The Chancellor of Lemuria through Karinna Nielsen

Karinna: The great love and wisdom of the Chancellor guided the Lemurian people throughout the Lemurian era, 40,000-50,000 years ago. The Chancellor, representing the Goddess Light, is responsible for the perpetuation of evolution through dimensional shifts like our great shift now. I am honored and humbled to bring through the wisdom of the Chancellor of Lemuria

The Chancellor: As the dimensions begin to weave on your planet, there will be times when you may feel, hear or even see the actual shifting of dimensions. You may have a sense of multiple planes of consciousness, including the old third-dimensional reality and the new awareness of higher levels of love that are currently open to you on this planet. 

As you move through the energies of this great shift, you will understand that you can maintain a physical presence on Earth and also elevate your focus to higher levels of awareness. To do this, connect deeply into your heart and shift your frequency of love, the Goddess Light deep within your heart.

What is this Goddess Light? It is the evolutionary love of our Creator that awakens in the hearts of all people at times of great shifts in consciousness. It is the source of love and evolution that will assist you in times of need. This love is limitless and found within the Trinity of Truth, Trust and Passion, the evolutionary foundation of all life. 

Meditation darius bashar via unsplashA new phase of the Great Shift has opened on your planet, and I encourage you to connect deeply into the Goddess Light within your heart to move ever forward into new levels of love for yourself and for Mother Earth. You will find the wisdom and the guidance within you to assist you through these evolutionary times by connecting into your Goddess Light within.

Q: You mentioned a new phase of the Great Shift. Is there something in this new phase that we especially need to be aware of? 

One thing you will see is a rise in the power your thoughts to manifest, creating a reality of your focus around you. Thoughts manifest more readily now—what you would consider positive thoughts as well as negative ones. It doesn’t matter which sort of thought it is. The more passionate ones will manifest the fastest. By this I mean passion in terms of what you want to happen, or passion about what you are afraid of happening. Passionate thoughts manifest more quickly.

So, what can you do? If you find yourself thinking passionately about what you don’t want—otherwise known as fear—change your thoughts and focus on what it is that you desire. Take the limits off of what you believe is possible and focus on the thoughts that will create a new, more positive world around you. Let your thoughts come from your heart and bathe them in love. Hold a vision of your desires in your mind, and play in the thoughts of this new reality. Passionately focus on creating your most magnificent life and believe you deserve it. Thank you for your question.  

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Thoughts Nurtured in Love (A Meditation)

My friends, your thoughts nurtured in love within your heart, can project you to where you want to be. So, think with your heart. Ha! Some of you will need to read that again; others will know what I mean: Feel your heart’s guidance. Listen to your heart and think thoughts of love that will elevate your awareness.

If you will go with me for a moment, we can experience this together. Sit back in your chair, wherever you may be and breathe. Take five deep breaths, for five is the number for love in Lemurian Numerology.Listen To Your Heart

Focus with me and concentrate on your breath. Inhale and feel the flow of golden particles through your crown chakra, draw them down through the pineal gland in the center of your head, and see the particles shift into white light. Continue breathing the white light down into your heart and pause just for a moment, allowing the light to activate all aspects of you—physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Now, exhale through your mouth and send the light from your heart, back up to your head. Feel the love from your heart connecting with your brain. Continue breathing and create a weave of energy between your heart and mind. Feel it going back and forth. Can you feel that?

Continue breathing and begin to imagine your life in the most positive, light-filled way that you can. See the beauty of you and everyone on Mother Earth living in love, peace and harmony. Send light from your heart to encircle the planet. It is with thoughts filled with love that you begin to create a new reality on Earth. Take another deep breath and slowly return.

Creating Change Through Loving Yourself

Q: I’m in a situation in the pandemic that I have to work from home and stay at home as much as possible. I love my family and I know we have to get through this together, but we still have the same old disagreements—no one is changing at all. What can I do?

