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Elliahn through Karinna Nielsen

I’ve got a friend who is in immense physical pain. She has had a bad back since a car accident several years ago, has tried various holistic and medical practitioners, including her physician, who suggested surgery. So far, she hasn’t taken a lot of heavy pain medication for prolonged periods out of fear of taking too much. She is unsure of what to do, so she simply endures the pain. [Photo: Mei Ying Ng -]

There is another sort of pain she is also enduring. She has a daughter and a grandson whom she hasn’t seen in years. Like many of us and all our “stuff back there,” the situation in our relationships is just too painful to deal with. What if there were a way to relieve our physical pain by bringing a loving balance into all aspects of who we are—physical, emotional, mental and spiritual?


Balancing in November

Balance TheGiftOfBeingPresent 300The month of November, the eleventh month, is always an interesting one for me. The number 11 comes down to a 2, the number for balance in the Lemurian numerology. So this month, there is a focus on the yin/yang that we all live with in the third-dimensional world: pain or no pain, love or no love, good or not good. So, what does moving into balance really mean? [Photo: Karinna Nielsen]

What's the Message?

I was listening to someone speaking recently, who said that he had been struggling with what to do when his refrigerator broke down. He recounted all the fears that came up like, how can we save all the food? Can we really afford a new fridge? Finally, he decided to just ignore all the fears and borrow a small fridge from a friend.

As I was listening, I thought, what if the fears we are ignoring are there to get our attention? Just like with my friend’s back pain, if we ignore the pain, we miss the message of what we need to address in order to move out of fear and into balance. I wondered how the guidance realm sees this process, so I asked my Elven guide, Elliahn for her insights.

Moving Toward a Higher Awareness of Love

Elliahn: What you’re going to see are some very significant changes in your human reality, and balance is the key to getting through these changes. All is unfolding for humanity to feel the call of higher vibrations of a new dimension that is coming to your world in the now.

As with all great shifts in consciousness, these changes are heralded by the Goddess Light—the balanced Love of Creation which brings forth a Great Shift in Consciousness on evolutionary planets and which awakens the souls of that planet to know that it is time for an evolutionary shift.

LightworkersUniting300 JohnHook

The higher selves of everyone on Mother Earth are aware and participating in this movement towards a higher awareness of the Love of Creation. Through meditation or simply by being quiet and in a space of love, you will have access to all-important wisdom coming through from your higher self now. The path forward for each of you is being brightly lit by the realms of guidance, including your higher selves. You need only be still, look with your inner sight and choose to see. [Photo: John Hook -]

Awakening to Wholeness

Be aware that love opens a portal for you to move out of fear and into a balanced life. As you activate and awaken to wholeness on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of who you are, there is a magical balance that occurs. Your vibration is elevated, love permeates your awareness, and you have access to worlds beyond this one at will.

Listen to me now, for it is becoming more and more important that each of you recognizes the love that you are. Those of you who desire to move forth now into the new energies, will feel compelled to find a better way through your daily difficulties, physical discomfort and blocks to your evolution. Focus intently on the love in your hearts and activate a knowing that your journey has all been perfect. Love yourself humbly and everyone else too. It is time to move into the balance of love that heals all.

Loving the Self; Evolving the Soul

FocusOnLove 300Whatever life path you may be engaged in now—whether it be raising a family, or whatever your livelihood—let your focus be on the healing power of love. Focus your healing on loving yourself on all four bodies—physical, emotional, mental and spiritual—as this is the essence of your journey of human. You have come here to walk through the processes of healing that assists you in evolving your soul. It’s love that heals a bad back, the fear of lack, or the ills of the world.

So, be aware of the healing potential of every moment, every relationship, and every endeavor of your daily life. Love heals all.

In Love with you, I am



© Karinna Nielsen

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