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Master Goddess Marillia through Karinna Nielsen

Karinna: The other day, just prior to going into my morning meditation, I had been reading about how the ancient Greeks thought about time. Then as I began the meditation, moving my awareness out of my day-to-day, third-dimensional world and into the higher energies of love, I felt a new experience of time and space. In that moment, there was a shift, and I realized that I was there: I was in the fourth dimension.


Meditation: Accessing Kairos

According to, the ancient Greeks used two words to express the concept of time: chronos “refers to a chronological, sequential or quantitative expression of time, while kairos signifies a qualitative expression of time and a proper or opportune time for action.” [Photo:]

I’ll admit it: meditation is an important part of my life, and I make time for it every day at least twice—once in the morning, again in the evening and at mid-day, if possible. My focus is usually on moving my awareness through a sacred space and into a higher vibration of light focus. This brings me back into balance and opens a space to connect with guidance and higher aspects of who I am. 

In this particular meditation, in no time at all (pardon the pun), I realized that my awareness had shifted into the Earth’s incoming fourth dimensional reality. I was there. I could sense the people and the environment and at the same time, I could understand on a deeper level the perfection of my third-dimensional life journey. It seemed I had found a space of balanced love where everything felt perfect.

I wondered if this space I had come to had anything to do with moving from a chronos perception of time into a kairos experience of time. It seemed in that space, there was no striving or struggling for something to be; it was all right there in a higher vibration of balanced love in my heart. As I was contemplating all this, my new guide Marillia, came through with great love and Goddess wisdom.

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Marillia: When you consider these ancient concepts of time, you’ll find that a greater focus on kairos, or the quality of time, will get you further than chronos, because the linear, quantitative concept of time is an illusion of the shifting third-dimensional reality on Earth. This aspect of shifting time experience is occurring for you and many others now, because the vibration of planet Earth is ready and so are you.


Weaving into your experience of the passage of linear time on Earth now is this greater awareness of kairos. Think of a rose that is beautifully blooming. There is an opportune time to gaze at its beauty, yet in chronos, its bloom will only last a certain amount of linear time. What if you could revisit that blooming rose in meditation whenever you chose to and delve into the beauty of the experience? In this way, something that takes a certain amount of time as you know it in the third-dimension, can be experienced at will when your heart awareness moves to the love that transcends all time. I like to call it “loving-time”.

It is a most wonderous time to look at your experience on Earth—not so much in terms of linear time, but as layers of unique opportunities and special moments that move you through your life blueprint for being incarnate on Earth in your Great Shift in Consciousness.

In truth, the kairos experience of time is a layered prospect, and you will have greater opportunities to feel this as you move into the coming year of 2019. This is a magical time in your world when you can play between the realities, manifest your heartfelt desires through creating loving intentions and seeing the perfection of all light. As you raise your conscious awareness of love, you will actually feel new levels of light manifesting on this plane.

My purpose in bringing this forth for you now is to deepen your understanding that the evolutionary opportunities that you have in your world will not be understood in chronos, you must go to kairos to feel the portals opening and recognize the opportunities. Dwelling in the past or lamenting previous hurts and pains will not assist you in your evolution and that of Mother Earth. You must move to a new level of focus and awareness.

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What can you share with us about the energies of the year 2019 and how we can access these new levels of love?

For many of you, this coming year will feel quite different than 2018, which in the Lemurian numerology, has been a “2” year of balancing the yin-yang energies. A “3” year, such as 2019, creates its own balance beyond the yin-yang in a trinity formation of Truth, Trust and Passion. This in itself creates portals of opportunities in the center of the trinity. [Truth, Trust and Passion are the first three principles of the Ten Principles of Consciously Creating] Know the perfection of your journey and allow these portals into the higher dimensional focus of love to open for you. 

In this new year, there will be many opportunities for you to be centered in love–or not. Meditate, breathe, go into the center of the trinity and come to a higher balance of love in your heart. To everyone reading these words: look at your own Truth, Trust and Passion and find the ways to rebalance or to strengthen each part of that trinity.

Love is the most powerful force you have in your world, and it’s right there in your heart. Breathe deeply and feel it. People are looking for a magical pill or a special technique, yet when you understand that it is all about love, the extras will fall away. This is why you hear that “it is all about love,” because it truly is.

My guidance to all in this coming year is to nurture yourselves through meditation and to continually project your love into this new dimensional awareness. Nothing will be as it was. The third dimension is in its final stages and the more you can connect into higher parts of who you are the smoother the transition into the new levels of light will be. In 2019, you will see many trying to hold onto a dimensional focus that no longer exists.

Your perspectives on the histories of your world are shifting, and you will find that your histories are just that—his-stories: made-up stories from the perspective of the dominant forces of societies. As you continue to elevate your awareness of love, you’ll feel the perfection of all that has been in your histories over the past 6,000 years or so and know that the light is shifting into a dimension of higher love.


This is all that it takes, my love, a shift in your conscious awareness, and you do that through self-love and honoring where you are in the now. How much can you learn from where you are right now? Volumes, if you are willing to look at it through the eyes of love.


Many of us are challenged at this time to complete our third-dimensional life lessons of self-love, relationships and financial challenges, for example. How can we move through these times smoothly and in love?

Consider with me now the opportunity (kairos) of each soul coming into a third-dimensional world to experience a human life. In receiving this opportunity—especially at a time of a great shift in consciousness—it is considered an honor bestowed by the Creator Force of All Light and the particle light doing the life journey.

We in the Goddess Light, honor you highly, and though it may often feel challenging, as you say, by raising your frequency of love through meditation, breathing and going into your heart for answers, you will raise your level of understanding and see the perfection of your experience.

With this higher perspective of love—starting with self-love—you can better understand the way to and into the next dimensional focus. This is can be thought of as a movement from chronos into kairos, transcending linear time and space and finding the opportunities to be in love. Love is the key; love is the way to experience the perfection of what is and what will be.

Do not give up! Continue your movement forward in love and hold a vision for your future world. See yourselves and Mother Earth in-lightened in love and know that your heart and your deepest knowing hold the answers.

This is my humble message to you,



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©2018 Karinna Nielsen


Karinna Nielsen is a certified Signature Cell Healing Practitioner-Trainer, channel and purveyor of ancient Lemurian wisdom. She is the lead facilitator for the new Signature Cell Healing® International workshops, a Lemurian healing modality, and a regular contributor to the Sedona Journal of Emergence. She is passionate about guiding others to explore healing through the wisdom and practices of the ancient Lemurians. 

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