Master Imhotep through Karinna Nielsen

In your process as evolutionary light particles of the Creator Force, you are given countless opportunities to explore experiences of being love incarnate. As you weave through these experiences—also be called “lifetimes”—you evolve your understanding of what love means. Now, this is not just about third-dimensional human lives on evolutionary planets such as Earth. Your experience is open to all dimensional possibilities and all levels of light.


In a denser field such as Earth, there may be souls that are experiencing multiple, and in fact, hundreds of lifetimes to resolve experiences with other souls, (also known as karma) and to truly understand what it means to be love in a third-dimensional world such as Earth, traveling the evolutionary path to a higher-dimensional experience of love.

This is what you are coming to now: an elevation of love awareness or a dimensional shift of consciousness on your planet. It is truly an exceptional opportunity for evolving souls to raise their frequency and their understanding of love to new levels and to shift with Mother Earth. As she raises her vibration into the next dimensional awareness, so can you.

Think about that a minute. What could this mean for you personally? How would it manifest in your daily life? Well, for starters, you might be experiencing what feels like “urgent encouragement” from your higher self to move through the life lesson plans that you’ve intended to complete, and by that, I mean things in your life could be feeling more intense.

For example, challenges in relationships: with your mother, your brother-in-law, your friend or whomever you are just plain angry with. Or, perhaps you are finding yourself in situations in which you can experience what it truly means to be in love with yourself and to accept yourself for who you are right now. Or, you might be working through abundance issues and striving to finally understand the love and abundant Light of Creation in your life.

Believe me, my friends, as the next dimensional light opens up to evolving souls moving through to a more profound awareness of love, it’s time to bring up the love within your hearts. These are times to feel a new awareness of love for yourself, for others and for Mother Earth herself. It’s time to know that you are Creator Light incarnate and loved unconditionally by all Light.

You have the opportunity to release the limits you choose to place upon love and to know that those limits are yours alone. You may feel yourself connected to this unconditional love through your higher self’s light at any time to know who you are and your potential to love.


PlumeriaFlowers July2019 350Please join me for a moment in mediation. Sit comfortably and begin breathing deeply. Connect your breath into your heart light in the center of your chest and feel the warmth, feel the love inside of you.

Now, keep breathing and send this feeling from your heart up through your crown chakra and make a connection to your higher self’s energy above your head. Breathe in and out for a moment and feel this loving connection. Continue breathing as you bring the awareness of your higher self’s energy back down into your heart chakra. Take another breath and send the love down through your root chakra and into Mother Earth. Breathe and feel this flow from your heart into Mother Earth and draw it back again into your heart.

In this feeling of love you’ve created, please know this: you are never alone; you have the love of Mother Earth and your higher self’s guidance available to you. You are surrounded in love energy. Breathe with me and feel it. Let it expand out from your heart to your surroundings now—to your family and friends and into challenging situations that you may be experiencing.

Feel your love and know it is connected to All That Is. Your love is limitless until you choose limits to create an experience. This could be for any lesson plan you would like to have, yet when you allow your love to flow without fear, you will draw people, situations and experiences to you that expand your love and evolve your soul. Return now to our gathering.


Let’s have your questions now.

Q: There are people in my life, including members of my own family and some friends, who I just don’t want to be around, and sometimes I feel bad about that. I mean, I’m not avoiding them. It’s just difficult to be around them. My mother tells me that it’s not nice, but I can’t help how I feel. What is your guidance about this?

Imhotep: Let’s put it this way—and please indulge me in what might seem like a sidebar. The person you need to focus on is you. How are you doing with self-love and not avoiding your learning and your own healing? Because, truthfully, that is what you came here to do. You created this incarnation to learn, to heal and to age your soul. Now, let’s speak a moment about what “aging your soul” actually means. OnePurpleFlower KarinnaNielsen 350

Within any evolutionary world there are incarnate souls of varying ages: younger souls—just starting out in their evolutionary process of discovering self-love; medium-aged souls, who have been on the path longer and experienced many of the things younger souls have not; and there may also be some older souls: masters, great healers, spiritual leaders, who have been on the path of evolution for many lifetimes. In general, the majority will be medium-aged souls, like you who have asked this question.

