As seen in the Sedona Journal of Emergence

Mother Ulura through Karinna Nielsen

For the past few years, I have been humbly honored to channel messages of love from Mother Ulura. She recently offered insights about her origins and her purpose for coming through a channel to address the human world at this time of the great shift in consciousness.

Would you please clarify for us where your energy emanates from?

I come to you from a dimensional weave known as the eighth light. This is the source of the Goddess Light weave that works with evolutionary societies. My light is of the Guardian Goddess realm and it weaves between the Creator Force and developing societies on evolutionary planets.


Now, in Lemurian Numerology, the number 8 is considered a channeling energy that moves up and down in balance. Just look at the number 8, and you will see what I mean. The energy flows from a balanced space in the center of the 8, around the top, back through the center, around the bottom and back to the center into balance again.

The Guardian Goddess Light balances everything in Love and holds that balance so a dimensional shift may occur. Within this Goddess Light, my energy is a constant focus of Love, and there is a movement of my love between dimensional focuses to allow evolutionary societies to shift from one dimension to the next.

TheNumber8 300Now, love is a word that means many things in the languages of Earth, but let’s just take English as an example. You might say, “I love you “to someone, or you might say, “I love strawberries.” You might even say, “I love that sunrise.” Love is used to express feelings for many things in your third-dimensional world and often seen as the opposite of something you don’t love.

The love I am speaking about here is the balanced love of the Goddess Light. It has no opposite. It goes beyond the duality that you are familiar with in your world, such as love/hate, right/wrong. It is love in balance. It is the loving force of the Creator in evolutionary motion, or e-motion.

So that you have an understanding of this flow of energy, let us do a brief meditation. Close your eyes for a moment and take a deep prana breath. In your mind’s eye, see the number 8. Now, place yourself in the center and feel yourself surrounded in balanced love. Light up your heart in this love and feel a flow of energy going up into the new dimensional energies, and back down into your heart. Then send it from your heart into Mother Earth and feel her love come up into your heart. There you are, balanced in the center, a bridge between the dimensions. This gives you a feeling of the flow of the eighth dimension al energies and the balanced love of the Goddess Light.


The Presence of the Goddess Light Here and Now

Why have you chosen this particular time to speak to the human world?LightworkersUniting300 JohnHook

The frequency of Mother Earth and the collective vibration of humanity are at a stage now that we recognize from previous shifting times, such as in ancient Lemuria. This rising vibration is approaching what is known as critical mass—the collective frequency of love that it takes to move your world into a higher dimensional awareness, or a great shift in consciousness. An evolutionary movement such as this is always preceded by an awakening of the Goddess Light in the hearts of the people. This is why I have come now.

Of course, I am not the first of the guardians to speak to your planet through mediums who have brought your world guidance for this journey. Yet now, you come to a critical juncture in your evolutionary process when you will feel the “pull” to one dimensional light focus or the other. In a sense, you may choose to engage this higher frequency of love and let go more and more of the third- dimensional world. For many this involves something like living between two worlds: the yin/yang of the third-dimension and a more spiritual, balanced and positive evolutionary focus.

It is truly you, the incarnate Goddess lights of Earth that have called me here. For many years, my channel, Karinna, has delved into the journey of awakening and activating her Lemurian Goddess Light—as have many other lightworkers on this planet. The awakening Goddess light within all of you—male or female—has called my light to you in support of the evolution of this planet. As you have felt the rising frequency of love in your hearts and a greater feeling of compassion for each other, I have felt your call. In your desire to be present in the moment and to embrace this love surrounding you that feels almost other worldly, I am with you in love.


Connecting with the Goddess Weave

How can I nurture the awakening of my Goddess Light and personally support this great shift of Mother Earth?

LoveFuelsFlowOfEvolution 300

Your shift out of the third dimension into fourth and fifth light awareness is not the easiest of shifts, yet you and Mother Earth are surrounded by guidance support from all realms—angels, guides, guardians and galactic energies. That said, it is you, the people of Earth–the lightworkers, the incarnate Goddess lights—who must make this shift happen. It is you who must light up your hearts and connect into the oneness of the weave of who you are collectively as humanity.

I suggest that in your next meditation, you go into your heart and connect into this weave, and you will know that the Goddess light is present for you now. Should you require guidance and encouragement or just to feel love, call into the weave of Goddess light, make your desires known, and feel yourself surrounded in love.

You are honored on all levels of light for your service to humanity and the Creator. In lighting up your hearts and holding Mother Earth in love, you bring forth collectively the higher frequency that it takes to make this Great Shift happen.

In the humble love of the Goddess Light, I am
Mother Ulura



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© Karinna Nielsen

Karinna Nielsen is a spiritual channel, purveyor of ancient Lemurian wisdom, and the new lead facilitator for Signature Cell Healing® ® International. She is passionate about guiding others to explore their own unique talents and gifts through the exploration of the wisdom and practices of the ancient Lemurians. 

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