Everything you have in life can be taken from you except one thing: the last of human freedoms—to choose one's attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one's own way. ~ Viktor Frankl

With rising levels of fear that seem to be all around us now—in the news, on the Internet and just in daily life—perhaps you’ve had experiences such as I’ve had lately to choose clarity over chaos. In recent years, I’ve been more concerned about taking care of family members with health concerns than I have with any health challenges of my own, so when something came up for me recently, I found myself searching for clarity in my mind about what was going on. (What the heck…?

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Creating Scenarios in Our Minds

 Because the human mind is the ultimate tool of creation, we can develop story after story and create journey after journey, going deep into fear if we like. Or we can breathe, get centered and feel love as we take the next steps toward clarity. 

ChooseClarityOverChaos 300When we are in fear, there is no clarity. There is only grappling and wondering and getting so scared that we don’t know what to do, creating scenarios in our minds with the worst possibilities that weren’t there in the first place. And this can be with anything—not just heath concerns, but also financial frustrations, life-changing decisions, cyber-hacking threats, or any sort of fear. It’s all just fear leading us into chaos.

Call in Your Team of Healers

So instead of freaking out and going all sorts of directions in my mind, I did a lot of deep prana breathing, prayer and meditation to feel what it was that I needed to know on each of the four bodies—physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. I have learned that this is the way healing occurs in order for us to evolve through our lesson plans into the fourth dimension. the must be healing on all four bodies. Learn more about the 5 Breath Self-Healing Meditation.

I went to my team of healers and, one-by-one, got their input. (Yes, I have a team.) I went to my healing partners and my doctors and got their perspectives, all the while meditating to put it together to get clarity. Each one on my team had a perspective on the situation, and, by putting the pieces together, I was able to get a level of clarity to guide me on a path of healing on all four bodies so that I can walk in love and not in fear.


Asking Questions to Get Our Own Clarity

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That’s the real story here: Clarity dispels fear. When there is no clarity, chaos and fear will prevail. Step by step, as we achieve clarity, we dispel the fear, and can deal with whatever it is that we have created. "Created?" you ask. Yes, created. We are in the midst of a great shift in consciousness. We each have completion aspects of our souls’ journeys that we came here to heal in this lifetime. How we deal with those situations, karmic journeys, life's lesson plans (or whatever you want to call them) will be our creation.


The Peace That is Found Within Our Hearts

We can choose to delve into the chaos—and I admit, I went there for a while—or, we can take a breath, re-center in love, and start to ask the questions to get our clarity. What truth can I discover by consciously going into my heart and feeling the clarity coming forth on all four bodies?

According to the TV news and many we speak to, it’s a wild world out there, yet when we are in our hearts with our personal spiritual guidance and in the company of others who seek and follow a path of love, we find peace and we find answers. For me, gratefully, it’s turned out to be a lighter journey than I imagined it might be.

In Love and Lemurian blessings,



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Karinna Nielsen is a spiritual channel, purveyor of ancient Lemurian wisdom, and the lead facilitator for the new Signature Cell Healing workshops. She is passionate about guiding others to explore their own unique talents and gifts through the wisdom and practices of the ancient Lemurians. 

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