As Seen in the May 2019 Sedona Journal of Emergence

Goddess Marillia through Karinna Nielsen

The completion phase of the third-dimensional reality on the Earth plane is here and a new beginning is occurring. You will feel this as you focus higher and direct your thoughts into a new dimension that is now accessible to all.

Focusing higher simply means becoming aware that every encounter, every thought and every interaction has a higher-light component that can be focused on to avoid being drawn into a lower frequency of engagement in the third-dimensional, yin-yang reality. In this way, you elevate your awareness of light and focus higher in love.

So, when you feel yourself being drawn into the older, lower-vibrating way of being—for example, thinking or saying, “I’m right, and you’re wrong” or “this is good, and that’s bad”—understand that there is a choice you can make. The choice is to focus your awareness above duality and know that a balanced light of love opens a pathway to the next dimension.

Love yourself enough to move away from making someone wrong to make yourself right, and refocus your awareness higher and higher until you reach a level leading to pure love consciousness. You will feel this level of consciousness in your heart. Once you have been there, you will remember how it feels. As you practice this each day, you’ll be able to go there more easily. And what better day than today to put this into practice?

Let’s take your questions now.

2017 Orchids KarinnaNielsen 300Q: During family gatherings throughout the year, I’m challenged to have harmonious conversations with my family and friends. How can I create a more balanced experience for myself and everyone on these occasions?

The balance comes when you focus on the Omni Conscious Light of everyone. Focus higher for each person you know. Go beyond seeing them as human beings, possibly struggling in the yin-yang of the third dimension, and see each one as a higher-light being of love, each in their own way, evolving into the next dimensional light. This would help you to find the most loving perspective you can for each person, and it avoids locking them into a lower-dimensional focus of anger and confusion.

You can prepare for this in your meditations. As you meditate, in your mind’s eye, see each one in your circle of family and friends. Focus love toward each person, and see the higher light awareness of who they truly are. Focus your love to their higher selves, and know that it is possible to entrain or to draw others into a higher dimensional focus with you.

From a broader perspective, you are also actually assisting in consciously creating a new reality on Earth. When you, from your heart, can find a higher light focus in every encounter, you help to evolve the existing collective reality on Earth, because the evolutionary process moves all toward a higher-vibrating, collective consciousness of love.

In this way, you are evolving your understanding of what all the great masters were aware of: Love is the essence of all life and the key to evolution. Love will be the prevailing focus on this planet very soon, and you can help the transition into this new dimension of consciousness by giving yourself and others the benefit of your love.

Q: There are a lot of challenges now for the lightworkers. Sometimes, I feel a little anxious about what’s ahead as we move through 2019 with the Earth changes and geo-political chaos that’s out there. What can I do personally to help with all of this?

LoveIsThePath KarinnaNielsen

This year of 2019, is a “3” year in the Lemurian Numerology, and the number 3 represents, the Trinity of Truth, Trust and Passion. This is the year to focus on finding a balance of your truth, trusting that truth and bringing your passion to all that you do. For when this trinity is in balance within you, you’ll feel the love that is always found in the center of a balanced trinity light.

In feeling the Truth, trust and Passion of who you are, you will feel embraced in love for being you. Just being who you are in the now. Focus higher in the light of who you are. Yes, you can speak or send light to the higher part of another or to the space of concern on the Earth plane, yet it is you who must focus higher—focus into the higher light of who you are. When you do, you will find peace, love and a higher level of consciousness.

After your next meditation, I encourage you to create new mastermind statements—or some call them vision statements—for your life going forward. As you create those statements, remember my suggestion to focus higher. This will assist you in bringing in new ways of thinking and letting old thoughts fade away. Open your heart to new ways of perceiving life as it unfolds.

Try not to worry about how these new visions will unfold and just trust that the way will open. Unexpected things may happen, yet you’ll know that you are on the right track when you are focused in your heart. In this way, love becomes the very path, the very light journey that you are on. Focus on what you would like to create in your life, and you’ll see your vision unfold before you.

Please allow me to say in conclusion that as you focus higher—especially in your meditations—you are raising your awareness of a collective consciousness of love. Soon more and more lightworkers will become aware of the new dimensional focus available to all on Earth—a higher awareness of love that can be directed through your heart.

In humble Goddess Light, I am



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© Karinna Nielsen

Karinna Nielsen is a certified Signature Cell Healing Practitioner-Trainer, channel and purveyor of ancient Lemurian wisdom. She is the lead facilitator for the new Signature Cell Healing® International workshops, a Lemurian healing modality, and a regular contributor to the Sedona Journal of Emergence. She is passionate about guiding others to explore healing through the wisdom and practices of the ancient Lemurians. 

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Photo mahalo: Alison Hayashi