Goddess Tara through Karinna Nielsen

The time comes now for great changes on Earth. The way things are done, the way you feel about each other, the structure of society—everything will change, because it must. Transformation is about a new form, a new way, something completely different than before. This is what you are going through now: a transformation of life on Earth. Many will seek to hold on to the old ways of doing things and the old ways of being, but you have been through too much to go back. The way is forward now, and love is the way.

Hold a vision in your heart of peace, abundant health and prosperity for Mother Earth and all of you upon her. In holding a loving vision for this planet, you are creating the new Earth. Holding the intention for living life in love is where it begins. It is like a seed that you plant in your mind that grows into a huge Mother Tree that joins all on Earth through her root system.

The new Earth is seeded now with your compassion, your kind gestures for others and your vision of a better world on Earth. Now is the time to connect through meditation and to feel the love and send blessings to all. Keep your thoughts centered in love. You are all the light of Creation. Please, always remember that.

Within each person on Earth—female as well as male—is a particle light of Goddess Love. Many will choose to activate this now and to feel the full awakening of this light to guide them through these times. Let it be known that the love is within each of you to know what to do. Your hearts speak the truth and listening to your heart will light your path forward in love.

Let's go to questions now

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In meditations now, I believe that am going into the next dimension for Earth. It is pure and clean. The colors are vibrant and crystal clear. I see people doing things and interacting with each other. One time, out of nowhere I heard, “This is the resurrected Earth.” It is so hard to explain what I was seeing and feeling, but dimensions could be right next to each other, and we might need to meditate to know that, right?

What a beautiful share and a wonderful vision! In the journey of the Earth shifting its dimensional focus, you will all have opportunities through your meditations to experience what could be called the resurrected Earth.

It’s a time of change as you move from one dimension to the next, and it will permeate all parts of life on Earth. You will experience a transformation of your thoughts, your way of living, everything! Let me be clear: everything will change.

The dimensions are merging now and this is what you are experiencing. There is an overlap, and you can go through into the new incoming dimension in your meditations. Use your mind to direct your focus and move through as light particles or projections of your thought awareness. Explore a world that exists “beyond” this one—a new experience of life on Earth.

At some point the new balance will be found, and it will occur when the Great Shift has run its course. You are beyond the point of turning back—you passed that years ago. These are the times you’ve been waiting for, and within you is everything you need to move into a new world.

For all of you, love must be your sole/soul focus at this time. When you feel frustration, anger or fear, take a breath, take a step back from the ill feelings and ask yourself, “Hmm, what could this be?” For every situation and everyone in your life is there to help you to heal, to evolve and to see the love within yourself. That is just how it is.


I’m feeling overwhelmed by all the changes that are happening so rapidly. What can we do to stay healthy, keep focused in our hearts and not get drawn into all the fear that is so prevalent now?April2020 Nils Rasmusson viaUnsplash

The spiritual evolution of the planet is determined by you—all of you on Earth. As you center in your hearts and do your meditations—alone as well as in groups—the vibration of Earth moves higher. Raising your level of love assists everyone, and Mother Earth as well.

Join me in a meditation for just a moment by closing your eyes. Breathe deeply and send your awareness into your heart chakra. Continue breathing.

What are your thoughts and what are you feeling in the now? Are you angry? Are you feeling afraid? Bring that feeling out in front of you and go deep into it. Center into the depths of your heart and feel yourself surrounded in love. Acknowledge the fear or frustration and release it in love. Take another moment and breathe. Allow yourself to be—just be.

Come into the center of who you are in the now to move through all that is to come. For you, the lightworkers of Earth, direct the course. You are dependent on each other now to move with Mother Earth into a new reality of Love.

The power of the mind to consciously create realities is something to remember. Go beyond what you hear or read in the news and you can key into a reality that is growing on this Earth plane—a reality of love. It is about each of you doing what you can to keep your thoughts positive and focused in love to feel the core light of who you are.


We in the realms of spirit are holding you and Mother Earth in loving light. The dimensions are drawing closer and a new dimensional focus will be established that will balance out the chaos. This is a time when the new energies must be anchored to the Earth. Love is the anchor. Love is what binds the new dimension to Earth and allows it to propagate its light throughout the world.

This is the mastery phase of your journeys on Earth. Stay in love, be centered in the knowing that a Great Shift is underway. What you are doing in your meditations is weaving the new dimension to the Earth plane. Keep your heart open and feel a new world coming to be in love.

And so it is.


© Karinna Nielsen

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Karinna Nielsen is a certified Signature Cell Healing Practitioner-Trainer, spiritual channel and purveyor of ancient Lemurian wisdom. She is the lead facilitator for the new Signature Cell Healing® International workshops, a Lemurian healing modality, founded by Kahu Fred Sterling. Her channeled articles are a regular feature in the Sedona Journal of Emergence. She is passionate about guiding others to explore healing through the wisdom and practices of the ancient Lemurians.

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