As seen in the Sedona Journal of Emergence

Mother Ulura through Karinna Nielsen

What we achieve inwardly will change outer reality. ~ Plutarch ~

Mother Ulura: My dear ones, humbly, I say to you that the time has come for the people of Earth to recognize a new level of love that is available. There is a sweeping movement of this energy as it descends upon your planet, taking you beyond the yin-yang duality of your third dimensional world.  At the same time, there is an awakening to a voice within your hearts that says, “We cannot continue as we have been. The alternative to this great shift is just too terrible to imagine. We must return to love.”

You may not see this higher awareness of love portrayed on your evening news or wherever you receive outside information, but you will recognize it in various ways as it begins to integrate into your world. It may appear in your life as feelings of compassion, self-worth, honesty, trusting your heart, embracing the truth, and the desire to live in a world that honors every being as a part of the Creator’s Light.

You may feel it as a knowing in your heart of how you would like your world to be, and a focus on the evolution of love in your life. When you let your conscious, third-dimensional mind go, you allow your heart to open new ideas and beliefs. Listen to your heart and not what “everyone is saying.”

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Talk to others, one heart to another. Would love not serve to elevate the dialogue? Understand that you all have desires and aspirations for your families, your communities, and your world. Perhaps you will recognize a bit of yourself in the hearts of the others around you. Follow love and not fear as this incoming energy ignites a critical mass of elevated consciousness on your planet. [Photo: Vincent Guth,]


The Awakening of the Goddess Light

So, what is this love of which I speak? It is an unconditional love that permeates everything. It is the full balance of who you are on all four bodies—physical, emotional mental and spiritual—and the feeling of your deepest knowing. It is trusting your truth to bring forth a higher light essence of who you are. It is the balance of your third-dimensional mind that searches for a right/wrong balance. Go beyond all duality, and you begin to understand this higher level of love, which I call the Goddess Light.

This Goddess Light is awakening in the hearts of the lightworkers on your planet, and this love will permeate your ways of life in all societies. It will be the guiding focus for creating a new world reality that exists in the fullness of compassion, understanding and grace. That would certainly mean a great shift for your world and the ascension humanity and Mother Earth. It also means that you are going to feel differently about how things are and desire changes. There will be an elevated vibration prevailing that will facilitate change, and you are going to make more loving choices. 


The Fear that We Are Not Complete

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This great shift is an elevation of your conscious awareness of the incarnate light of spirit that you are. The highest levels of spiritual light are available to you now. Legions of angels, guides and weaves of the Goddess light are in service to you. Say a prayer, meditate, and feel your connection. Make your intention and desires clear, and they will do what they can to assist you. You have the means to access these levels when you quiet your mind, go into your heart, and feel your connection to All That Is.

Oftentimes, when the words “great shift” are said, there is a feeling of fear that arises and questions may go off in your mind. On one level, you may wonder, “Will I be safe? Will my family be all right? Will there be war and Earth changes?” On another level, your heart asks “Have I really completed all that I came here to do?” These are heart-felt questions that you may feel subconsciously, and they manifest as feeling fear or doubt.[Photo: Karinna Nielsen]

The Lemurians also asked themselves these questions. Just like you, they were honored by the Creator for the experiences they had and for the lives they had lived. This is why I encourage you to be in touch with your spiritual-self in meditation to honor yourself and to feel the love for your journey. As with the Lemurians, your life has been perfect because it has led you to where you are now. 


Tapping Into the Collective Consciousness

The Lemurians learned the power of meditation to forge a united consciousness for their collective ascension, and there are many in your world that are diligently raising their conscious awareness to feel their heart 2016 Orchids 300connection to others. This is what you are actually feeling when you go deeply into meditation. Your energy creates a frequency that connects to others through the heart—a very powerful part of who you are. Most of you think your brain is so powerful—yet it is actually your hearts that are strongest and readily connect in a beautiful collective weave of love.

What is the effect of the masses of you who are meditating, praying and focusing on the love in your hearts? It is creating a weave around the planet that welcomes and accesses a higher-vibrational, incoming weave of light that is your next level of love awareness. Go into meditation, sit quietly, close your eyes, breathe deeply, and connect into this powerful weave of light.[Photo: Karinna Nielsen]


The fourth dimension is not some far off journey; it is here for you now. Honor yourself for the part that you play in this great shift and raise your vibration of light. Elevate your frequency of love, and get ready for a new adventure in the next dimensional awareness. This is why you have come to be a part of the Great Shift in Consciousness. It’s a beautiful time, and I honor your journeys.

In the humble love of the Goddess Light,

Mother Ulura



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Karinna Nielsen is a spiritual channel and purveyor of ancient Lemurian wisdom. She is passionate about guiding others to explore their own unique talents and gifts through the exploration of the wisdom and practices of the ancient Lemurians. 

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