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For each of you, the reality that you experience is one of your own thought-creation. You are Creator Force incarnate, beginning life with a thought and existing in thought your whole life long. You think yourself through each day with thoughts that are in fear or in love. Choose love, my friends. Make creating in love more than just a choice. Make it a way of being, a way of living your life.

The power of your thoughts to create what you desire—or what you don’t desire—is something that humans are playing with all the time. Every day, consciously or unconsciously, you are “experimenting” with the power of your thoughts to manifest. And you can do this from fear or from your heart in love. 

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When you were in school, did you ever experience your teacher asking a question that you didn’t know the answer to and just dreading that she might call on you to answer? “Oh, no. I hope she doesn’t pick me. Don’t pick me! Don’t pick me!” You were thinking. And what do you know? She called on you!

How about thinking of someone you love and suddenly they call you on the phone? Has that happened to you? These are just simple examples, but what could you do if you really focused with passion on what you’d like to manifest in your life instead of things you are afraid of? I know it may be fun sometimes to see how this works (smiles), but why play with it? Why not focus in on positive things that you would really love to create in your life?

This energy of creation is amplified at this point in the Great Shift in Consciousness. Focus your passionate thoughts on what you would like to create in your life and use it as a tool to create a better life. It works! Think about, imagine, visualize, welcome into your heart a satisfying career, a beautiful place to live, loving relationships, or a peaceful world, and walk the journey towards it in love.

As you focus on manifesting your dreams, you may find that fears come up for you. For example, the feeling of that the “good life” is really just for other people or that you are simply not worthy of it. But, know this: you deserve everything you desire in love. Release any fears that might be holding you back.

FollowTheLight Maunalua KarinnaNielsen 350Remember that you hold the key to everything, and keeping your thoughts focused in love is the way you will feel your journey to be on track. Love will get you through the hard times, and it will give you the courage to go on. See yourself as worthy and deserving and focus on loving yourself more and more every day. Your life excursion is about moving through the fears you have designed to recognize that you are simply love.

Here’s what I want to say to you: the higher selves of everyone on this planet are “on board” for this Great Shift. It is time for you to move through your third-dimensional lesson plans and get to the “good stuff” in the next dimensional focus. Your thoughts focused in love will take you there.

Let’s go to questions now.

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Q: This may sound trivial, but recently, I went to my dentist’s for a routine cleaning. At the end, she said it was time to take x-rays, but I said that I didn’t want them. I’m afraid of them and feel they are not necessary. Well, that caused all this angry back and forth with her saying it was a “liability” if I didn’t have them, so I just said okay. But then, with the first one, she forgot to put the lead apron on me, and I got dosed! Is this what you are talking about? Did I create that?

Okay, take a breath and relax just a moment. Now, be aware, my love, that fear is a powerful force in the third-dimensional matrix—which is simply a patterning of collective thought. Any thought that you have with great passion attached to it will attract more like-energy to itself. In other words, put a passionate fear “out there” and watch it roll! Your passion gives it energy.

Listen, my love, you did a little experiment, and you acted from a fear that you have. Yes, you did. In this case, it was x-rays, but it you could substitute any fear for that. When you take a fear that you are passionate about and put it out there, it will manifest.

Now, that said, you can change it as quickly as you can change your mind and shift it into love. Yes, love—love for you, love for her, love for everyone involved—especially because they have no idea that they’re doing it. It is all about you. You are in control—or not. It is called acting from fear and you just got a great lesson in it.clem onojeghuo unsplash SpeaktoTheirHearts

Your beliefs come from fear or from love in the realm of the third dimension. When you are passionate and feel really strongly about what you love, your beliefs can create great beauty in your life. When your beliefs come from things you are fearful about, they generate more fear, rather than love. Just know that love is in charge when you let it be.

It’s really your choice: create in fear or in love. Think about that, my dear. Think about all the love in your life and how it has manifested for you: beautiful house, loving relationships—you created that. Just a test, it was. If you can imagine a world in which everyone acted from love, why would you ever want to create from fear?

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Q: I’m always having the feeling that there’s never enough—never enough time or money or whatever, and I can’t seem to get out of debt. How can I change this?

When you play with spirit and recognize the limitlessness of your creation, everything shifts. Take a look, please, at where you might be limiting yourself based on your beliefs about yourself, people around you, or just the world in general.

Each of you has the ability to shift your physical world through your positive thought focus and your beliefs. This is what is so inspiring about young people today: they don’t have the same belief systems in place as older generations do. Children are born in love, and in the beginning, that’s what they know. Then, their belief systems begin to take shape.

So, like a child, if you can get back to the potential of love and possibilities, what do you imagine you could do? Let go of the fears of finances, not being good enough or what people think, and immerse yourself in love. When you do, your higher self takes notice and will put before you infinite possibilities. No limits, just possibilities.

My love, here is the answer to the questions in your mind. Your thoughts and what you choose to focus on create your experience. It takes practice, but by focusing on what is abundant, positive and uplifting in your life, you begin to shift your perceptions and beliefs. You begin to free yourself from the third-dimensional limitations and feelings of lack held within your cellular consciousness. You came to Earth this time to heal lifetimes of lack and poverty, and this time you will heal it!

Think differently and the world begins to look different too. Allow your heart—not your brain—to create abundance. Know that you can.


Let me conclude by saying, where your thoughts are focused that’s where we in the guidance realm will know to work with you. Think about that. Your thoughts are powerful and you can shift your entire journey just through your passionate focus. As they say, “Where your thoughts go, energy flows.” It’s all about love, your focus and you.

And in love with you,



© Karinna Nielsen

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Karinna Nielsen is a certified Signature Cell Healing Practitioner-Trainer, spiritual channel and purveyor of ancient Lemurian wisdom. She is the lead facilitator for the new Signature Cell Healing® International workshops, a Lemurian healing modality, founded by Kahu Fred Sterling, and also a regular contributor to the Sedona Journal of Emergence. She is passionate about guiding others to explore healing through the wisdom and practices of the ancient Lemurians.

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