You may very well have some younger souls in your neighborhood, so to speak: your family, acquaintances, or you might have a friend who is a bit younger in soul age. None of this is bad; none of it is good. It simply is about people working through experiencing life on Earth, and it is a process that souls go through as evolutionary lights of Creation, experiencing various life-learning situations.

Now, you may say, “Well, Master Imhotep, does that mean that it’s okay to rob a bank if I’m a younger soul?” Of course, it’s not “okay”! You have these things called “laws”, but that doesn’t mean people don’t break them, and that is done primarily by younger souls! Eventually they learn that it’s not the best choice in love and they evolve beyond such experiences.

So, my point in telling you all this is that you might have people in your life that behave in such a way or have beliefs that you just can’t get behind, so to speak. And that’s all right. Love them anyway. Love them? Yes, love them. Love everyone! Because they may just be younger souls figuring out this thing called life on Earth.

Now, if they are family, you may need to be around them on occasion. This creates a grand opportunity for you to practice being in love with yourself—and everyone. Love them for who they are and love you for who you are! Be pleasant. Try not to bring up topics you know you’ll disagree on. Find your common love thread and understand the reflection that others can show you of your own healing potentials. In other words, what can you learn about self-love in these situations?

That’s a lot to ponder, so I’ll leave you to that and take the next question, Love.


Q: I was talking to my husband recently and something in our conversation brought up a deep sense of fear in me. I felt that he was getting ready to do something that wouldn’t be good for him and I would be powerless to stop him. So, how do I deal with something like that?

Makapuu KarinnaNielsen2019 350Imhotep: All right, let us say that you recognize that you are feeling fearful or encounter something that makes you feel afraid. The first thing to do is breathe. Don’t lash out or return fear with anger. Keep breathing and recognize how you feel and center yourself in love.

Now, often the tendency in this type of situation is that you say nothing and let the fear grow within you. In that way, you may end up grumbling about it or to talking to someone else that has nothing to do with it. And that may be part of the processing of the healing experience, though you may just continue the fear or dread and never directly address how you are feeling.
I’m suggesting that you build up your love and say something! Speak from your heart and put your truth out there: the truth of your feelings. Say how you feel; otherwise, how will they know? After you breathe and feel more balanced, speak from your heart in love, beginning with, “I feel…”, or “This is my feeling about that.” This is the beginning of expressing your part of the healing moment from your heart.

The other person is going to do what they’re going to do, but you will have expressed the truth of what you are feeling, and their response may be better than you expected because you have expressed from your heart in love, and they will feel that. As you move through this, I pray that you have the courage to take the steps guided by your heart in love!


In closing, I’d like to say that much of what I’ve spoken about with you today has been about your evolutionary process, raising your vibration and making changes in your awareness of love. Now the idea of change may be challenging for some of you, and you might be thinking, “Oh, is change really that important?”

You’re in a great shift, for heaven’s sake, so if what you’re doing isn’t giving you the results that you’re seeking, you’ve got to tune into your guidance and try different things! Instead of being stoically set on what you think is the only way, open yourself to the guidance of your heart in meditation and try new ways of thinking, new ways of being.

I bless you on your journey to recognize the potentials and possibilities of being in love. And, in love with you, I AM,


© Karinna Nielsen

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Karinna Nielsen is a certified Signature Cell Healing Practitioner-Trainer, spiritual channel and purveyor of ancient Lemurian wisdom. She is the lead facilitator for the new Signature Cell Healing® International workshops, a Lemurian healing modality, and a regular contributor to the Sedona Journal of Emergence. She is passionate about guiding others to explore healing through the wisdom and practices of the ancient Lemurians. 

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