Goddess Tara through Karinna Nielsen

Greetings! What we’d like to talk about is a new way of life for you on Earth. This is the time and space that opens as you shift from one dimensional focus to the next. It won’t happen from one day to the next, though there will be many active openings of your awareness to a higher level of love. So, what do I mean when I say “a new way of life?” Is this some sort of lifestyle change—a new way of eating or moving into a new abode?

What I am speaking about goes way beyond all that. It is a new frequency of love expanding within your heart—a rising vibration that allows you to understand that what you thought was love is evolving into a new feeling of love without limits. It calls you to feel more and more love for yourself, for others and for the beautiful Mother Earth.

This is a 4-body expansion of who you know yourself to be on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of who you are. Your concept of self and others will begin to shift as you understand a new awareness of the Oneness of All Light. Love will prevail on Earth in so many new and dynamic ways as you raise your frequency of love, releasing anger, guilt and all limits to your awareness—truly embracing your core light of Creator Love.

In this process of evolutionary growth, you will have the opportunity to experience unconditional love as you release ego limitations, self-doubt and anger. You must be prepared to go beyond what you have conceived of as life on Earth up to now and explore the possibilities of greater levels of love being activated within you.
Now, that might bring up questions, so let us proceed with that.


I’ve heard Karinna tell people how important it is to meditate every day, but I can’t really seem to do it on a regular basis. Is it really that important?

BlueMountainsRiver 300First, allow me to say that everyone on Earth at this time has an opportunity to experience a mastery process of moving from one dimension to another while still incarnate—quite an uncommon occurrence, you know, and a great gift from Creation. In this journey of mastery, it is of the utmost importance to remain in a positive mind-set and not allow events in your life or those you see in the news to draw you out of love and into fear.

In truth, the portals to the next dimension are open and they go one of two ways: into the realities of the higher dimensions or back into the third-dimensional, yin-yang of fear versus love. At this point in your evolutionary process, you want to be moving from love into light.

There is a rising frequency of the collective weave of consciousness that will be felt by those who are meditating and connecting into this weave. Therefore, deep prana breathing and meditation must now be a daily part of your lives. You’ll need this practice to access your core light of love and to be guided through to your new awareness of love in the next dimension.

Indulge me just a moment if you will. Close your eyes and take deep breaths now, drawing golden particles through your crown chakra and into your heart chakra. Connect into your core heart light of love and feel the beauty of the evolutionary process of mastery you are engaged in. As you build your daily practice of meditation to multiple times a day, you’ll raise your frequency of love and find the peace within your heart.

My prayer is that you feel more and more love in your life and are able to express your feelings of love and happiness to others. Feeling joy and happiness is a way of keeping focused on the love in your heart. It mitigates any fear or anger you may encounter.
How can you elevate and evolve your consciousness without meditation? You won’t be able to, my friends. (That is what you call a “tough love”, I believe.) It becomes and essential part of your mastery process of raising your frequency and moving into a new way of life on Earth.


I’m constantly having a feeling of being behind on what needs to be done—living from paycheck to paycheck and not having more time to spend with my family. What can I do to just get a grip on things?
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In the awareness you find yourself in at this time, there is a back and forth between fear and love. What if you could make it a flow, moving from fear to love and from there into a higher light frequency awareness that allows you to release the limits you’ve previously thought were possible? No fear, just a knowing that, with your clear intention, your life unfolds in the perfect manner.

Align your thoughts to this notion: There is always enough time, money and resources to do everything that needs to be done. Then take another step and trust that you are engaged in a journey of love and opening an awareness of the perfection of all light

When you are clear on what you would like to create in your life and align to that balanced feeling of love within you, you’ll live your life from a completely different orientation and with a complete knowing of love. Within the fullness of this clarity, there is no fear. For when you are clear, there’s no room for anything other than your motion forward to live in this new way of life.

As a new dimensional awareness opens on this plane, your thoughts in love become empowered and manifestation is possible at a rapid rate. Love is the most powerful force of evolutionary light focus, so imagine yourself immersed in love, pure love. You deserve this, you are worthy, and it is time. Hold yourself, everyone around you and Mother Earth in Love, and there I will be, with you in love.

And so it is.

© Karinna Nielsen

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Karinna Nielsen is a certified Signature Cell Healing Practitioner-Trainer, spiritual channel and purveyor of ancient Lemurian wisdom. She is the lead facilitator for the new Signature Cell Healing® International workshops, a Lemurian healing modality, founded by Kahu Fred Sterling. Her channeled articles are a regular feature in the Sedona Journal of Emergence. She is passionate about guiding others to explore healing through the wisdom and practices of the ancient Lemurians.

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Photo of Karinna, mahalo: Alison Hayashi