Goddess Energy is the vibrational force of the Love of Creator, defined by the sensory projection of love itself.

~Master Guide Kirael~

High in the Himalayas, the Goddess Light is speaking through the mountain known as Chomolungma, the Mother Goddess of the Universe—and some there are listening. On April 18, 2014, a huge avalanche of ice killed 16 Nepalese Sherpa who were working for guided climbing groups—the worst accident ever on Mt. Everest. The conditions on the mountain are becoming more and more dangerous in the light of global warming—especially for those who carry the increasingly heavier packs for the guided climbers.

The story of this horrendous accident is stunning in itself, yet most remarkable for me was the decision that the Sherpa have made to no longer climb the mountain this year. They have chosen this out of respect for those who have died and believe that the Mother Goddess is speaking to them. Midst in the eclipse window of April and the energy of the approaching Cardinal Grand Cross, a community in the Himalayas touched me deeply by following their humble heart-knowing. At this time of the Great Shift, the Goddess Light is speaking in various ways to each of our hearts. Are we listening?                                                          

[Photo by Ruppert Pupkin]


 How Can We Hear the Goddess Light?

Since the beginning of May, the “Month of Love,” the fifth month of the year” [5 is the number for Love In Lemurian numerology], I’m feeling a shift into an more earthy, “Taurus” feeling of receiving the pleasures of being on Earth. The reminders are everywhere to stop the fiery, “Aries” pace of the past few weeks and listen for the loving voice of the Goddess Light. How to hear her messages of love?  The answers are right there if I just listen.

Before my morning meditation, I walked outside to see the planet Venus shining brightly in the eastern sky. This month, as she heads for the 4th gate--the Gate of Compassion, representing the green, heart chakra—in her journey into the Underworld, I felt elated to see her blazing in all her glory in the morning sky. What was the message for today? “Be in Love; listen, feel.” The Goddess Light was speaking. Was I listening?


The Goddess Light in Our Lives Every Day

Later, I went to see my parents at their apartment in a retirement community. I had just taken my mother to her dentist appointment, and moving her with the oxygen tank makes me very conscious of wanting to do everything just right for her safety. Now, I was focused on doing all that needed to be done before I would have to leave again, getting up every few minutes to help my dad or to put something away. Finally, my mother asked, “Why don’t you just sit here, drink your tea and talk with me?” Yes. Why not be present and listen to the Goddess Light speaking to me right there? 

Goddess Anela One-Day Old

In the evening, I visited a local hospital where the daughter of friends had recently given birth. What a feeling of love and nurturing in that hospital room! The new-born Goddess Light was there in her crib, peacefully sleeping. After chatting with the mother and the proud grandparents, little Goddess Anela (“Angel” in Hawaiian) began to stir. I said to her through my thoughts, “Welcome to the Earth plane, Goddess Light. Do you have a message?” I listened and heard the Goddess say, “I am here! I come from Love, and I am Love.”


The Return of the Lemurian Goddess Light

In ancient Lemuria, the Goddess Light—the Love of Creation—returned and awakened on the Earth plane to herald a great shift in consciousness, as the Lemurians ascended collectively from one dimensional awareness to the next. In the shifting times that we are living in now, the Goddess Light calls us to awaken to the love within. It is the light of the Divine Feminine within all of us—male or female, the love that knows no opposite. It is balance, harmony, peace. Does this feel familiar to you? If so, perhaps you are a returning Lemurian, hearing the call of the Goddess Light again.


Healing and the Great Shift

When we listen to our Goddess Light, things may start to shift in our lives. We may face challenges every day as we search for a loving balance—a balance on all four bodies—physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. How do we live in these shifting times and get through the challenges? How can we find a reflection “out there” of the Goddess Love that is within us? What I’ve discovered is that the Great Shift is not somewhere “out there”; it’s “in here,” and it is about our own personal healing.

Someone once said to me, “Why do I need healing?  I’m not sick.” Healing is not just about a physical “dis-ease;” it’s about continually evolving and expanding the love and balancing on all four bodies.  In healing, we find the freedom to be in love and to discover the truth of who we are. We focus with intention on what we’re here to explore in this lifetime, staying present and trusting that the next steps will be there.

And when we listen, like the Sherpa, we will hear the Goddess Light guiding us in love.

In love and Lemurian blessings,



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