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Mother Ulura through Karinna Nielsen

As Mother Earth continues her shifting process, I encourage you to create spaces in your life on all four bodies—physical, emotional, mental and spiritual—to nurture peace, balance and harmony within yourself.

For example, create a dedicated physical space for meditation in your home, an emotional space within your heart that you carry with you everywhere; a space in your mind where you can nurture peaceful thoughts, and a spiritual space in the etheric light where you can meet with your guidance and spiritual energies. 

The old ways of life on Earth are struggling to hold on. Whenever the driving factor in an endeavor is ego-driven and not in love, it will falter, and you will need to shift into love. The love I am speaking of is the unconditional love found within your heart.

It is love that is not commonly felt on Earth. It is a love which comes forth in shifting times such as these—a balanced force of love going beyond the yin-yang experience of the third dimension. This is the primal force of Creation. The love that harbors you and nurtures your experience into the next dimension.

During these times, you may be feeling what I call the “newness of now,” and this may manifest itself into how you feel when doing things through love in new ways. To many it may seem like a “wobbly situation” as you move from what is to what will be in this global transformation. You are creating uniquely new experiences of love incarnate, and in order to fully experience and consciously participate in this great shift, you must reorient and refocus yourself to love on a daily basis.

I will take your questions now.

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Q: Sometimes I get frustrated because things in my life are just not going smoothly. Everything seems to be such a struggle, and I guess I’m also not wanting to change. Something tells me that it’s about the shifting times that we’re in now. What is your guidance on this?

Yes, indeed, you may feel frustrated at times, yet you have not come here to do what you’ve already done in previous lifetimes. You are engaged in the possibilities of experiencing life in new ways with the assistance of your higher self and other guidance lights.

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It is truly heart-wrenching to see your frustration from our side of the veil, my love, though, in truth, there is always guidance there for you. You must simply get quiet, refocus, listen and be willing to receive. Give up the feeling of being a victim and saying “woe is me.” Recognize that you are being shown ways to do things differently, and that every life experience gives you an opportunity to evolve.

My suggestion is that you use your meditation time as an opportunity to receive guidance—especially when you have that “up against the wall”, “nowhere to turn”, “I’m in it all alone here” feeling. Now, to this point, you all come with an entourage of guidance—angels, guides, Elven, Goddess Lights, and so on. That said, it is often the case that many of you do not fully engage the possibilities of with receiving help from your guidance.

Your higher self is in love with you and fully willing to work with you in your process of awakening, but you must also be willing to go into your heart and listen to the answers to your impassioned pleas. This I will tell you, you are never alone, so be willing to try new ways of doing things. Choose to let love lead your heart in all that you do.

Change is often not easy, yet when you resist the obvious, your life becomes difficult and you wonder why. It is because the path you have chosen is not working. Keep your goals in mind and try a new way. How you will get there may be different than you expected, yet that doesn’t mean that you won’t succeed—and perhaps the results will be grander than you had dared to dream.

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Take heart, my love, for your perspective on the times you are living through would change if you could see them from the realm of the etheric light. Mother Earth and all of you upon her are well on your way into this great shift in consciousness. Love will prevail.

I encourage you to seek out your own truth and not something handed to you by others who might want to draw you into sadness and fear. Embrace happiness and focus on the love all around you. Look at the children and the joy they express about the simplest of things. Find your love and fill yourself with joy. Share this with others and you’ll feel the great shift within you.

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Q: I read an article recently about how we should be kinder to ourselves. I realize how punishing I can be to myself, and I often berate myself about making mistakes. What are ways that we can be kinder to ourselves? 

A beautiful way to look at this is if you already knew everything about life on Earth, why would you even be here? How could you keep learning and growing in your evolutionary process if you didn’t make what you consider to be mistakes in your life?   

In fact, your spiritual guidance expects you to make “mistakes.” If you don’t try and fail occasionally, how will you learn new things? Aging your soul is the goal, and the idea is to be curious and continue learning in order to expand and evolve your light.

Now when you realize this and truly grasp it, you will have an awakening and an expansion beyond the limits of your ego-self—the limited part of who you are. Though it may feel safe to remain in the status quo, you are more expansive and capable of so much more than your ego-self allows you to see. I encourage you to meditate and go beyond any third-dimensional limits that you perceive to be there.

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Be kind to yourself, and remember that it’s not about getting it right; it’s about trying new things, having new thoughts, exploring and expanding your love for self. For each of you was chosen to be here at the time of this great shift. Uncountable numbers of souls wanted your place, yet you got the ticket, so to speak, the ticket to be here to expand your light and to experience for the Light of Creation.

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Q: So, how can I not get so nervous about making mistakes and remember to congratulate myself and learn from my mistakes?

Pay attention and see what happens when you make one of these so-called mistakes. Who notices? Who remembers? Probably no one else is as hard on you as you are. How can you become your own best friend? Your best friend wouldn’t say, “Yeah, that was horrible. Pack it in; give up.” Instead, imagine the most encouraging words a friend would say to you and give yourself a pep talk.

Here is what I would also like to say to you, and you may have heard this before: No one else lives inside your head. The thoughts that you think are yours alone. How can you draw from the highest part of who you are to create a world inside your heart and mind that is nurturing and loving, expansive and encouraging?

I would suggest that the answer is found in meditation. Create a beautiful world in your meditations that is yours alone and know that you can go there anytime you need to. Remember this nurturing space even when you are going about your daily tasks. Simply have a thought about that space and feel the love you create there for yourself. Be your own best friend; love yourself unconditionally. You would expect this of others. Why not from yourself?

Loving yourself takes practice, my love, and you get to practice every day. It becomes easier as you love yourself more and more, because from those of us in the guidance realm, our love for you never wanes. Let our love for you be the path on which you walk and the loving light of your journey.

In humble love always,
Mother Ulura


©Karinna Nielsen

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Karinna Nielsen is a certified Signature Cell Healing Practitioner, channel and purveyor of ancient Lemurian wisdom. She is also the lead facilitator for the new Signature Cell Healing® International workshops, a Lemurian healing modality, and a regular contributor to the Sedona Journal of Emergence. She is passionate about guiding others to explore healing through the wisdom and practices of the ancient Lemurians. 

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