Master Imhotep through Karinna Nielsen

Greetings! As you begin the “9” month of September, you enter a month of completions and new beginnings. [In Lemurian Numerology, 9 is the number representing completions and new beginnings.] During this month, take note of the occasions on which you can feel the completion of one aspect of your journey, trust that feeling, let go and look for the new beginning that follows. Get yourself into completion mode this month, ready to let go of anything you have already moved beyond. This is the collective journey for you and everyone on Mother Earth at this point.   [Image mahalo: Holly Hill]

Now, how do you know for sure that something is truly complete? Well, my friends, you’ll feel it. It’s the only way you really know anything, right? You feel it. If there’s a question or a doubt in your mind, take some deep breaths, go into your heart in mediation and ask, “Is this complete? Should leave here and move into a new apartment? Is this relationship over? Is this project really done?

Of course, when someone passes away, as you call it, that’s a pretty obvious completion and the emotional aspect of that is to feel the love, honor the completion and trust that a new beginning will come for that departing soul and also for you. You are all part of the collective light of humanity, and when someone you know passes from one plane of consciousness into a new experience, the absence can be felt profoundly. More on that later.

With completions in general, however, you will know based on your feelings—not based on what someone tells you or when you think, “Well, it ought to be done by now, right?” No. If you base it on that, you’re going to cycle around again, my friends—and you’ll know it. You’ll know it when you notice that certain aspects weren’t really complete after all, but you just wanted them to be. Then you’ll need to go back and do the full journey to reach the true completion and the new beginning.

PlumeriaFlowers July2019 350It happens a lot, you know? Because, of course, as humans, you want to learn your lessons, get through your lifetimes and evolve to the next level. But if you skip a step or leave lessons unlearned, you’re going to have to go back and do it again. That’s just how it is, my friends. So, of course, as a rather well-known architect in one of my journeys on Earth, my guidance is to always follow the blueprint! Follow your life plan! You all come in with one. Karinna can help you to tune into it and work with it.

Of course, if you need to modify things a bit along the way, this can be done, yet your goal is the full completion of your intended journey of evolutionary growth—your evolutionary process of awakening to new levels of being love

How will you know you’re complete? You’ll know, my friends, because you’ll feel it in your heart and you will look back on your completion in love.

Let’s go to questions.

Q: In your opening statement, you spoke about the completion aspect of people passing away and transitioning. Can you speak more about the process that unfolds in this particular type of completion and new beginning?

A timely question, and I thank you for it.

The spans of your life journeys are of a defined space of time, though most of you do multiple journeys on Earth. In other words, at some point, you will reach the completion of a particular physical embodiment, and that, of course, brings you to a new beginning and the cycle goes on.

Goes on? Yes, it does, and it is your choice with the guidance of the Creator Force how to begin a new journey. Will it be on Earth? Will it be in other planetary systems? Will you be moving through the levels of love in the Angelic realm? The possibilities are endless for evolving souls on the journey for Creation.

When you are in the energy of this particular type of completion, you will first have a review of your entire life journey in great detail to understand the full experience on all four bodies—physical, emotional, mental and spiritual—and any aspects that were not fully experienced in love for the new beginning that is to come.WaikikiSunset edit

Now, of course, from the perspective of family and friends, this is a very tender time. There is a feeling of loss, and sorrow, even grief. When someone you know transitions, take your time to weave through the emotions, remember the person, feel their love and savor the memories. Cry if you feel like it, because it is healing and an expansion of your emotional body that you are offered by the departing soul.

Though, I pray you can feel what I’m saying: this person is not “gone”. It is a transition or a shift in consciousness into a new awareness of love that they are experiencing. I encourage you to use your meditations to connect and feel your friend’s love again. Ask for a message. Listen and feel their love, as you allow this person the new beginning that this completion brings for all.

You will all have this opportunity to move through such a completion someday, so celebrate! My friends, that is what your Lemurian “cousins” did. For the ancient Lemurians, the occasion of a friend or family member transitioning was a conscious completion. They gathered together before the transition and celebrated the completion of a life journey and a joyous new beginning in love.

All of this becomes more relevant now in the “9” Month of Completion. The portals are open and the higher dimensional processes are available. Some will feel the completions of their third-dimensional journeys and choose to move through. But also, many—like you, my love—will remain on Earth to experience the shifting of dimensions incarnate. It is a glorious time and one you have waited lifetimes for.


In closing, let me say that the process of letting go of what is complete and moving into new beginnings has to do with the mastery of your third-dimensional journeys. Honor the energy of this “9” month as you allow your heart to guide you and move through it in love. In this month of Completions and New Beginnings, I pray that you come to a new understanding of the evolutionary possibilities that are available to you now. Feel what is complete in your life and let it move you forward in love.

And in love with you,



© Karinna Nielsen

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Karinna Nielsen is a certified Signature Cell Healing Practitioner-Trainer, spiritual channel and purveyor of ancient Lemurian wisdom. She is the lead facilitator for the new Signature Cell Healing® International workshops, a Lemurian healing modality, and a regular contributor to the Sedona Journal of Emergence. She is passionate about guiding others to explore healing through the wisdom and practices of the ancient Lemurians.

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