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Mother Ulura through Karinna Nielsen

In the loving light of all life, it is no secret that on this planet you are in a time of great change and evolutionary motion. Many have spoken about this aspect of what is happening, this Great Shift, yet do you also understand the essential role that love plays in the process? The love that I’m speaking of is the love that will move you into and through the greater parts of your own individual, personal great shift. And what occurs for you personally is affecting the whole of humanity, for there truly is no separation.  
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Now, you may not feel the effect of your own journey on the collective light of humanity, yet it is there. And though it is not always obvious, you are channeling light from your higher selves into an energetic weave that holds the love of all humans. What one of you does affects the whole of this humanic wave as well as all the other weaves of Earth—the plant weave, the animal weave, the mineral weave, and so on.

This new dimensional energy is a force of evolution that cannot be stopped. Feel the love of your higher selves guiding you and focus in on the guidance. You have waited for lifetimes for just this time. The higher selves of everyone on this planet are aware of this and unified in playing their respective parts in this great shift. The movement is forward, ever forward into a new world and a new awareness of love.

And now to your questions.

Q: Every day I find myself challenged to remember to speak and to be in love. How can I bring more love into all that I do?

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My light, I will tell you this: Lead with your Goddess Light. In a day-to-day human world, what does that mean? It means, humbly, that you will not express—even to yourself—a thought or a word that isn’t coming from your heart in love. This is not a mental process; it is an emotional process in which you feel the words or the thoughts in your heart before writing or speaking, and they vibrate with your love every time.

Now, you might say, “Well, that sounds like a long process.” Not really. Because you will engage your higher self every day in meditation and say, “Let me be fully in love this day. Let my thoughts, words and actions be loving and companionate for myself, everyone and everything.”

Then, as you go through your day, let your thoughts be loving and positive toward yourself and others. You must become your best friend. Love yourself and feel in your heart the knowing, the wisdom of this Goddess Light within you. Change is seeking to move in the world now and in your lives as individuals. Allow love to guide you through your evolutionary process and move into this new dimension here and now.

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Q: I feel really confounded by things I read and things I hear people say, and I wonder, is it the truth? Is someone just making this up? How can we discern that something is truth?

In this time of ascension and evolutionary growth, you may have noticed that the old ways of doing things are struggling to hold on, because you are in a completion phase of the third-dimension on Earth. However, a new beginning with new ways of seeing life, new ways of interacting with each other and new ways of feeling the Creator’s Love within you are here for you now.

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Many have this sense of searching for truth in the world. Is what you hear fake or is it real? I will say to you that the truth is always found within you, not outside of you. Can you feel truth, the love within you? That is where it is, this deep knowing of what truth is. The truth is found in your heart in a feeling of deep love and tranquility. This is the truth you can trust. You will feel the passion, and you will know.

My love, try not to allow the linear, yin-yang thinking of a third-dimensional reality to lock you into an old way of perceiving things. It is time to expand your awareness on all four bodies—physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Remember to bring joy, love and laughter into your life. Look at the children and remember your own child-self that still lives within you and look at your world through the eyes of love.

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Q: I am trying to create change in my life and move beyond family relationship issues that seem to just hold me back again and again. How can I just move on?

My love, focus your heart now on what you would like to create in your life. Be there for your family and your friends, yet be bold now in your focus. Much of the pain and suffering in your world is simply a resistance to change, when change—or evolution—is the very thing that you have come here to experience.

Most people are determined to keep things the way they are because they are afraid of something new. The old ways seem more comfortable even when they are not working. I’m suggesting that you take a good look at letting go and embracing change in your own life.

So how does one do this? Because it sounds simple when I say, “Let go and embrace change.” And if it is not happening, then it is not a simple thing for you to do.

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Change becomes easier when you love yourself and the life you have now in order to create a vision and place an intention there for your future. Love is the key to embracing change, to loving yourself and knowing that you are ready to let go of relationship issues for a new dimensional focus to enter into your awareness.

In your meditations, activate the love of your Goddess Light—and you all have it within you, male or female. Try this with me now.

Sit quietly and breathe deeply. Place your hands on your heart chakra, and feel the love within your heart. With your intention, breathe in golden particles of love through your crown chakra down into your heart chakra. Exhale these particles through your hands into your heart. Do this at least 5 times for Love. [Five is the number for Love in Lemurian Numerology.]

When you are ready, say to yourself, “I choose to awaken my Goddess Light.” As you continue breathing, feel your Goddess Light awakening, activating and giving you the courage to see things in your life differently—through the eyes of love. Consider for a moment your life and how you would like it to be. Create an intention and a vision of the dreams that you have for happiness and feel them deeply in your heart. Let this Goddess Love within you activate this abundant and joyful vision for your life.

Return now from your meditation.

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Q: I have just turned 60, and Karinna has told me that “6” in Lemurian Numerology is the number for mastery and that I am now in a “year of mastery.” Actually, she also said that this whole decade of my sixties is devoted to mastery. Can you comment on this? It sounds like a lot of work!

Congratulations! Your mastery years are the time to truly master love on this dimension. Think about that each time you express or reach out to someone. Each time you interact, you have the opportunity to do it in your love and in mastery. When you do this, that person will remember the love they felt from you. That’s mastery.

I would also like to say that each of you are incarnate masters returning to perfect your evolutionary journeys and age your souls. Breathe into your heart and feel this mastery and your plan for expressing your light of mastery.

Mastery is not just about speaking great wisdom or some “well-put-together” words; it is a love you activate within you that others can feel. Activate and shine this light of mastery within you. Love yourself and others will feel it too, because you will be attuned to sharing only love.

And in this love you will remember your I AM presence, and there I AM with you in humble love,

Mother Ulura



© Karinna Nielsen

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