The Chancellor of Lemuria through Karinna Nielsen

Guidance for the New Year 

Karinna: In this new year, I am honored to introduce you to the guidance and messages of love from The Chancellor of Lemuria. The Chancellor is a Guardian spirit who guides us in the Goddess Light and assists us in the perpetuation of the evolutionary process of our great shift in consciousness.

The Chancellor has offered to channel through guidance for each month of the new year in alignment with the Ten Principles of Consciously Creating, tenets of ancient Lemurian wisdom that guided the Lemurian people through their evolutionary shifts in consciousness. We begin with the first Principle, Truth.

1. Truth

The Chancellor of Lemuria: In the first month of the year, you will have opportunities to align in fullness with what you consider to be Truth in your life. Truth is the absolute foundation of your life on Earth.

Now, as incarnate light of the Creator Force of all Love and Light, you have the right to manifest your most magnificent experience. Every word, every thought is an expression of the Truth of your Creator self, and you are doing this consciously, or, more often unconsciously.

What do you suppose would happen if you chose to consciously create your experience? Well, you’d be experiencing more of the Truth of who you are—Creator Love incarnate—and manifesting what you truly desire in your life.

My blessings to each of you as you embark on this new year and delve into the energies of Love beginning with the essence of the Truth of your Creator Self.
And so it is.

Coming in February: 2. Trust