As seen in the Sedona Journal of Emergence

Mother Ulura through Karinna Nielsen

Allow me to make a statement first on what is happening in your world, for many are asking, “why is there so much chaos? Why can we not come to a loving consensus on things?”  The world as you know it today, is a product thousands of years of existing in a certain way—in a patriarchal, yin/yang reality. After this Great Shift in Consciousness that is occurring in the now, nothing will be as it was before. Third-dimensional journeys and lesson plans must be completed here and now. Your higher selves know this and have placed each of you exactly where you need to be in order to do what you came here to do.

Now, you might say, “But I don’t like where I am or who I am with.” In that case, what I would like to tell you is to look at your life in the now and feel the love for yourself and for all those around you. Just take a moment to recognize where you are now, then open your heart to make the changes in your life that you’d like to see.

And while you are doing that, take a moment to also send love to Mother Earth and all her weaves of life—the plant weave, the animal weave, the mineral weave, and the human weave. This love that you share will create a pathway forward, yet you must first understand where you are now. Then take a step forward in love.

My dear ones, this is the journey you have chosen: to be here now on Earth during this momentous time. Open your hearts to the guidance and the love surrounding all life on planet Earth at this time. Call forth the love of the Matriarchs, the energies of the great spirits, to assist you, and you’ll never feel alone.

Now, I will answer your questions.

GreenOrchids KarinnaNielsen 300Q: You’ve often spoken about the Goddess Light and recently about the Matriarchal weave. What is their relationship?

Wonderful question, and, of course, they are both about a love that is not often felt in a third-dimensional world, meaning that of your Earth Plane. This love that I’m speaking of is a love without opposite, the Love of Creation, the love that is. On all evolutionary planets such as Earth, there comes a time to raise the frequency of the societies and to move into the next level of light. For all of you on Earth, this time has come. 

The Goddess Light is a love that is present within all of you—male or female—each of you has a particle of this love, for you are all part of the Creator’s Force of Light—and each of you can choose to activate and to awaken to this Goddess Light within. On this planet, you have had a yin/yang experience of the third dimension, yet now your bodies themselves are shifting and children are being born with this Goddess light already activated.

The Matriarchal Light is the evolutionary weave of energy that restructures the very way that you live your lives on Earth for evolution into the fourth light and beyond. It opens you to a new way of relating to one another so that you can see your love in each other. It nurtures a new experience of life on Earth, a new and powerful way for you to hold each other in love.

Q: As a male energy, I’m wondering how the men are going to have to “pay for” all that has happened on our planet and where will we be in this new matriarchal energy?Photo WikiHow 300

For eons of time, the female light of your planet has had to take a back seat to the males in order for a third-dimensional, patriarchal world to be experienced. As you have heard, it is time to return to a matriarchal way of life as in previous times in your Earth’s history. This may be a long forgotten fact; however, there have been times when matriarchal societies have flourished on your planet, for example, in Lemurian times.

This does not mean that the male energy will be down-trodden or need to somehow “pay for" the centuries of patriarchal rule. Everything unfolds in perfection. How you feel about that perfection will depend upon your perception of this evolutionary change. Raise your frequency of love and see which thoughts or fears you might need to let go of to allow for the healing to begin.

The matriarchal light nurtures all. So if you have been used to being “top dog” and ordering people around, it may not sit well with you to be more aware of the feelings of others and to be more empathetic and balanced, yet this will be a society balanced in love.

My love, for too long many of you—male as well as female—have allowed your emotions to be put in a box, so to speak, when this is the very one of the four bodies—physical, emotional, mental and spiritual—that has the love that you need to create a better world. Allow your Goddess Light to awaken and welcome the weave of the Matriarchal light that elevates your world into the next dimension.

Q: You mentioned healing in answering the previous question, so I’m wondering what sort of things are being healed in the movement from patriarchy to matriarchy?4thChakraHealingAltar KarinnaNielsen 300

There are many things you might expect that are being healed. Of course, there is the re-balancing of the Light of Creator within all, meaning equality of male and female energies. There is also healing of the male energy which has had to play the dominant role for so long. They must release that role in order to feel the matriarchal weave re-balance the aspect of one energy being dominant over another. This is a time of cooperation honoring all participants in a society or an endeavor.

The focus shifts for the female energies to feel themselves released from thoughts or memories of being used and abused. This healing will be felt by all evolving lights. You are also healing the notion that you have somehow failed over the past years of your evolutionary process. This third-dimensional focus of life has been for all of you in the Light of Creation and now it is time to move to a higher level of experience. You will do this with a spiritual focus and in balance with your higher selves in a way that promotes healing for all.

Love is the key to your evolution. This is the time. Now is the opportunity to feel a higher frequency of love incarnate that is not commonly felt in third-dimensional worlds. Love moves you forward now. This is what you are feeling in your meditations. It is indeed a very special time.

Q: I often feel so uplifted by the children of today and their passion for change in our world. What can you tell us about the children now? 

It is no secret that you are midst in a Great Shift in Consciousness. The children being born today are different from those born on your planet since the time of Lemuria. These children come well-prepared for what is to unfold on your planet, and they come focused in love.

It is in the DNA of these children to sense this shift. (In fact, the knowing of the shift is in the DNA of everyone on Earth, and as you walk through your life blueprint, you’ll have a knowing of this and your role in the Great Shift.) 

This is why the students –many of them—react so strongly and feel compelled to do something. They are 

SunriseCelebration 300

demanding the truth, and they know that love is the way. They ask, “Why?” and say that changes need to be made, but let me share something with you: it is their children who will say, “Here’s how.” And together, working with the Matriarchal light, they will show you the way.

My love, this is the key to your Great Shift. It is a collective force of love that says #enough, #marchforourlives, or #whatever! It is the Goddess Light within everyone that sparks a desire to awaken to this collective feeling of love. Love is the force of evolution on an evolving planet, which is what you have here. “Love can move mountains,” it is said. That is the truth, and it also moves hearts and minds.


In closing, let me say that the next dimension is available to you. It can be felt as an elevation in the frequency of love on your planet. My guidance is to focus on your heart. Feel your vibration rising as you continue your spiritual practices of meditation, prayer and nurturing yourself on all four bodes—physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Practice kindness, compassion and being in a space of love for all. Hold everyone on planet Earth in love, as each one has a purpose here. Send light to Mother Earth, for she feels the shifting as well.

And so it is. Humbly in Love,

Mother Ulura


© Karinna Nielsen

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Karinna Nielsen is a spiritual healer, channel and purveyor of ancient Lemurian wisdom. She is the lead facilitator for the new Signature Cell Healing® International workshops, a Lemurian healing modality, and a regular contributor to the Sedona Journal of Emergence. She is passionate about guiding others to explore healing through the wisdom and practices of the ancient Lemurians. 

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