As some of you may know, I have a special reason to be grateful this holiday season as I feel that I have passed a new "initiation point" on my Lemurian shamanic journey called life.  Some would call it a car accident, yet as time passes and I gain a greater perspective, I'm choosing to see it as one of the greatest gifts I have ever received.


What is a shamanic initiation point, anyway?

In working through our blueprint of life, found in the Signature Cell or in our kahaki'i (natal charts), we come to certain times that are a completion or "death" of one phase of life in order to be reborn into something entirely new. This may be a process that is short or one that covers years. Yet, when it is complete, we look upon ourselves and feel the transformation.


Auto Accident 2013

A white blur in the corner of my left eye, then...nothing

I came to just such an initiation point on October 27, 2013. While driving to church on a quiet Sunday morning, my car was hit broadside as I was driving through an intersection on a green light, and I "went out" for 8-10 minutes immediately prior to the impact. The car was declared a total-loss; I walked away.  Or did I?

Since that day, I have learned that one does not simply "walk-away" from such an event, and the blessings that come from the shamanic journey that we all walk come on all four bodies--physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. I know in my heart that I would not have survived the crash--of which I have no memory--unless my higher self and all my guidance knew that I was ready. Each day now, I feel the blessings of being here and now at this time of the Great Shift in Consciousness. I feel that I have been given the gift of life again, and I'm so very grateful.


Was it "in the Stars?"

Of course--you know me--I went home and looked up my own kuikawa (astrology transit charts) for exactly the time of the accident, and lo and behold, there it was: the configuration of the planets at that very time showed an opening for such a transformative, Lemurian shamanic initiation point.

Karinna and NewCar-Phoenix


What if...?

So, would I have changed it had I known in advance that I was going to be in such a severe auto accident?  Not a chance, my friends. The gifts that I have received since that one instant in my life are so plentiful and magnificent and continue to unfold. (The new car I got is just a bonus. ;-) The real gift of actually doing the Lemurian Shamanic Journey in its fullness?

 In Love and humble gratitude,