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Transformation of Life on Earth

Saturday, April 4, 2020

9am Hawaii / 11am Pacific/ 2pm Eastern/ 21.00 Europe

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How different can our lives be from one month, one week, even one day to the next? In this new phase of our Great Shift, we are seeing so much of what we have known for so long changing before our very eyes, and it may often feel like chaos looms all around us. In looking forward now, we may be asking ourselves questions with deeper meaning than ever before, holding our loved ones closer in our hearts, listening more intently to others and considering what our personal role to play is at this momentous time on Earth. 

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It can feel challenging to stay in love and not to go into fear, to turn off the news and to meditate instead, in order to be centered and to amplify the love. In that light, I am so grateful that we have the tools of Lemurian Wisdom, which I've studied with my mentor Kahu Fred Sterling for many years, including the new Signature Cell Healing and the 5 Breath Self-Healing Meditation to keep us moving forward in love.

New Live Video Format!

Please join me for the next "Healing Moments" program, now in video format and recorded LIVE on Zoom. This month’s topic is “Transformation of Life on Earth”, which is also the title of this month’s channeled article with Goddess Tara. The program is free and easily accessible internationally. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.your questions in advance or send them in Instagram or through Facebook messenger. If you can't join us live, a recording will be available on the program webpage or on my YouTube channel soon after the live program.

Our monthly "Healing Moments" program is dedicated to healing ourselves and moving forward on our evolutionary journeys of love. We create a space to answer your questions about healing and consciously creating your world. Together we're finding the answers to life's big questions, tuning into our hearts and healing ourselves to move into the new dimensional energies!


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"Healing Moments" is now a live video program!

Mahalo for joining me in this new expanded adventure of our monthly gathering!

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Recordings of Previous Programs

March 2020: "Choosing a New Way of Life"

(click link above or the image to watch the recording on YouTube)

HealingMoments March2020 002In the shifting of dimensions on our planet, we have choices to make right now in our evolutionary journey, choices that will enhance or slow-down the process of moving into new realities of love. We can embrace the opportunities that we're living through in our lives, or we can spiral in place, staying pretty much where we are and feel like we're "jousting with windmills."

What happens when we choose a new way of life? What does that even mean? Is it some sort of "new-age awareness" from the last century or is this what we are offered in the now? Join Karinna for this first video "Healing Moments" program and explore what happens when we choose to embrace a new way of life, and what it means to be living the truth of our hearts. Karinna also speaks about the Lemurian numerology, energies for the month of March and the new channeled article with Goddess Tara, "A New Way of Life on Earth".


February 2020: "Balancing This World and the Next"

(click link above to listen or right click to download the recording)

In February, the second month and the "month of balance," Karinna delves in how we can balance our day-to-day lives with our spiritual focus of evolution. How do we feel that love and balance in our work lives and with our family and friends? Enjoy this Healing Moments program with thoughts and shares about finding and maintaining the balance in our lives, as well as a meditation into a loving state of balance. Also discussed on the program is Karinna's new channeling, "Love Yourself into the Next Dimension."


January 2020: "How to Make It the Best Year Ever?"

(click link above to listen or right click to download the recording)

The new year, has begun! How do we make this the best year ever? Is that even possible with everything going on in the world and the challenges that we face individually as well as collectively?  Enjoy this "Healing Moments" program with Karinna with two special meditations that will assist you in weaving and balancing the four bodies--physical, emotional, mental and spiritual--for this amazing "4" year of 2020! Discover how the energy of our thoughts can define our experience this month and throughout the coming year as we move with Mother Earth into a 4th dimensional awareness of love.


December 2019: "Get Ready to Be Inspired in 2020"

(click link above to listen or right click to download the recording)

Are you ready to say "aloha" to the old year of 2019 and to embrace an inspiring journey in the new year 2020? How do you celebrate your year-end completions? How will you begin the new year and what are your visions of creation in the new year?  In this program we look at some inspiring ways to honor our journeys through 2019 and to create a fresh and focused start to the new year. We also look at some pretty stunning planetary alignments and signs of our Great Shift, as well as the Lemurian Numerology and the new channeled article from Master Imhotep, "Create Your New World with Thoughts Focused in Love".


November 2019: "Balance: You've Got It In You!"

(click link above to listen or right click to download the recording)

November, the 11th month of the year, brings us into the energy of "2", according to Lemurian Numerology, giving us opportunities to focus on balancing the yin-yang, third-dimensional energies as we move into a higher balance of love awareness.  It's also the time of year that we enter into a festive and joyful time with family and friends, and a perfect time to be reminded of the beauty of balance in our lives. Read more about it in the new channeling with Master Imhotep, "Balance Your Relationships in Love".

How do you maintain balance and keep the inspiration going in your life?  Are you remembering to take time to nurture the Self and create balance on all four bodies--physical, emotional, mental and spiritual? How will you engage the energies this month to find a new balance within you? Join Karinna in this program for a lively discussion about balance and more!


October 2019: "What is Radical Conscious Creation?"

(click link above to listen or right click to download the recording)

Are you feeling stuck in life and unable to move forward? Are you blaming others for your situation?  Maybe it's time for Radical Conscious Creation!  Have you been holding yourself back because you thought you didn't deserve it or it all just seems so daunting? Why do some people achieve true happiness while others are stuck in fear and resentment? Did you know that you have a right to have the life of your heartfelt desires? So, what is "Radical Conscious Creation?" Join Karinna for this powerfully creative "Healing Moments" program and find out!

