The Chancellor of Lemuria through Karinna Nielsen

Karinna: I am honored to introduce you to the guidance and messages of love from the Chancellor of Lemuria. The Chancellor is a Guardian spirit who guides us in the Goddess Light and assists us in the perpetuation of the evolutionary process of our great shift in consciousness.


The Chancellor: Each of you incarnate on Earth is creating a new world through a collective vision of love held in your hearts. This is where it begins. The energies are available to create this weave of the ascended Earth, and it must be anchored in love. Yes, love is the anchor, and the love is within you—each and every one.

As you create a vision of love surrounding your planet for yourself, your family, your community and your world, go beyond anger or fear you may feel and choose a higher path of love. Open your hearts to new possibilities that hadn’t occurred to you before. Don’t be afraid to try something new. Embrace new levels of understanding and hold yourselves in the highest regard as you are ascending to a new world of your own creation.

The guidance is there for you, so find yourself a quiet space to get out of the noise of your day-today world. Be willing to realign your daily routine to include times of repose and refection for all will need this. Breathe, meditate and connect into the truth of your heart. Technology can be all-consuming with no real answers, but within you is the ability to be in touch with yourself and the energies of guidance. Mother Earth is part of this new creation. Are you listening to her as well?

So, in love, think the new world into being and hold the vision in your hearts, because that is what it’s going to take to anchor it to Earth. Now is the time to amplify this collective vision. You deserve this new world, for you have earned the right to ascend just by being Creator light incarnate on Earth. Never give up. Feel the collective forces of Creation guiding you in love.

Transformation Of Life On Earth - Kyle Glenn viaUnsplash 300aQ: Sometimes it feels like we’re living in a world of uncertainty and chaos, but I’ve heard it said that the Goddess Light creates a new reality out of what appears to be chaos. Would you tell us more about that?

When we talk about Goddess, please know that there is Goddess Light within everyone—male or female. Goddess Light is about living in love without fear. It is an ever-present journey of elevating your awareness of love. Love must be the guiding light of all those working in the Goddess Light, and it begins with self-love, self-healing and trusting that sense of knowing within.

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The weave of Goddess Light will be the world’s salvation. You look at the news and you see death and destruction, but Goddess sees opportunity and creates a new world of love out of the chaos of the old world. That is just what the Goddess Light does because the old world—old thoughts, old norms, old animosities are fading—and love will prevail on Earth.

In this consciousness of love on Earth, change happens quickly when you are open to it. Those elements not open to change will begin to look very “stodgy” and old to you. Love will get you much further down the road than fear. Ideas will drop in more easily and you’ll feel so much better! So, keep it fresh; let the new reality flow through you. Implement what you can, let your mind be centered in love and be ready to shift.

In the process of this great shift, energies will come and go from your Earth plane as in a certain angelic Goddess Light of justice and truth who recently joined the forces of light of the higher realms. [Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg] And as she did, people will be leaving your Earth plane, one way or another, to work with you from the other side of the veil.

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Q: I understand what you are saying about getting quiet and meditating, but there is so much going on right now and sometimes I just feel very frustrated and angry with what is happening. What can we do?

Self-love and patience: that is my guidance. The Great Shift is here, and you are midst in it. Sometimes, you’ll feel resistance to the changes, sometimes a flow, but the world is shifting none the less.

When you feel that you are resisting or “chasing” the energy, stop. Allow the energy to come to you, or let your love attract the light and the flow of life. Go beyond “good” or “bad” and recognize that there is only “what is” and how you engage it. “What is” is about you, because it is you who feels it, determines what it is and engages this “what is” energy. So, let’s call this process, “Learning to love what is.”

There is freedom in working with this process because you are not called upon to judge good or bad, you are only called upon to open your heart and be in love. And within that love, there is a knowing of what to say or what not to say, when to take the next step and how to move through to your next level of love awareness.

So, this is where the guidance comes in. And how would you receive the guidance if you don’t stop, breathe, pray and then listen for the guidance in meditation? This is the simplest way, though for some of you, we must steer you in other ways to pay attention! Why not simply take the time for yourself each day to center yourself in love?

To you personally, I will say that you are reaching a new level of connection with your higher self’s guidance. Let the energy of your heart guide you and to connect into your new levels of Love. Be patient, give it a bit more time, stay focused, breathe and meditate.


Let me conclude by saying that what you are doing is collectively creating a new reality on Earth right here, right now. Your vision of the new world connects to where you are consciously at this very moment. Think about that, because it’s true for everyone on Earth.

When you close your eyes and go into meditation, you elevate your awareness into the higher dimensions. What you dream becomes real through a connective light vibration, and your thoughts, in essence, become manifest reality. In this, you are consciously and passionately creating a higher dimensional focus on Earth, and it’s all about love.

© Karinna Nielsen



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Karinna Nielsen is a spiritual channel and purveyor of ancient Lemurian wisdom. She is a certified practitioner and the lead facilitator for the Signature Cell Healing® International workshops and online courses. Her channeled articles are a regular feature in the Sedona Journal of Emergence. Karinna is passionate about guiding others to explore healing through the wisdom and practices of the ancient Lemurians.

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