As Seen In the Sedona Journal of Emergence 2021 Predictions Issue

Goddess Sophia through Karinna Nielsen

Over eons of time, dimensional shifts in consciousness have happened on Earth, and each one has had its own flavor. You have chosen to be present during a time of unprecedented change for you and your planet. What does mastery look like for you at this particular time of such dramatic change? In moving forward through 2021, what can you do to awaken to the mastery that is already within? These are questions for to ponder as collective-conscious awareness shifts on Earth.

You have each created a life plan for living on Earth at this time, a blueprint to guide you through this great shift. Held energetically within the pineal gland, your life blueprint has the lessons, the healing and the focus of your personal shift into mastery at this time. It even defines your path through the pandemic and all that awaits you in the time to come.

To follow your own guidance as laid out in your blueprint, a willingness to embrace change will be essential. As the COVID-19 pandemic runs its course and you experience rapid changes to life on Earth, some might say they want change. But when it comes to changing the self, well, that might not be exactly what they had in mind. When you consciously, and with loving intent, participate in your personal healing process, you approach these times in wonderful ways that will benefit your evolutionary growth.

5 Is For Love Nick Fewings via unsplashThe year 2021 represents the completion phase of the third-dimensional matrix awareness on this planet—a patterning of thought based in duality and moving from fear to love. All of you on Earth are experiencing this great shift, each in your unique way. Feel within your heart the guidance to heal through these times. Nothing is by chance, my dear ones. Be present and participate consciously in your great shift into the mastery of being love incarnate.

Let me also briefly mention the numerology associated with the year 2021. The digits of 2021 add up to the number 5. In Lemurian numerology, this represents the energy of unconditional love, the love that has no opposites, the Creator’s boundless love for you. This is the year to fully embrace and feel your love for self and others on new levels of light. Moving from the 4 year (2020) into the 5 year of 2021, the fourth dimension becomes a transitional space to the fifth light as the third dimension fades away. It’s an exciting time, wouldn’t you say?

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Feel Where You Are from Your Heart

The presence of COVID-19 on Earth is forcing me to look self-love in all aspects of my life. Everything is changing, and with a family that I need to take care of, I am just trying to deal with life one day at a time. What is your guidance about this?

Mastery in these times of the coronavirus on Earth means having the self-love and making the changes to care for yourself so that you can be there for others. Self-love must come first. As I have said, you are entering a 5 year, and higher-vibrating levels of love will be the focus for everyone.SelfLove Bart Larue viaUnsplash 250

As you begin each new day, remember your meditation practice. Tune in to your four bodies: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Breathe and take a moment to feel the state of balance for each one. Each of these four aspects of who you are is shifting and guiding you in magical ways. Are you listening?

Your physical body might be asking you to do what it takes to maintain a healthy body. Your emotional body might be craving meditations at various times of the day to immerse you in feelings of self-love. Mentally, are you dealing with stressful situations through relaxing activities, breathing exercises and a mediation practice that works for you? Are you connecting spiritually to your spirit guidance so you will know how to embrace the changes that are sure to come?

Do your best to balance what you see in the world with what you feel in your heart. When your level of media exposure causes you to feel overwhelmed, take a moment to breathe and tune into your heart. In meditation, feel where you are with yourself, your family, your friends, and your community. In doing these activities, you tune into what is truth for you. This is a truth you can trust, because it comes from the knowing in your heart. Draw on the love within you, and send it out to your world. Allow a flow of limitless energy to create a healing space for yourself and for those you love.

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Maintain Your Mission of Mastery

You mentioned mastery at this time of COVID-19, and I’m just wondering what that could be like in 2021 when so many are struggling and chaos is erupting all over the place? Will it continue to be so chaotic, and how can we deal with that?

Orionid Meteor Mike ChheaAt times of great change on evolutionary planets, the existing order of things releases as the dimensions shift. This creates a space that can feel chaotic, depending on your focus. Let your focus be on your personal journey and on how you can balance and consciously recognize your mastery in this time. The media sources most people pay attention to have an agenda of keeping you focused on fear and coming back for more. Direct your focus inward to find the truth for you, and key in to the core-light issues for your journey in this lifetime.

You all came to Earth on a mission of mastering being love incarnate, and this will become tangible for you in 2021. Move forward deliberately and create a vision for what it takes to be in mastery mode. Send your light into this vision, and step forward in love. You will have the opportunity to feel the depth of your self-mastery. 

Mastery is not a “one-off” thing, and you will find yourself circling back on certain lesson plans to get the full flavor of their learning potentials. Look for potentials of completions on all aspects of who you are—physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. As a new higher-vibrating awareness of love on Earth takes hold, energies will flux and flow, so focus in on what you choose to create. Your thoughts will become more and more powerful and manifest readily in the new dimensional energies. [Image: Mike Chhea via]

Stop For A Breath

Let’s take a moment to experience that. Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Shift out of your mind and out of your third-dimensional mental processes that have served you up to this point on a day-to-day basis. Allow your awareness to be centered in your heart space.Orchids KarinnaNielsen

Continue breathing, feel your connection to the core light of Mother Earth. Center in your heart, and feel the light flowing out through you and all around you. Feel yourself in a weave of love and light. Let your thoughts be in this weave as well. Notice what attracts your attention and be with it. Observe, take note and let go. The flow of evolutionary motion is endless, and it will be here long after you have moved from this plane of awareness.

As you continue breathing, feel your thoughts flow with your creative motion. Release any limits you might have placed on yourself, and feel the light of all possibilities surround you. In your heart and mind, define your path for 2021 with a prayer of intention. Say it in your heart. Visualize it clearly. The guidance is there to light your path. Simply follow the light; follow the love.

My dear ones, remember that all people have their wants and needs and their perspectives on life, but you get to choose your own mastery focus. Let this flow of all light be a part of your enduring legacy of knowing the ever-evolving nature of All That Is.

Take another deep breath, and center yourself back here.


Follow Your Mastery Motion through Life in Love

Let me say in closing that in 2021, you have a choice to shift to love or remain in a world of chaos, confusion and fear. In this most powerful 5 year, love is the energy to feel to shift from the old ways of being to new ways—ways that perhaps have never been tried before. It is a new beginning in love for all on the planet.

Light Up Your Heart Let love guide your choices in how you perceive the world. Do you look for love “out there” or perhaps something else? What if compassion, empathy and love guided your whole way of being in the world? You’d have a new reality of love on Earth, wouldn’t you?

The choices you make each day need to be guided from your heart, in love. This does not mean you won’t make mistakes or at times say something you wish you hadn’t. If you do, then acknowledge the error and strive to do better next time. All people on Earth are looking into their own mastery now. Today we have spoken about ways you can consider what this means for you.

My friends, when your heart, mind, and motion through life are guided by love, you know what love-mastery means. Take another step toward recognizing and living in love now. Have the courage to go beyond who you thought you were and attain a “personal best” this year. When you take that next step in love, the spiritual world knows how to respond. Unseen forces of guidance walk with you and light your journey in love.


© Karinna Nielsen


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Karinna Nielsen is a certified Signature Cell Healing Practitioner-Trainer, spiritual channel and purveyor of ancient Lemurian wisdom. She is the lead facilitator for the new Signature Cell Healing® International online courses and in-person workshops, a Lemurian healing modality, founded by Kahu Fred Sterling. Her channeled articles are a regular feature in the Sedona Journal of Emergence. She is passionate about guiding others to explore healing through the wisdom and practices of the ancient Lemurians.

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