Goddess Sophia through Karinna Nielsen

This season of change upon the Earth plane is unprecedented. Many are simply used to getting away with whatever they have been doing in life, and they would rather not own up to it or just keep on doing as they have done. But a time to face the truth is here, and change in this case means big changes—transitioning to a new dimension and letting the old one go.

Now, in this process of transformation, the in-coming dimensional focus will continue to press upon the third-dimensional thought patterning and structures of life as you’ve known them to be. This gives you the feeling of compression, the longing to escape or to avoid those emotional things that can no longer be avoided.

When this happens, there is a feeling of chaos, but this is where the new world will be created. For as it is said, “out of chaos comes creation,” and it will be a creation in love. I am speaking of love like you have never felt before in your life. It will be stunning. This is how you will know what the truth is and that you are on the right path. You will feel the love.

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This relentless process of evolution on Earth can bring up fear and a struggle to see the way through, for example, a pandemic virus, natural disasters, people striving to bring attention to issues of injustice. There will be places where people do not feel safe, where powerful people and might-makes-right forces attempt to hold onto control. What to do? Where to go? How to feel about all of it?

When the world feels chaotic to you, stop, turn off the TV, radio, or whatever is bombarding you with information. Breathe and be present. This is when you can feel what is truth for you. Someone else may try to tell you what the truth is, but you must feel it for yourself. Listen to your heart. Be with yourself in love. If you need to do something, do it. Your heart will guide you. You will know.

Live your life in the fullness of love as much as you can. Start with loving yourself more and without judgement. Own up to the truth and take responsibility for what is yours. Do it in love for you. No more “fight or flight.” In meditation, turn and face the fear. Look it in the eye, breathe and feel love surrounding you. Take a moment and feel what you need to feel. Let go of things that you’ve been holding onto that are way beyond their “expiry date,” like old thought patterns, old animosities and old fears.

FaceOurFears KarinnaNielsen 350In case you hadn’t noticed, everyone—and I mean everyone—is in a mastery phase of life on Earth now. All may not talk about the challenges, but for each person, they are personally very real. Please breathe with me now and listen. Continue to pray and remain in a space of love. Stay out of the judgement of yourself and others as much as you can and take another step forward. Do your best in whatever it is and let it go afterward. Let love guide everything in your life.

Call upon your guidance to help you and take a step toward the pain, the dread or the anxiety. In meditation, weave your awareness with the guides, angels, Elven, and all energies of love from the other worlds that are with you as a force of guiding light. Feel love surrounding you, and you may just see that fear melt away before your very eyes.

Be aware that the Goddess Love within you—all of you, male or female—will never fail you. This Goddess Light is within all beings on Earth and is fully in love with the evolutionary path of humanity. The great shift is the movement into the next dimensional awareness of love on this planet in service to Creation and all beings of light.

Feel the connection into all parts of who you are because all parts are connected with you and committed to your journey on Earth. You can feel this if you stop, breathe and meditate into your spiritual light—your higher self. Center in the truth of who you are and know that you incarnated on Earth to do a journey—a plan of your own design to honor the Creator and to be that spark of light that illuminates the world.

Let’s have questions now.

When I think about what you said about “fight or flight,” I realize that I deal with many things in my life this way. For example, I think I stay in bad relationships because I’m just scared to be alone. How can I deal with the fear of letting go of relationships that not working for my highest good?
SeeTheBeautyInYou 350

Please know that whatever you are experiencing and whatever you are feeling is about you. The world as you see it reflects your thoughts and feelings, and you can heal and elevate your perception of things. Now, for many that may be a scary prospect, but it is the truth. It is also true that you can consciously create a loving space for yourself as Mother Earth moves through the final phases of this Great Shift and a new reality, a new awareness of love comes to be on the planet.

My love, whatever does happen, focus on what you are feeling and experiencing in your life. In other words, don’t avoid things. In meditation, have a look at your problems, anger, fear, and what have you. Look them straight in the eye and get to the truth of it for yourself.

Now, I know that this may not be easy. It’s scary, you’ll be alone, your life will fall apart, or whatever it is that causes you to turn and run the other way. But you must have a look at it. You must because these things that represent your third-dimensional healing journey cannot and will not be brought into the transitional space of the fourth dimension, and they certainly don’t belong in the fifth dimension.

So, how do you heal what is bothering you? Take a look at what is holding you back, and pray! What is a prayer? A prayer is quite simply a statement of your intention of how you’d like your life to be. Define this and state it in love and positivity. Then, meditate and listen for the guidance towards that goal and look for the light upon your path.

Each of you in the human world must do your journey of healing. This journey is in alignment with your evolutionary process of aging your soul and the reason that you incarnated. It’s what you wanted to be doing. We, in the realms of spirit light cannot do your journey for you, but we can guide you.

FollowThePathwayOfLight KarinnaNielsen 300You will feel the guidance when you have your energy centered in meditation with the breathing. In all ways, allow your spirit light to guide you. Your spirit-self is connected into your higher self and into the Creator’s love and light. Meditate, breathe, check in with your guidance and know that you are never alone, my love.

In our world today, we are seeing the ways that people have taken short cuts and how those in power have hidden things from us for their own advancement. What can you tell us about these times and facing up to the truth? We’ve all got to do it, right?

Facing the truth, yes. And isn’t it apparent that some quite simply don’t want to do that? Things are being revealed every day, like economic inequality, global warming and horrible pollution, as well as corruption and ineptitude in government, and so many things that people are forced to reckon with now. 

Or, take it into your personal lives. Perhaps you notice distrust in a relationship, or you continuing in a job that you know isn’t right for you. Whatever it may be, you must face the music now, so to speak. The Great Shift is here, and, as I said, you’ll not be taking these third-dimensional lesson plans with you into the next dimension. These are important completions for everyone—completions that must come from the heart, because you care enough about yourself to face the truth.

When I say face the truth, it can be as simple as keeping your word with yourself. This enhances the process of aging your soul. When you do what you say you’ll do, you move your evolution forward. When you don’t do what you say you’ll do, you stay where you are or, heaven forbid, you fall back. You don’t want to go backwards now, so please think about what you are saying and committing to before you say it. Be in truth with yourself because you are the one who really matters. (I imagine that some of your politicians and government officials would want to think about that.)

Direct your thoughts forward on a pathway of love. Being in truth and holding yourself in love will move you forward. There is no return path to the third dimension on this planet. You must move forward in love.


LovingMotherEarth SandraBoyton 300

More than ever, the lightworkers are called upon to pray and to send love and light. There is an answer to the hatred, the violence and the unrest, and it is love. Send love. Everyone has this ability; it is not just for some religious leaders or those who are considered masters. You are all masters here at this time of the Great Shift, and it is time for each of you to step into that mastery and work with light to elevate the vibration of this planet 

Ask yourself where on Earth is more light needed? Each of you is called into meditation to direct your thoughts, your love, your prayers to places and people in need. My dear ones, the power of hearts held in love, directed to where the healing is needed cannot be discounted. You are quite simply much more powerful than you’d like to admit.

I encourage you to join with others in meditation and send love to Mother Earth and the people and places needing healing in your world. You are incarnate masters of light here to shift this planet into her next dimensional focus and a new awareness of love, and Mother Earth is grateful for your love.
And so it is.

© Karinna Nielsen


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