lemurian tradition.


Living Life With Intention

The Lemurian journey is about living life with intention, and ceremony is one of the beautiful ways of expressing our intent. I am not only speaking of the ceremony of baptism, or marriage, or any of those that are often equated with a religious institution. I'm speaking of life as a ceremony. From the moment I take my first breath upon waking to an evening meditation and blowing out the candle for the night, life is abundant in opportunities to create ceremony to express my heart's intention—to celebrate life in each and every moment.


Ceremony in Every Aspect of Life

One thing I have learned in my journey as an awakening Goddess Light is that in Lemuria, nothing was done without ceremony. In ceremony, and in every aspect of their lives, they invoked the feeling of Love for their Creator and expressed gratitude and the intention to evolve to the next level.

And so on my Lemurian journey in this lifetime—on my own and together with Lemurian Goddess sisters and brothers like you—I endeavor to live my life in ceremony. This opens me to the deeper meaning of life and states to my higher self and to the universe my readiness to celebrate where I am in the moment and my willingness to evolve.


Embracing the Opportunities to Celebrate Life

In this year of transition, 2014 (2+0+1+4=7, the number for transition in the Lemurian Numerology), I pray that you embrace the opportunities to celebrate with ceremony in your life. And may you be richly blessed by the awakening Lemurian wisdom within you! 

In Love and Lemurian Blessings,



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