Love is the vehicle for change. Many people say they want change—better relationships better finances, to lose or to gain weight—it’s all about the changes that you want, but it doesn’t happen without self-love. Change begins with loving yourself.

What are the thoughts that you have about yourself? How do you treat yourself or allow yourself to be treated? Do you feel deserving of Kailua Beach Morning Glories Karinna Nielsenlove? I know that you have asked about difficulties with your family relationships, but change comes through the evolution of your love for self and being fully present with who you are in the now. 

And you may say, “Well, I love myself. I do!” But why do you not have the things that you want? Why do you feel stuck in the same old arguments? Loving the self is the answer. Take the time to focus on self-love and see the love reflected back to you.

In meditation, nurture the connection that you have to the truth of who you are. Connect into the energy of love of your higher self. A stronger relationship with your higher self is the pathway to knowing how to love yourself more and more. 

You can also call in the higher selves of your family members In your meditations. Connect your heart to theirs and ask the questions to go beyond the arguments and the strain of having to be together for long periods of time. Listen to your heart for the answers. Your heart knows the truth and the truth is love.

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Determining Your Path of Evolution

Q: The other day, I got in a discussion in a small group of people. One person was just going on and on about politics, and I could just feel the level of the conversation sinking into an argument about who is right and who is wrong. What can we do in that sort of a situation?

I have looked at your encounter and in this type of a situation, what you must do is find a way to stay in your heart, even if it means speaking less and listening more. As a younger soul on this planet, this person was searching for the love within his own words, and he couldn’t find it. That may only make sense to you and me. 

Let me also say, my love, that you did the right thing by staying in your heart and not trying to make anyone else wrong to make yourself right. You kept the engagement civil and didn’t go to the level of energy that this person was bringing into the discussion. I heartily commend you that you allowed him to speak and took nothing he said personally. You even got up to walk around for a moment to sustain your level of love before coming back to the group. 

One thing that you may not be aware of is that he felt your love—the love that you held in your heart for him and for the situation. As a goddess, you stayed in your Truth, Trust and Passion, and determined your own path of evolution in love. Congratulations.

The Balance of Denjé 

Q: Because of the coronavirus pandemic surging around the world, we’re all experiencing a lot of fear. Every day, we Kailua Beach With Trees Karinna Nielsenare faced with life altering choices. How can we move through this fear and keep ourselves and our families safe?

My guidance is to focus on the “I”—the I of who you are. I am speaking of the “I” of the I AM. When you feel yourself faced with a fear, take some deep breaths and center yourself as you focus on the balance of love in your heart. When you are experiencing what seems like a chaotic world, this will help to bring you back into balance. 

In the wisdom of ancient Lemuria, this balance is known as denjé—and it is the balance of the 4 bodies—physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Through your mind’s eye in meditation, bring before you each of the four bodies. Look at each of these aspects of yourself one at a time. How do you perceive each body? 

Send love from your heart to release pockets of fear or to balance anything not in alignment with love. Love is the ultimate balancer and the way to navigate your way through the great shift that you are experiencing now. Love will carry you through. And, it is love in balance on all four bodies. 

The Lemurians knew this. Through their focus on denjé, the Ten Principles of Consciously Creating, the Lemurian Numerology, the Goddess Light—all the Lemurian wisdom that guided them from the third dimension to fourth into fifth and beyond. Like the Lemurians, you are moving into higher-dimensional realities. They are available to you. Be aware that love—self-love—is what moves you through the fear and allows you to trust the truth, which is love. 

Please know that you can rise above the fear and hold yourself in love. This is not some “selfish thing” as some are inclined to believe. It is being in love with yourself first and the love will affect others around you as well. Be in love with yourself first to move beyond the fear. Find your center and the balance of all four bodies, the denjé.

You are living in challenging times, but please know that you are capable of what you would consider to be miracles when you let love be the guiding light in your life. Love is surrounding each of you every day. Nurture your ability and openness to feel more and more love, and know that you are love—always have been and always will be. And so it is.

© Karinna Nielsen


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