The Chancellor of Lemuria through Karinna Nielsen

Guidance for 2021, A Year of Love

Karinna: In 2021, I am honored to introduce you to the guidance and messages of love from The Chancellor of Lemuria. The Chancellor is a Guardian spirit who guides us in the Goddess Light and assists us in the perpetuation of the evolutionary process of our great shift in consciousness.

The Chancellor has offered to channel through guidance for each month of the year in alignment with the Ten Principles of Consciously Creating, tenets of ancient Lemurian wisdom that guided the Lemurian people through their evolutionary shifts in consciousness and brought forth again for our Great Shift by my mentors, Master Guide Kirael, through the mediumship of Kahu Fred Sterling.

We continue this month with the second Principle, Trust.

1. Truth

The Chancellor of Lemuria: In the first month of the year, you will have opportunities to align in fullness with what you consider to be Truth in your life. Truth is the absolute foundation of your life on Earth.

Now, as incarnate light of the Creator Force of all Love and Light, you have the right to manifest your most magnificent experience. Every word, every thought is an expression of the Truth of your Creator self, and you are doing this consciously, or, more often unconsciously.

What do you suppose would happen if you chose to consciously create your experience? Well, you’d be experiencing more of the Truth of who you are—Creator Love incarnate—and manifesting what you truly desire in your life.

My blessings to each of you as you embark on this new year and delve into the energies of Love beginning with the essence of the Truth of your Creator Self.
And so it is.

 2. Trust

Trust has been likened to a bridge between you in the human world and the all-there-is spirit world. You trust so many things in your day-to-day world: like the time on your clock or that the sun will rise and the moon will set. Imagine that Trust is also like a river’s flow that you just know will carry you to your destination. In this way, you can trust what it is that you hold as truth in your heart—what you know to be so.

Prior to starting any incarnation, you establish a line of energy that runs from the Source Light of all Love (The Creator) to your heart. This is known as the truth strand. Each soul determines its own path of evolution, and then the journey begins. Your connection to your Creator is always there, but your trust in the truth of that may waver. And, so you do the journey of life to learn to trust your truth in all endeavors.

As you age your soul through various incarnations and evolutionary experiences, you have opportunities to strengthen your trust. This is the spiritual journey that happens countless times as you heal yourself, age your soul, and remember to trust your truth more and more. There is no end to this process. You simply experience completions and new beginnings as you travel through the endless possibilities of being in love with you.

Let this month be about trusting the truth (love) of who you are. When you trust what you know to be true, your path opens before you in such clarity that you know with certainty that it is so. And so it is.


Next month: The third Principle: Passion


© Karinna Nielsen


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