What do you feel in your heart when you hear the word Lemuria?

Perhaps you are feeling an awakening within you that harkens back to a time long ago. In the area now known as the Pacific Ocean, the continent of Lemuria was once home to a society of loving beings who cherished and celebrated all life around them.

The Lemurians lived their lives in a shamanic journey of collective evolution and transformation in the fullness of the Creator's Love. The islands now known as Hawai'i were the mountaintop locations of the healing temples of Lemuria. You may have walked this ancient land and are feeling the call to awaken to the wisdom of Lemuria within you.

In this section, you will find some of the "tools" and practices of the ancient Lemurians that we can use in our lives today.  This is the Lemurian wisdom that I've been studying with my mentors Kahu Fred Sterling and Master Guide Kirael for more than 20 years, and which I'm honored to share with you. 

What is the Goddess Light?

The Goddess Light, also known as the Divine Feminine, is the Love that has no opposites existing within all of us—male or female. It is the Love of Creation, the humble love for self and others. Activating, weaving and healing with our Goddess Light allows us to overcome anything in our lives and to create all that we choose to experience in this lifetime. It is the energy of Love that will shift Mother Earth from a experience of duality into a new dimension of Oneness.

At times of great shifts in consciousness on evolutionary planets such as Earth, the Goddess Light awakens in the hearts of the people. This creates a weave of love to guide the shift from one dimensional awareness to the next. As in the times of Lemuria, the Goddess Light comes forth now in the seven transitional colors of the Lemurian Goddess Weave to assist in our current Great Shift in Consciousness.

Lemurian numerology is a powerful force of guidance, opening a channel for the higher self and the guidance world to communicate with us. It is a simple yet truly profound way of receiving guidance as it reveals a higher purpose and a deeper meaning to life's events, opening a pathway of light to guide your journey. This ancient form of numerology was re-introduced to the Earth plane by Master Guide Kirael through the mediumship of Kahu Fred Sterling

The Ten Principles of Consciously Creating are profound understandings of ancient Lemurian wisdom which have been reintroduced to the modern world by Master Healer, Teacher & Medium, Kahu Fred Sterling and his spirit guide, Master Guide Kirael, the Guardian for our Great Shift. The Ten Principles were the foundation for the evolutionary society of Lemuria and the basis for the Creator's awareness of being evolutionary and in love.

[Graphic courtesy of Kahu Fred Sterling] 

The ancient Sumerian legend of Inanna* guides us ceremonially through the cycle of Venus as we experience the shamanic journey of release, renewal and re-empowerment. In surrendering, trusting and letting go of who we thought we were, we create a new, more empowered sense of self. We accept and love ourselves for who we are and activate our inner strength and beauty.

Follow the story and the cycle of Venus month-by-month to release what is no longer serving you and to be reborn into a new, more empowered you!

Can you feel it? There are powerful energies lining up to take our Great Shift in Consciousness to the next level—for our planet and for each of us personally. For me, the most essential question is, how do we navigate the energies to access new levels of love and commitment to the evolutionary journey we’ve all come here to celebrate? One answer is the “M-word” that so many shy away from – Meditation!  

"The Goddess Energy is the breath of all life; therefore, no life would exist without that breath."  ~Master Guide Kirael, "Oh, My Goddess...She's Back"


The ancient Lemurians, like the Hawaiian people, knew the sacredness of the breath which carries the energy of life. The Hawaiian word for breath is ha, and they were conscious of its mana, or power, for without the breath, life cannot exist. The breath was used to show love, to focus intention, to move energy and much more. In Hawaii today the ha is part of "alo-ha"--the sharing the breath in a Hawaiian honi greeting.

Words do not necessarily make a ceremony. Feelings are the life blood of ceremony.
~Master Guide Kirael~

It was still dark at 6:00am, yet I knew exactly where I was going and what I would be doing, as I had done this many times before. It was the morning of the Winter Solstice, and I was at a secluded beach in Hawaii with my Goddess Sisters to do an ancient Lemurian water ceremony—some call it baptism.

How much better could it be? Sunrise at 7:06 am and the Winter Solstice exact at 7:11 am. We would begin on the beach with a sacred circle and then enter the water to activate the photon energy and to prepare the water for the ceremony. In that moment, it felt like the most perfect place to be.