Master Imhotep through Karinna Nielsen

What is your commitment to consciously creating your world? Are you going to allow your reality to just form around you, or are you willing to look at your life and take responsibility for your creation? The advantage in choosing the latter is your healing, evolutionary growth and a higher vibration of love to manifest your heart’s desires in the Now.

When you are committed to consciously creating versus unconsciously living your life in fear and regret, you will naturally gravitate to the truth of love in your life. Love is the essence of Creation and the energy that permeates All That Is. There is no other force more powerful. In the third-dimensional reality, fear is a factor in your journeys, but love is infinitely more powerful and will always prevail as you move into new levels of Creation.

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So, how do you hone your skills in consciously creating a world of peace, harmony and love? My guidance is to live your life striving to discover more about your personal truth of what love means to you. How can you feel more love in your life? When you choose love and not fear, you will recognize that you are love incarnate, and the world shifts for you.

Let’s go to questions now.


Q: I just don’t understand how people can be so cruel to others. What’s going to happen to people who are intentionally mean and just creating karma all over the place?

Thank you for your question. I can feel your passion in it.

Your lives as human beings are evolutionary journeys of healing and raising your frequency of love, plain and simple. Many on Earth at this time are immersed in the third-dimensional process of understanding their next level of love.

KailuaSummerMorning 300 KarinnaNielsenWhen you look at life in your world in terms of short spans of time, such as a few hundred years, it may seem that fear is more prevalent. However, when considering the evolutionary flow of life on planetary systems, you will see that you have incarnated hundreds of times—perhaps thousands—to evolve your understanding of love and to reconnect to who you truly are.

In this light, you can see the importance of healing on all 4 bodies—physical, emotional, mental and spiritual—moving ever-forward in love and not going backwards into fear. Every aspect of your lives must be balanced in the love that has no opposites, the love of All That Is.

The karma of those incarnate on evolving planets is resolved as a shift into new dimensions occurs. In other words, you won’t be taking third-dimensional karmic journeys with you into the next dimensional processes, so many are resolving it now or taking it to another third-dimensional realm to work through.

For lightworkers such as yourself, a way of helping others that you perceive to be immersed in these karmic journeys is to be conscious of how you are interacting with others. When you find yourself focusing on the fears and what is wrong with the world, you are going backwards. Move forward in a loving way with your family, friends and neighbors.

More and more, you will see lightworkers coming together around the planet, treating each other with love and respect. Be in the flow of the higher vibrational love energy coming to your planet by having loving thoughts, sending prayers or having a kind word for others who might be struggling. Feel the awakening of your heart to the next level.

My love, you are doing much more that you are aware of, and guiding others with your love. Be slow to respond to people who come across as angry or just plain annoying. All must find their way through to their next journey. Let go of the fear of what others will say, and follow your heart. Practice listening to your heart, for that is love guiding you. Follow your heart and let love guide you.

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Q: In the energy that we have on the planet now—wars, the climate crisis, political corruption, and more, is this the Apocalypse that we’ve heard about? And when will we know that this is “it”?

All right, let’s consider this concept of the Apocalypse just might be a new awareness of love coming to your world—or, as I like to call it, a great shift. And, consider as well that “it” doesn’t happen from one day to the next, though there will be many dramatic revelations. This is a process of finding your personal healing, growth and a new levels of love awareness—something you can awaken to when you feel love for another person or as you embrace your love for self on a grander scale.

Actually, all any of you are seeking is love, to love and to be loved. And, in fact, you are love! You are what you are seeking, my friends! Love is All There is. Fear is but a veil that hides love from you that you might experience. Choose to consciously create your experience, and I suggest that you do it in love.

The love that I am speaking about is the love that has no opposites. When you and lightworkers around the planet feel this unconditional love in your hearts, you are creating a collective consciousness of balanced love for Mother Earth to release what she needs release for her own great shift.

As I’ve said before, this dimensional shifting process is a shift in your awareness of the power of love, and love is what is going to save your planet! The mothers of planet Earth know this, the children know it, too. And, because they know it, you will see the awakening to love on this planet getting stronger and stronger.

BeYourOwnBestFriend 350 So, what is this great shift really? It’s all about love—recognizing it, feeling it and being it. Most of you have been raised to act from fear. What if love guided you in thought, word and deed? Well, you’d have a new reality on Earth, wouldn’t you? You’d have a great shift into love!


Let me conclude with this. As evolving energies of love on Earth, your next step in your service to all of Creation is to feel the love that you are in your heart and to be centered in it. There is no other force more powerful. Even though, in the third-dimensional reality, fear is a factor in your journeys, love is infinitely more powerful and will always prevail.

When you choose love—when you feel it, know it, recognize that you are it—the world shifts for you. It is the recognition of your Self, the essence of who you are and the energy that permeates All That Is. In this, you are consciously creating your reality through love.

In love with you,



© Karinna Nielsen


Karinna Nielsen is a certified Signature Cell Healing Practitioner-Trainer, spiritual channel and purveyor of ancient Lemurian wisdom. She is the lead KarinnaNielsen NewCloseUpWhitePurple200facilitator for the new Signature Cell Healing® International workshops, a Lemurian healing modality, and a regular contributor to the Sedona Journal of Emergence. She is passionate about guiding others to explore healing through the wisdom and practices of the ancient Lemurians.

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