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Let us talk about the loving spiritual connection between you in the human world and the spirit guidance that is available to all. This seemingly magical communication with spirit is more common than you would imagine, and it is your choice to make it a greater part of your life.

Spirit is speaking to you in a language of love which is for you to understand in your own unique way. Whether it is offering guidance to take better care of yourself or to channel healing light for someone who is ailing, or even to participate more in your community in a loving way, there are myriad ways spirit is speaking to you and guiding you in love.
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So, spirit is speaking, but are you listening? That is the question, because it is time for a great shift on Earth, and it will come about with the alliance of every incarnate soul on the planet. It is not just for a chosen few who are considered gurus or high spiritualists. Spiritual guidance is definitely open to you at this time, and it is amplified by a rising collective consciousness of love that will be felt by all.

Opening the Communication with Spirit

If you would like to strengthen your communication with spirit, begin with a prayer. Now, when I say “prayer,” please know that I am speaking of prayer as a statement of your loving intentions, and not necessarily a religious ritual.

The prayer could be for yourself, your family, or for the upliftment of humanity. Pray in gratitude for the beauty of Mother Earth or express your vision for your world. Then, listen for the answers to your prayers and what you are being guided to do to make manifest your heartfelt desires. When you do this, you will understand what a difference a prayer and listening to the guidance that follows can make.

So, your communication with spirit begins with your intention stated in prayer and continues in meditation as you listen for the answers in love. In this way, a channel is created into the realms of guidance and a conversation is opened between you and the light of spirit.


ListeningToSpirit 300 greg rakozy ViaUnsplashQ: I am thrilled with your guidance on listening to spirit, and it feels like such a magical thing. Can you guide us in a way to become better at listening to spirit and how can we use the process to be of service in our Great Shift?

What we are speaking of here is process may not be as magical as you think. Communication with the spirit realms is available to all; however, many will choose to ignore it. Added to that, your ever-present technology can make it more difficult to be aware of the guidance. If you can turn away from your phone or the computer occasionally and find the stillness of your heart, you will learn to understand the messages coming through for you.

Imagine that the indigenous peoples of Earth have traditionally connected into the guidance from the other realms and have done this for eons of time. Why should it be any different for you or anyone on Earth now? This is something you all can do, for we in the realms of spirit are speaking to you all the time, but are you listening?

How do you assist Mother Earth and humanity in this process? Open your heart to communications with the spirit realms. Begin with a prayer and express your request for a channel to open into the light of your spiritual guidance. Then, be silent and listen for your answers.

Perhaps you will be guided to call a friend, or to read a book, or even to complete something that needs to be done. We in the realms of spirit will not do the journey for you, but we will light your way. So, if you listen from your heart, you will receive your answers.

When you realize this, you will also understand that every person plays a part in the Great Shift on Earth. You, your neighbors, your relatives far away, even those who don’t hold the same beliefs as you. Everyone plays a part in completing this process of ascension.

A Meditation to Open the Channel with Spirit

Would you join me for a moment to nurture your openness to listen to the spirit guidance? Sit comfortably and focus on breathing into a quiet space in your heart as we begin. For in Breathe 300 fabian moller ViaUnsplashthe steady beating of your heart, there is a weaving of who you truly are on all four bodies—physical, emotional, mental and spiritual—creating a balance of love in your life.

Settle yourself into this state of stillness within your heart through your breathing. You will find that between the inhale and the exhale, there is a space of eternity where all four bodies weave together in balance and in love, opening to the guidance from the realms of spirit.

Be conscious of space, as you inhale golden particles of light through your crown chakra and into your heart. Be aware of the pause. Then exhale and create a bubble of golden light around you. Continue breathing. Allow your heart to fill with love and feel yourself held safely within this bubble of light.

Can you be still enough to actually hear your heart beat? This is your connection to your Truth essence, into the realms of spirit and into the core light of Mother Earth herself. It also creates a flow of love that connects you with all other sentient beings. Continue breathing a feel this flow of energy. Now, slowly return your awareness to where you began.

What we have created is a return to your core light of love within. You may feel it as the light of the Goddess Love, a mother’s Love or the Creator’s Light itself. You may also have felt it to me your Divine Love for Self within. This is the love that guided your desire to incarnate on Earth and to be in service to the Creator’s Force of all Love and Light.

Hold yourselves in the highest light of esteem, for you have chosen the journey of evolution through your lives on Earth. Know that your healing and your evolutionary process is the most important thing. My blessings go out to all of you, for it is time for ascension and graduation into a new level of Love.


 © Karinna Nielsen


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Karinna Nielsen is a spiritual channel and purveyor of ancient Lemurian wisdom. She is a certified practitioner and the lead facilitator for the Signature Cell Healing® International workshops and online courses. Her channeled articles are a regular feature in the Sedona Journal of Emergence. Karinna is passionate about guiding others to explore healing through the wisdom and practices of the ancient Lemurians.

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