Mercury is well-known as the planet that rules communications, perceptions and how we process information. Much has been written about Mercury’s retrograde cycle and how bad it can be with all the mishaps and miscommunications that can occur. I’d like to offer a “balancing comment” on this.


Shifting from the Left Brain into the Right Brain

What if the retrograde motion of Mercury were considered to be the balance to its usual, direct motion? This balance involves a “polarity shift” from the prevailing left-brain, linear or logical way things “work” to a right-brain, creative and intuitive way of perceiving things. This isn’t about one being right and the other wrong; it’s a shift of left-brain – right-brain polarities during the Mercury retrograde cycle.

Navigating the Challenges of Mercury Retrograde

How we can move with this polarity shift from left to right brain to navigate through what is often a challenging time of logical processes breaking down, software glitches and computer crashes? Of course, everything that you’ve ever heard about preparing for Mercury retrograde still applies: double-check all communications, back up computers and electronic devices—yet also remember this shift from the logical left brain into more the intuitive and creative right brain. For those more inclined to a left-brain type of thinking, this may be a bit trickier than for someone who is more right-brain oriented. However, if we take a deep breath and tune into our feelings and intuition, we can more easily navigate this cycle.

Beginning Mercury Retrograde in Style

Mercury smI might have taken my own advice recently when my astrology software program wouldn’t start. With scheduled readings coming up, I nervously sent off a quick email to the software’s developer for help. Instead of relaxing, taking a deep breath and waiting for the reply, I quickly googled what to do, began what they call a “clean reinstall,” and lost the data I had in the program. Imagine my chagrin when the response to my email came with very clear instructions on how to restart the program without losing any data. Working with computers is the surest way to have the left brain active! Here’s to remembering to shift to the right brain and breathe. Hope my little story helps you, too.

Being in the Balance

Should you feel challenged by Mercury’s retrograde cycle, take that proverbial deep breath and relax. Go for a walk, watch a sunset, listen to some great music, draw a picture or play with your dog or cat. Do whatever you need to do to shift your thoughts from the prevailing left brain consciousness of our world to the creative feeling of the right brain. Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. how it works for you!

In Love and Lemurian blessings,



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Shares from Readers

Thank you dear, Karinna! This is very valuable and timely information. The key that you gave us for this situation works. Retrograde Mercury actively pushes us to search for non-standard solutions in the balance of our local brain and strengthens us in the energy of Truth Trust and Passion!
With gratitude and love,
~Olga in Russia


© Karinna Nielsen


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