Goddess Tara through Karinna Nielsen

Karinna: Regular readers will know that over the years, I have channeled an array of voices of guidance from the spiritual realms. At various points in my spiritual evolution, I have been taken to "new heights" and been honored with new levels of guidance.

Recently, I felt an incredible expansion of my heart chakra and waves of love pouring over me. I've shared about my journey of receiving splinters before, but this was at a whole new level. For nearly an hour, I was bathing in this most magnificent and loving Goddess Love, and it wasn't immediately clear who it was.

For about a month, I would go into meditation, feel this awesome presence, have "conversations" with this Light, and ask for her name. Finally, in one meditation session, from behind the pyramid I've created in my "safe space," I heard the softest voice with the answer.

Since that morning, I continue to feel the honor of this new journey of love, and I'm looking forward to exploring the depths of wisdom she brings to our world. It is with humble gratitude and love that I begin to share Goddess Tara's guidance with you.

Goddess Tara: In your journey to allow for a new dimensional focus on Earth, you will be moving through the dimensional weaves to bring more love onto the planet. Feel yourself bringing in love to balance yourself on all 4 bodies—physical, emotional, mental and spiritual—and weave the four bodies to feel the freedom of being in love.

What you are seeking now is how to balance your life in this world. The key is to know that you can elevate your vibration to find the balanced love that will carry you through to the higher dimensions. What it takes is a shifting of the mind. Shift your thoughts into love, release the fears and take another step. Patience is key, for the energies must align in a proper way.

Love will get you through everything. Don’t lose sight of that. Even when the days get long and things don’t work out as you feel they should. Take a moment, breathe and feel the love within you and surrounding you. You are never alone. Those of you incarnate on Earth at this time have chosen a challenging path but only because you knew you could do it. Walk forward in love.

Your world is shifting and changing because, as most would agree, it simply cannot go on much longer as it has been. There is a collective voice rising, especially from the younger people, that things must change. You are midst in your great shift in consciousness.

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For many, this will be a monumental completion of lifetime after lifetime on the evolutionary journey on Earth. Some will evolve into the next dimension, and others will hold on because it is in their plan to do so. What will your new beginning be? Where you will vibrate in this next phase of your life will truly depend on your frequency of love, my friends.

Believe it or not, some have not had enough of the third-dimension and will want to hold on to the energies of the yin-yang world. You can let go at any time, my friends! Just raise your love. Breathe! Release the anger and get back into love.

This weave of thought that is called the third dimension is coming apart at the seams. The patterning of thought that it takes to create a dimension is fraying. Just look at your young people. They are questioning why things are being done as they have been. They are demanding a world that is more in love. When one dimension fades and comes apart, the next one is right there. Be ready, my friends. Be in love in everything that you think, do and say.

Love will take you from here to there, because “there” is already “here” for you! You have a choice every day. How will you answer an angry person? How will you be present in love? Amp up your spiritual practices: meditate, breathe and feel the love within your heart. Nurture yourself and those you love. That’s where it all begins.


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Let’s look at the journey to raise your vibration and move into the higher dimensions with a bit of a metaphor, if you don’t mind. Set a course for your vessel, your ship of life in your chosen direction. You choose the goal and where you are intending to go. Then, let your sails be filled with love! You will navigate forth along your chosen course bound for your intended destination—perhaps a life filled with abundant happiness and love! 

Along the way, you may encounter beautiful islands with lovely people, reefs with amazing wildlife, continents with fascinating cultures. Will there be squalls or storms along the way? Yes, you may have them, but with love as your guide, you will never lose track of where you are intending to go. 

And, should you feel in your heart that there is a course change you would like to make along the way, you may do so. All in the evolutionary adventure of life on Earth, my friends! Create an adventure of your evolutionary life on Earth and choose to do it in love!


Q: I’m finding that I am constantly "playing small," feeling afraid to expand and to grow to experience all that I could be in life. How can I go beyond the fears that I feel and create more happiness in my life?

What you may find, my light, is that moving through the fears that you have is also a process of taking a step back, so that you can see things through your heart and less through your ego. This energy that is known as the ego loves to protect you and keep you out of what it perceives to be harm’s way. Perhaps you can hear the voice in your head to not forget something, to not “stick your neck out,” to remember things your parents told you to always do, and to not have dreams of grandeur.

Lehua SamOhuGon 300My love, all that may be fine for staying right where you are, but now is a time of evolution and growth, and I invite you to stick your toe into the water and feel what it is like to just love yourself for who you are. Honor yourself for all you have done and the love you have shared with others. Take a breath, be here now and just feel that.

Your higher self is a part of a grand weave of light known as the Omni Consciousness. Your hopes, dreams, successes and so-called failures—all that you experienced on Earth—and how you feel about it is fed into this collective consciousness of all Light.

