Knowing what you want and getting it

As seen in the Sedona Journal of Emergence

Mother Ulura through Karinna Nielsen

If you don’t know where you are going, you might wind up someplace else.~Yogi Berra~

Karinna: “This is not what I ordered!” I’ve thought it before, maybe even said it out loud, but here was my friend saying it at our luncheon with disappointment and a tinge of anger in his voice. “I ordered a bison burger, and that isn’t bison. And I didn’t order pineapple on it!” My heart went out to him, because we were all hungry, and here he was clearly not satisfied with his order.

In response, someone at the table said, “I’m learning that I have the right to complain, and I have a right to send it back.” With that encouragement, my friend said to the waitress, “Take this back to the chef and tell him that I didn’t order this.”

Interestingly, we happened to be in one of those “made-to-order” burger restaurants where you get a checklist menu and tick off what you want for your own creation. When the waitress returned, she had his plate and his original checklist, and—you guessed it—his order was exactly what he had checked off there: a bison burger with pineapple.

“We can change it if you’d like, sir.” The waitress offered, trying to help. “No, that’s all right.” He said and begrudgingly, he decided to eat his creation. “Well, I don’t like it, but I guess I’ll have to eat it.”

Quo Vadis?

As we began to eat, I was fascinated by what had just unfolded before my eyes. How often do we get such clear and immediate feedback from the universe? It’s often said that our thoughts create our reality, so what are the results of my creation revealing to me about my thoughts and beliefs? And if I don’t like what I’ve created, do I recognize that I have a choice to change it or do I just “eat the results”? Later in meditation, I asked Mother Ulura for her guidance.

Wisdom from the Lemurian Goddess Light

Mother Ulura: Many have doubts about their powers of creation, yet you’re doing it all the time! When you realize that you, as a particle light of creation, are the creator of your reality, it is like crossing a threshold in your mind. The question is, is your creation based in love or in fear?

If you believe that you never get what you want, you’ll create that for yourself to experience until you choose a different result and you think different thoughts, positive thoughts like “I know what I want in life and I am worthy of having what I want”. Create the outcomes that you truly desire by shifting your thoughts into a positive light and believing that you are a deeply loved particle-light of creation.

Your experience at the restaurant was very instructive of this, and ordering a meal is an opportunity to work with your powers of creation. As you look at the choices on the menu, perhaps you ask for guidance from the server, as you put together what it is that you desire.

When your meal arrives, you can call for adjustments to your creation. Perhaps you’ll send it back because it is not warm enough, or you can ask for condiments; however, this is your creation—the result of your expressed desires. And that in itself is not good or bad. It is simply what you have created and your thoughts about it are what make it good or bad.

As creators, what you have in the now is the result of what you have thought and what you believe to be true. If you believe that your meal will be terrible or that they never get your order right, then you’re right. If you believe that life is filled with enjoyable experiences, you’re right about that too. What do you choose to believe?

A Meditation to Feel Your Creator Self Golden Particles

Now, take a moment with me, close your eyes, and let’s go back to a time before you were born. Take a deep breath and relax. See yourself as a particle light of Creation, just floating around in the etheric light. You don’t have a body or an incarnation, but you’re about to be given an opportunity by the Creator force to create a life on Earth.

You come together with your guides and angels to consider everything that you would like to experience. and you create a life blueprint. Similar to ordering in a restaurant, you can choose from this or that. For example, perhaps you would like to have a big family in this life, or you would like to explore being poor. Or maybe you’d like to experience not getting what you want so you can develop your powers of creation in a third-dimensional world. Because in a third-dimensional world, there is the energy of “have or have not”, yin or yang, and you can transcend the duality by understanding that you can create a balanced outcome whenever you want just by shifting your thoughts about it.

So, there you are in the etheric light, and with the guidance of your angels and guides, you create a life plan, and you are ready to incarnate into a new experience, carrying the essence of the Creator’s Light within you. You are born into life on Earth and begin a journey of love and evolution to understand your powers of creation and to remember that love holds the key.

A Loving Balance How can you begin to feel this powerful creative essence that you have here and now? Say to yourself, “I am love, and I choose loving thoughts to create loving experiences that enhance my evolutionary healing and growth.” Love is all around you, calling you to experience who you truly are, for you are the essence of the Creator. I pray that you can feel the loving light of the Creator within you, and in that, you will feel the love for self that set you on this journey.

Now, take another deep breath and return from your meditation.

My dear ones, bless and feel the perfection of your life in the now, for it is a magnificent experience of the blueprint that you created prior to coming to Earth. When you begin to work with your blueprint and choose how you feel about what is, there you can truly see your powers of creation and transcend yin/yang of the third-dimensional reality. You’ll discover the evolutionary opportunities—the gems that you have placed in your blueprint—and you will move forward in your desires by leaps and bounds.

In the humble love of the Lemurian Goddess Light, I am

Mother Ulura


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Karinna Nielsen is a spiritual channel and purveyor of ancient Lemurian wisdom. She is passionate about guiding others to explore their own unique talents and gifts through the exploration of the wisdom and practices of the ancient Lemurians. 

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