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Be ready at any moment to give up what you are for what you might become.
~ W. E. B. Du Bois ~

Have you ever had one of those days when you felt out of sorts and you didn't know why? Have you felt a cold coming on, decided to push through it and felt lousy because of it? Maybe what you were experiencing wasn't an illness at all. Maybe you were receiving a splinter. Huh? A what?

I didn't know what splinters were either until I began to engage my spiritual journey about 15 years ago. After many years of working in education, I began working in publishing, spiritual events planning and web development at a spiritualist church. As I immersed myself in the spiritual wisdom, I began receiving "splinters" from my higher self and my energy began to shift.

One day as I was working on the church's website, the web pages were not loading up properly and I was getting really frustrated. I usually have a pretty high level of tolerance for this sort of thing, yet this time it really got to me. I remember angrily calling out to my spirit guidance, "What is going on?! Why is this not working?!" I soon discovered that I was receiving a splinter or a new portion of energy from my higher self.

A Powerful Way to Move us along our Evolutionary Path

As I continued to engage my spiritual journey, I learned that the physical incarnation of who we are is actually an aspect of our higher self, or soul self, and we are in constant connection with its energy. When we become more focused on our path of spiritual growth, the higher self can send higher vibrating portions of its energy, i.e., splinters, to raise our vibration. Using a computer analogy, we can look at a splinter from the higher self as something like a download of more memory to expand the hard drive. It is a powerful way to move us along on our spiritual path.

Working Through Thousands of Splinters

My higher self was really working with me! I didn't get going on my spiritual journey until I was about 42, so I've had a really steep path of healing, folks! I started getting so many splinters—sometimes multiple splinters at one time—that I wanted to learn more about them!

I discovered that each splinter has a unique focus and purpose and that we can actually tune into them as they move in. For example, the next time you think you might be getting a splinter, move your hands through the field of energy around your body. Can you feel a variation in the vibration around you? Can you hear anything? Sometimes the splinters can even be heard as a higher pitched frequency.

I also learned that I could communicate with this new part of my own energies in order to ease the integration process. In meditation I would ask, "What is your focus?", "What would you like me to know?" The answers often had to do with releasing mental blocks, being more open to change and moving more and more from fear into love.

Honoring the Process of Receiving a Splinter

The way I understand it, as a new splinter of energy comes in, it works its way through the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical bodies of the auric field. During this process of integration, we may feel shifting on any or all four bodies as old thought processes or behaviors are released and our DNA adjusts to new levels of awareness. When receiving a new splinter of energy, you may feel physically, emotionally or mentally "challenged." For example, you could feel like you have the flu, a sore shoulder or a headache.

On the brighter side, you could also feel more open to "downloads" of new ideas and insights that will make something you have been working on suddenly become very clear. You may even begin to channel or autowrite information that you need for your journey. Splinters are a gift of more love from the higher self to celebrate our readiness to evolve to a new level of awareness. It is is the consciousness of who we are becoming more aware of a higher vibration of the self. This can be felt as a strong heart-felt vibration when the splinter “locks in” and our overall frequency of love aligns and rises with the new higher frequency of the splinter.

What can we do when we get one?

Receiving so many splinters really motivated me to develop regular Lemurian Shamanic spiritual practices, such as prana breathing, giving and receiving weekly healing sessions, meditating at least once a day and doing automatic writing or journaling. In this way, I could tune in to the lessons that my higher self was moving me through. I tried not to get stuck in blaming someone else for my challenges and focused instead on myself and how I could learn and evolve.

However you feel a splinter coming in, take a moment to prana breathe. As you breathe deeply, visualize the golden particles of the Creator's Light above your head and breathe them in through your crown chakra. Weave these loving particles through your pineal gland, down to your thymus and into your heart chakra. Prana breathing is a powerful way to feel the balance and the love within.

In a world of physical challenges, relationship issues and financial concerns, life can become stressful and the splinter will tend to amplify whatever we are going through. Take the opportunity to receive a healing session, have a nap or a walk on the beach. Be fully present with yourself in the moment. Tune in to each of your five senses to receive insights into the nature of the new energies. Come into the full awareness of how you feel and gently release any fears or negative thoughts that come up for you.

Be kind to yourself on all four bodies! This is how the Lemurians wove with the new splinter energies of evolution, and we can do it too! 

In Love and Lemurian blessings,



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Hedy in Austria writes:

Thank you Karinna! I love your newsletter. I know those moments of clarity when I have a short and great inspiration or deeper understanding of things. I love that. Or an easy idea just passes by like a breeze: "Oh, yes! Why didn't I try this yet?" And so on... Like asking my neighbors whom I've known for two years now if they would like to see my paintings, and they did and want a portrait of their children.

I also learned that certain things come at a certain time. What often happens—and I do not know if this is a splinter too—but I cannot find things! I look everywhere, and then the things are just there! That is really incredible. I learned to allow and do not despair too much when unpleasant stuff happens as then it gets solved. It makes me really happy. My splinter is working! ;))


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