Can you imagine how it would be to feed more love instead of fear into the collective mind of all of humanity? It would affect all souls incarnate on Earth! Feeling loving thoughts in your heart will elevate the consciousness of Earth to a higher crescendo of light evolution. This is what you are seeking—an evolutionary focus of love, peace and happiness. Each person will have a different experience of this, but love will be felt by all.

In your desire to know and to have happiness in your life, you will find it there in your heart when you know what self-love means for you. Within you is the source of all happiness and balance. Take a breath and feel this love now with me now. Thank you for your question.


Q: With climate change and the many natural disasters, fires and floods on the planet, I am feeling the chaos in my physical body. How can I balance the feeling of love that I’m getting in my meditations and be a part of the new reality emerging on Earth?

As you dream the dream forward of a new reality on Earth, hold the vision and feel the feeling of love. As you weave this feeling of balance into everything, create a rhythm and a feeling of love. How the shifting of dimensions unfolds may surprise you, but let it be said, you are on the path to it. What is it? You will know when you get there.

For now, let us say that, in your case, your higher light consciousness is creating more space in your physical body and expanding your love within. Within you! This can only be done when you are centered in love. Take your time. Breathe. Stay in loving balance. All will be well.

What you will find, is that love is the space, the feeling, the beingness that you will always want to be in. It is not enough to simply say, “I am in Love;” you must feel it to know it. This is why you are feeling more love in your meditations. This is the “world” I exist in and a “world” that you come from. It is also an energy that that Earth in general will be receiving more and more.

My love, the situation you have on Earth now with fires and floods and all sorts of government upheavals is one of your collective creation. Love will elevate the world into a new dimension, into a new awareness of the beauty of this planet and of your Oneness with the Creator Force of all love and light. Fear and anger cannot rule your world if love is guiding you. I am speaking about allowing love to awaken in your hearts in the now.


Q: I am facing so many challenges right now. I feel overwhelmed. What can I do?

Your passionate question is deeply felt, and I will tell you that you are going through an intense period of personal transition. The weave of your Goddess light—the loving light of the Creator within you—is being adjusted throughout your four-body weave. Do your best to be patient.

The balance that you are seeking has to do with relaxing your ego. When is it self-love and when is it fear and ego? The balance is within you, and you are adjusting to it daily. Go into each situation, each relationship with your heart open. Let go of fear and know that self-love protects you and holds you in balanced weave of light.

FollowTheLight Maunalua KarinnaNielsenIn your Goddess Light, there is a knowing that the third-dimensional world is ending and a new dimension is taking hold, one of love, balance and peace. How do you get from one world to the next? Evolve your love, raise your vibration and focus on completing everything you have got to do to complete the lessons plans that you chose to learn.

Now, for some of you that may sound daunting, but I assure you that in love, you can do anything with balance and respect for yourself and others. Let your heart be your guide in focusing on your fears and releasing them in love. This is your greatest opportunity across lifetimes to actually feel the evolutionary movement of your soul while you are incarnate.

The greatest tool of self-love that I can offer you is Meditation and prana breathing are the tools that I can suggest to move yourself through your challenging times. You must—at least for a while longer—learn to balance this world and the next. Karinna does this wonderful "5 Breath Self-Healing Meditation," and it is like a portal through to the fourth dimension.

Once you are compete with your lesson plans, you can go completely into the next dimensional focus, but you would absolutely want to do all that you came here to do. For some it involves relationships and bringing them to a loving balance, as well as self-forgiveness from lifetimes past—and the big one—loving yourself and knowing what that means.

My dear ones--all of you--I will be your “cheerleader,” so to speak. You can do this! Find that love for yourself in meditation and breathing and let that feeling flow out into the rest of your day. Slow down. Take time for yourself, and you will find the balance to carry you through in love.


Let me say that the Earth is a very special evolutionary planet—one which we’re all very fond of in the Light of Creation. As I have said, it is time for a great shift and many changes are afoot that will elevate the love that you feel and your way of life on Earth. It is your choice how you would like to participate.

In the beauty and wisdom of the Creator, evolution to the fourth dimension and beyond is available to you. Even so, there will be incarnate souls on your planet who will choose to stay in a third-dimensional vibration and evolve elsewhere. The destiny of Mother Earth is to evolve. It’s your choice how to participate, and it is in great love that the Creator makes these evolutionary choices available to you.

Feel the love for yourself now like never before. Love yourself beyond all the fears or regrets and choose love; choose to love yourself into the next dimension. This is not a thinking process, it is a “loving you” process. How could you go beyond what you have always done and love yourself in a new way today? What are the hurtful thoughts you could let go of and choose to feel the light growing within you?

My dear friends, you are going to see great changes on your planet—and great changes in yourselves as well! Let your hearts become stronger. Let love be your guide in all that you do, for now is the time to choose evolution. Now is the time for a new vibration of love on Earth.
And so it is in love.


© Karinna Nielsen

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