Also, don't miss Master Imhotep's channeling for this month, "A World of Your Conscious Creation" and the Lemurian Numerology of "1" for the month of October. The number 1 in Lemurian Numerology represents "Creation". The creative energy will be high in October, so how can we engage the power of creation within the Self? Explore this and more in the program.


September 2019: "A Month of Completions and New Beginnings"

(click link above to listen or right click to download the recording)

The number 9 in Lemurian Numerology represents "Completions and New Beginnings," and Completions is also one of the Lemurian Ten Principles of Consciously Creating, as reintroduced by Master Guide Kirael, through Kahu Fred Sterling. So, how do we know that something is truly complete? And, when something is complete, how can we release it and embrace the new beginning in love?  Also in the discussion: the latest channeling, "Completions: Look Back in Love", in which Master Imhotep guides us through these questions and more. For example, why do we hold on to things that are already complete? Enjoy this lively discussion with questions and shares!


August 2019: "Living in Two Worlds ~ Completing Our 3D Blueprints"

(click link above to listen or right click to download the recording)

Please enjoy this "Healing Moments" program for the 8th month of August. The number 8 in the Lemurian Numerology represents the movement between two worlds or two realities. Explore with Karinna the ways we are now living in two realities. You might say, "Oh, no, not me, Karinna!" But you could be surprised at the possibilities open to us now. Discover how you can travel between the worlds--especially in this dynamic "8" month.  How does knowing this help us to complete our third-dimensional blueprints and the lessons that we've come here to learn?


July 2019: "Moving From Fear to Love: What Does It Mean?"

(click link above to listen or right click to download the recording)

As spiritualists, we might often hear that in order to evolve, we must move "from fear into love," but what does that mean? What are the ways that fear is showing up in your life? How can we recognize that our fear might be controlling our choices and our behavior? What are your experiences with choosing love instead of fear?  Explore the 7th month of July--the month of transition, the Lemurian Numerology, dynamic celestial energies and healing in the Great Shift with Karinna in this fast-paced audio program with heart-felt shares and questions and answers!


June 2019: "What Are Soul Ages and Why Should We Care?"

(click link above to listen or right click to download the recording)

Are you experiencing challenges in your relationships? Having a difficult time not getting angry with your co-workers, your family, your friends? Are you receiving "urgent encouragement" from your higher self to move forward in love, as Master Imhotep shares in this month's channeling? Why does life feel so challenging right now? What does it mean to "Heal The Self and Age the Soul?" Enjoy this lively "Healing Moments" program with abundant shares about soul ages, the "5 or 50 steps" of the healing journey, the Lemurian Numerology for June and more!


May 2019: "How Can I Hear the Voice of My Heart?"

(click link above to listen or right click to download the recording)

What's the secret to having what you want in life? How do you know that something you hear is the truth? And how can we hear the voice of our hearts to guide us? In this "Healing Moments with Karinna" program we delve into these questions and more. Enjoy a fascinating discussion of ways to listen to our hearts and the guidance of Master Imhotep from the new channeled article, "Awaken to a New World on Earth." Here's an excerpt:

"When you truly feel the depths of the love of this One Light within you, you’ll never be the same. It is a turning point in your evolution and your understanding of love. Many of you are feeling this now, lightworkers are awakening, and people are shifting into love. Though you may not hear about it in your daily news, it is happening. People are feeling an awakening to love and saying, “I feel different. I cannot be who I was.” Isn’t that beautiful?"


April 2019: "What Am I Supposed to Be Doing?"

(Click link above to listen or right click to download the recording)

"Am I on the right path?" or "Am I doing what I'm supposed to be doing?" So many of us have asked ourselves questions such as these, but how do we know the answer? Is there a process to find out? In the April "Healing Moments" we explore the answers together and the ways to connect to our heart's desires.

We also discover the gems from the new channeled article from Master Imhotep, "Feel the One Light of Creation." here is an excerpt: Being in love with yourself also means following your heart’s guidance to feel the love from all those around you, for when you are in love with yourself, the love flows out into your surrounding world, and you’ll see it reflected in everything and everyone around you.


March 2019: Are You Complete? Moving into the Next Dimension

(Click link above to listen or right click to download the recording)

The topic comes from the new channeled article with Master Elliahn, In-Lighten Your World with Love and this guidance: Let me also say that it is important at this point in the Great Shift in Consciousness that you recognize the love in others who are in your life. Focus on completing your evolutionary processes: forgive and move on, love each other. Don't be dragged into arguments or anger. While some of you may feel this as a challenge, what I am saying is it is time for you to come to a new awareness of love. We also speak about those healing processes in our lives "cleverly disguised as problems", the Lemurian Numerology, Signature Cell Healing and more!



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Karinna Nielsen is a spiritual channel, purveyor of ancient Lemurian wisdom, and the lead facilitator for the new Signature Cell Healing® workshops. She is passionate about guiding others to explore their own unique talents and gifts through the wisdom and practices of the ancient Lemurians. Karinna's channeled articles appear regularly in the Sedona Journal of Emergence and here at

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