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Mother Ulura through Karinna Nielsen

Working on our own consciousness is the most important thing that we are doing at any moment, and being love is a supreme creative act. ~Ram Dass

It is time for a new awareness of love to be activated on your planet, and your partnership with spirit is what brings this light forth. There is an entourage of spirit guidance assisting you through the unfolding of your blueprint and your adventures on Earth. You are spirit incarnate on an evolutionary journey, and you are never alone. Though there may be times when you feel alone, I’d like you to know that there is a loving partnership between the human world and the realms of spirit—including the Goddess Light.

It is time for a greater awareness of this Goddess Light to come forth through you to balance this world. The Goddess Light is the unconditional Love of Creation within all—male or female. Each of you is a part of this weave of consciousness that shifts this world into the next dimension. As you become more fully aware of your Goddess Light, your focus will shift more and more to love. Photo:

Let go of the old ways that no longer serve you and embrace opportunities to activate new parts of your blueprint. Never lose heart, for you are held in love to compete the journey you came here to take and to be a part of the collective weave of love that makes miracles happen on Earth.


A Meditation to Activate Your Goddess Light

Spirit Love 250Take a moment now, and join me in a meditation into the Goddess Light of who you are. Close your eyes, breathe deeply, and become very quiet. Breathe in through your crown chakra and down into your heart chakra. Feel a space of love opening inside of you. Here in your heart space, there is a spark of the Goddess Light that holds you in perfect balance when you tune in and feel it.

In the darkness of your inner vision, find this light of love in your heart. You may see it glowing in the color of the Goddess weave that guides your journey. What color do you see? There are seven transitional colors of the Lemurian Goddess light for this particular great shift—violet, blue, green, purple, aqua, rose and onyx. Each has a special calling in the Goddess weave of light.

My dear ones, it is only your thoughts immersed in a third-dimensional experience that keep you from knowing your connection to this Goddess light within you. Are you unsure of your journey? Are you feeling confused about what is happening in the world? Open your heart, activate your Goddess light and feel it surrounding you now. Allow it to calm you and guide you to your next level of awareness.

Gently return from your meditation.

 Begin With Love

Q: It’s interesting that even though we say that we want change in our lives, we continue to do the same things and live the same way. What is your guidance on making changes so that we can live the life that we truly desire?

The starting point will be always be love. Are you willing to love yourself enough to make the changes? Are you willing to see yourself in a new way? Do you believe 

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that you are worthy of the new life changes that you seek?

The longing for better health, finances, and relationships may be there, yet it takes self-love to move beyond the old belief systems so that you can attain your desires. This is why I remind you of your Goddess Light—the love within you that is unconditional and the full balance of the Creator’s Light.

Once you activate this light within you, you’ll awaken the courage to love yourself unconditionally and emanate that out to those around you. It is a loving focus that changes your life because you love yourself enough to allow different outcomes to your life's journeys.


The choice is yours to see a new vision for yourself based in love and filled with your Goddess Light. Let it be the light that guides you in your meditations. See yourself in nurturing relationships, good physical health, and loving situations. Believe that you are worthy of this new life. You are the creator of your world. Let this also be so for a new dimension of love on Mother Earth. Hold her in love and visualize a healthy world, and it will be so. [Photo by Karinna Nielsen]


Lemuria's Great Shift

Q: Everything seems to be so chaotic lately with so much fear in the world, and it’s very upsetting. What helped the Lemurians make their great shift? How did they do it?

What many of you might be feeling is cellular memory from the closing times of Lemuria. This great ancient society that thrived on this Earth plane 40,000 -50,000 years ago also shifted from third- to fourth- and later to fifth-dimensional awareness. The shifting times—especially from the third to the fourth dimension—were not easy ones. Just as today, there was resistance and holding on to the old ways.

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What is the energy that shifted Lemuria? How did they know to let go of all they had known in order to shift into a new light? It is ever and always the Goddess Light that shifts the reality of an evolutionary planet such as Earth into the next level of experience. It is the love that awakens within the lightworkers during the time of a great shift. Will you choose to tune into and activate your Goddess Light? I pray that you do. I pray that you understand that love is the only way to save this planet and to move collectively into the new level of awareness.

What are the ways that you can let go of old patterns that no longer serve you and find peace, love, compassion, and balance? When you feel the fear of things going on around you, this is the time to focus inward to find the Goddess Light within you. It is the loving presence of divine creation within you that is a constant beacon of love and light.   [Photo by Tomas Jasovsky on Unsplash]

Where is Your Focus?

Q: I’ve been connecting with the energy of Mother Earth in meditation, and it feels as though she is ready to shift. I know that it takes a critical mass of a certain vibration to create a great shift, so how do we get there?

There are many dynamic and even dramatic events that take place during the actual shifting process of an evolutionary planet. Your world requires a completely different perspective—a new awareness of life and what it means to love one another. The old institutions and practices that you have are from a patriarchal era that simply no longer serves you or Mother Earth. As you move from the third to the fourth light, there is a collective evolutionary force of love that moves you into the new dimension and allows a new matriarchal era to begin.

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During these shifting times, be clear on your mind’s focus. Is it in love or in fear? Compassionate prayers of love create a space of balance. Feel your light, and send it into the weave of thought surrounding this world. (Much as you do in the Global Healing Meditation for Mother Earth each month.) Your prayers do more than you consciously realize to raise the frequency of love on this plane.

Those of you with young ones in your lives—children or new born babies—look deeply into their eyes. Connect and feel their love. Those being born now are bringing you the Goddess love awareness that you will need to shift this world. Treasure them, and listen carefully to them—not so much with your ears, but with your hearts. They are bringing great wisdom for your new world.


My dear ones, a new world awaits you. Take heart, and feel my words. Hold fast to your evolutionary healing practices such as prayer, meditation, prana breathing and yes, your ability to activate and to feel your Goddess light. This is the time to choose love as your path in life with the deep knowing within you that love is the way.

Humbly in the Goddess Light, I am Mother Ulura



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© Karinna Nielsen

Karinna Nielsen is a spiritual channel and purveyor of ancient Lemurian wisdom. She is passionate about guiding others to explore their own unique talents and gifts through the exploration of the wisdom and practices of the ancient Lemurians. 

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