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In this 2-hour Online Healing Retreat you will discover the ancient wisdom of Lemuria and explore your own Lemurian awakening. Includes beautiful meditations to travel to Lemuria and activate the Lemurian wisdom in you  Learn more about the Lemurian Goddess weave and how to work with your Lemurian Goddess name, Goddess Color and the guiding Principles of the Lemurian Goddess Light. Ceremonially walk with the Goddess light of Venus and explore working with her shamanic cycle for your own healing and evolutionary growth.  

In the ancient land of Lemuria, the Goddess Light came forth at times of great shifts in consciousness to announce the ascension from one dimensional awareness to the next. At this time of our own "turning of the age—whether you are male or female—you may be feeling the call to awaken the ancient wisdom of Lemuria within you. You may feel the call to search for greater meaning in your life and to find others also on the path of awakening. It is a humble feeling of love guiding us to find new levels of Truth in our lives.

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