Goddess Sophia through Karinna Nielsen

Karinna: Even as life slows down during the pandemic and we are called to go inward as the very structure of our lives is shifting, the spiritual guidance has not slowed down. Quite the contrary. We are never alone, though at times it might feel that way. And, when we open our hearts to the spiritual connections within, we find that the guidance realms are constantly in service with us.

So, it wasn’t all that surprising that I recently felt a new level of guidance coming through that opened my heart expansively, even though, yet again, I wasn’t immediately certain who I was channeling. (See? They make me work for it! ;-)  What I was feeling was a higher frequency of guidance than ever before. I felt calmness, a knowing and a purity of love. When I am in this energy in meditation, all thoughts fade, and I feel like I’m swimming in a peaceful ocean on a calm and sunny day.

In any case, when I did finally hear the name in my heart and understood, it took my breath away. My gratitude is immense, and I am humbled for the honor of bringing the wisdom of this loving Goddess Light through for you.


Sophia: As you process through layers of who you think you are, every one of you is gradually releasing the illusion that you are anything other than love. In releasing these layers, there will be times that you will want to hold on to that illusion and continue to be who you thought you were, doing what you thought you were supposed to be doing in your life on Earth. FocusHigher 350However, with time and more and more self-love, you will begin to feel more comfortable with the new awareness of who you truly are.

Now let’s talk about the beauty of relationships in the human world, for you can use the reflections from the people around you to hold you back or to move you forward in your evolutionary process. It depends upon your knowing and how willing you are to play the game of being something other than love. Play in the illusion if you wish, but it will be ever more comfortable when you embrace the love within you and what your relationships are reflecting in you.

It is, of course, a journey of mastery that all embark on upon coming to Earth to feel the separation from the Love of Creator Source and to walk the illusion of being something other than love. As you each process through the veils that you have placed there to create this illusion, you will feel an expansion of your love as you rise to a new dimension on Earth. Old social systems and worn-out beliefs will crumble, and you will find yourselves standing at the beginning of a new reality of love on Earth, personally as well as collectively.

This is the Truth of what you are engaged in now. Honor each person for the part that they play in your life and focus in on your personal engagement with the prevailing energies on Earth now. Observe yourself evolving to new levels now, for each one has a choice to make and every situation presents a new opportunity to be in love.

What I would also like to say is for you to not judge yourself too harshly. There is a tendency in the human world to be unsure. Unsure of what? Unsure that you really are ready for this new level of love and that this truly is the time for which you have waited lifetimes. I assure you, dear ones, it is most certainly “that time” and you won’t miss anything.GreenOrchids KarinnaNielsen 300 

Each of you play a part in this special elevation of love on Earth, so take some time each day—perhaps multiple times a day would be better—to quiet yourself, close your eyes and breathe deeply. Sink your awareness into your heart chakra and feel an expansion of your knowing of the love that you are. Let no one tell you that you are anything less than this: Creator Love incarnate rising to a new awareness of Truth.

All shall have the opportunity to feel this Truth of Love within. And, as you feel it more and more, you will take it with you into your day and share it with your family and all those you know. Perhaps you will also engage in collectively meditating and sharing this Truth of Love with Mother Earth and all those struggling to know.

Be not dissuaded from your knowing and feeling of love. You are each on a splendid journey of understanding love incarnate and in that I wish you well and send you peace.


Like most people around the world, I wonder when we will be able to get back to our “normal” lives again. What can you tell us about that?

My love, know that the world will resume "a life” again, but it will never be what was previously called normal. In fact, it will not even be what some are calling a “new normal.” As you move through this evolutionary process, the collective conscious awareness of everyone on Earth is shifting. Even some commentators in your news media are using what were once only terms used in spiritual communities, such as “a great shift in consciousness” Just imagine that.

Meditation darius bashar 560082 unsplash 350What we are speaking of here is an opportunity for everyone on Earth to master their third-dimensional processes and to evolve to the next level. You are all on a mastery journey of discovering the power of being in love. It is love that dispels fear of what you are experiencing now, and love is the way through to the new times ahead. Eventually, people  will not remember what it was like before the pandemic, and it will become a marker in your evolutionary time on Earth.

Dream the dreams of a more love-filled life on Earth, and you will find that the world shifts with you. You will go beyond the questions in your mind and come to a knowing in your heart of the answers that you seek. You will fall in love with yourself and everyone around you. Be aware that the love that you feel will also be felt by others, and it is making a difference for everyone on Earth.


As you may be feeling when you engage in your meditations with the dynamic energies all around you, there is a new level of conscious awareness available to you at this time. And, as this new level rises, you will have the opportunity to embrace a new awareness of the love that you truly are.

Feel love guiding you now beyond the fears and anything that would hold you back. The love of the spiritual realms, that of your guides, your angels and your higher self are holding you in a space of mastery that allows for lesson plans to be completed and for your evolution to occur. This is the completion of the third dimension and the beginning of a new world in love.

And so it is,



© Karinna Nielsen


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Karinna Nielsen is a certified Signature Cell Healing Practitioner-Trainer, spiritual channel and purveyor of ancient Lemurian wisdom. She is the lead facilitator for the new Signature Cell Healing® International workshops, a Lemurian healing modality, founded by Kahu Fred Sterling. Her channeled articles are a regular feature in the Sedona Journal of Emergence. She is passionate about guiding others to explore healing through the wisdom and practices of the ancient Lemurians.

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Photo of Karinna, mahalo: Alison Hayashi