As Seen in the April 2019 Sedona Journal of Emergence

Goddess Marillia through Karinna Nielsen

As you move through what many perceive to be chaotic and fearful times unfolding in your world, let me say that each of you holds within you the answers to anything and everything that you are challenged with now. The answers are right there in your heart, and your heart is fully connected into the Creator’s Love. Love, this all-powerful force that guides the universe, the planets, the stars and all beings of light, including you. Love guides everything, and everything is love.

And though it may seem that other factors, such as fear, anger or hatred are the forces in control on Earth, look beyond the illusion of these, and you will find love. Love is the transformational force that moves all sentient beings through evolutionary processes, whatever they may be. So, how can you feel this love and what are the ways it can guide your journey through the third dimension into the next dimension and beyond?              [Image: Clem Onojeghuo via]

The energies of love surround each and every being on Earth, and it is only the illusion of fear that allows you to feel a separation from the truth of love. This feeling of separation allows for your experience of despair, frustration, loneliness, anger—or whatever you choose. You can feel the fear, or you can choose to feel love. When you choose to expand your awareness of this all-present love, you will shift the focus of your life on Earth. You’ll be able to navigate what seems like stormy seas in your life and become more aware of the beauty surrounding you.

The choice is yours to shift into this new reality that is present on your Earth plane now. Wherever you are and whatever you are feeling, begin with this: Focus into your own love. It is right there in your heart. Breathe deeply and focus intently into your heart and connect into the core light of who you are. This will assist you in sensing the love surrounding you and to truly know the beauty of your experience on Earth for your own sacred self and for all of Creation.

I’ll take your questions now.

Embrace Change, Transformation and Growth

carlos quintero Unsplash RedRoseQ: I have a problem completing things once I start them. Oftentimes, I will commit to something and then realize that I’m in over my head. This includes things that I say I’m going to do, but I never seem to finish. How can I heal this, because it’s a major issue for me?

Completions are a way of showing how much you truly love yourself. They are a way to show yourself that you are committed to your healing journey and to the evolution of your soul. By completing a project or anything you have committed to, you are saying to yourself, “I am in truth with myself. I trust that I can keep my word with myself, and I have the passion to complete what I’ve committed to.”

[Image: Carlos Quintero via]

Do you love yourself enough to care about your intentions to do something and whatever commitments you make to yourself? Each of you come to Earth to evolve your soul. That is the bottom line, as you say. This evolutionary motion is a cycle from completion to new beginning and over again. When you are focused upon it, is a powerful force of evolution. Completions move you through to the next dimensional focus: the fourth light.

The Goddess Light found within all on your planet—female or male—is a balanced love that embraces change, transformation and growth whenever the opportunity presents itself, and it allows evolution to occur. That’s all. [smiles] In this evolutionary light focus, you move from one level of consciousness to the next and mastery becomes an on-going process, because you are moving from completion to new beginning over and over again. It is the experience of life here or anywhere in the cosmos.

So, as you focus on this perpetual motion of evolutionary growth, be kind to yourself! Believe in your ability and the love that you have for Self to complete what you have intended to do. And if something is not completing in the moment, don’t be hard on yourself. Take a step back. Have a look at it, and ask yourself what might be missing, or perhaps there is an element that simply needs to be added in its own time.

Love yourself unconditionally for where you are in the evolution of aging your soul in every moment of your life, and you will know that each completion leads to a new beginning in love.


Listen for and Speak to the Love Within Others
bart larue Unsplash ListenForTheirLove

Q: When I talk to people, I don’t really feel that they’re listening to me. Sometimes, for example, in meetings, I say something that’s important or the solution to a problem, and no one even acknowledges it. Then, about 10 minutes later, someone else will say the same thing that I said, and everyone gets all excited about it. Why don’t people listen to me?

What I will say to you is when you are in a gathering with others, listen for their love and speak to their hearts. So, for example, listen to what is being said, but also listen “beyond” any fears that they may be speaking from, because that is generally what humans will do! So, my suggestion is that you listen beyond these fears, and you will hear their hearts speaking to you, and their hearts will hold their truth and their love.  [Image: Bart Larue via]

Then, when you are ready to say something, speak from your heart into theirs. Go deep within, into your love—beyond any fear that you personally might have—and speak from your heart. You can meditate and see this: your love going from your heart, over and beyond any illusionary fears and straight into the hearts of the others. 

Listening past the fears and into their love allows you to speak to that love, straight into their hearts. In this way, you create a bridge of love with each and every soul that comes before you in whatever way. This is not some sort of trick or shortcut; it is a way to create a collective consciousness of love on your planet.

Consider this as well: Everyone has a trinity light of truth, trust and passion* within them. It is the absolute foundation of the incarnation of your light on Earth. In the center of this trinity is your core light of love. When you listen from, feel and speak to this love, you create a pathway of light that leads from your heart into the loving core essence of anyone you are interacting with. I encourage you to try this in meditation and in your next gathering, and let me know what happens.

[*Truth, Trust and Passion are the first three principles of the Ten Principles of Consciously Creating as brought forth by Master Guide Kirael, through the mediumship of Kahu Fred Sterling.]


In closing, I would like to remind you that though you may feel challenged in your journeys on Earth, you are never alone. You each have legions of angels, guides, goddess lights and benevolent beings of love guiding your journey on Earth. So, please breathe deeply! Meditate and connect with your lights of guidance. Then take the steps before you and trust that your journey is unfolding in the most perfect way.  And so it is.

Humbly in love,


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